Simple Hungarian Wedding

I thought I’d end the week with a quiet little wedding. Because this week needs a quiet little wedding in it, I think. You guys were so thrilled with Tuesday’s international wedding that the time felt right to show you this wedding I got from Hungary, with this charming email from a Hungarian wedding planner and dress designer who love-loved this wedding. (And the picture of the bride praying with the candle? Just SLAYS me. David, looking over my shoulder, said it was very turn-of-the-century, and yes.)

I’ve been wondering for a long time whether I should write this at all. You must receive so many emails anyway and what would a wedding from the other end of the world interest you and your readers? But then, as I feel so strongly about this particular wedding and also seeing you being the person you are, I’m hoping it would make you happy to know that there are simple weddings filled with love in obscure little countries like Hungary too.

The photographer (one of Hungary’s best wedding photographers, Tamás Szipli) also did an amazing job capturing these images, and it is obvious that he was also touched by the people and as he put it, all the love that you could almost touch. It hasn’t been usual for a while in Hungary to get married in folk costumes (for like a 100 years :)), but the bride and the groom run a folk dance club, so our folk heritage is part of their everyday life and they decided that they want to incorporate that into their wedding. They live in the second biggest city of Hungary, not in a village, not on a farm.

As you can see, there is no fancy decor, designer gowns or expensive accessories – just pure, honest, hear-felt love. I myself am a wedding planner and dress desinger in Hungary and even though I was not involved in this wedding I was so touched by it that I felt I have to share it with everyone. It brought tears to my eyes and I hope you will find pleasure looking at the photos.

And with that, I leave you. Y’all are clearly conspiring to make next week truly amazing, with discussions of sex and marriage from a LGBTQ perspective, and what the f*ck does ‘blog-worthy wedding’ mean anyway, and loving being a Doc Marten wearing motorcycle driving almost-stay-at-home wife. It’s going to be awesome. And um, I’ll even write something for you… we’ll see what.

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