The Simplest Wedding

Ever have days when the details of wedding planning are stressing you out, and getting you down and you start wondering what the point of it all is anyway? Then check out this awesome flickr wedding that was just a simple ceremony in a park, followed by a tiny picnic.
Oh, right! It’s about getting married! It’s about the ceremony! All you really need is your beloved.

Sigh. Much better.

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  • Thanks. I think we all need to look at pictures like these from time to time to remember what it’s all about.

  • I love a picnic wedding in the park. But I’m stifling a little snarky wish that he wasn’t wearing shorts. (Haven’t had my coffee yet.)

  • Aimee

    oooh, what a sweet breath of fresh air in my day! i have seen these photos before, but thanks for reminding me. they are gorgeous and such a beautiful reminder.

  • Yep – this scenario has run through my head many a time. Only instead of a park, we’re already on our honeymoon and on a beach. And there are steel drums there….

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    Perfect. This was what we were going to do before my Mum offered to help us pay for a ‘venue’. Sometimes I wonder if our initial idea wouldn’t have been better!

  • I saw this on Flickr a while ago and just loved it. I love things this simple.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been thinking I’d really like my wedding to be at a nearby park. The only thing is I know I’d worry about rain… We’ll see.

  • being the groom in the picture, i can safely say that we both agreed on me wearing shorts :)

    thanks for featuring our small and simple wedding. we didn’t want to have a big fancy wedding with friends and family. it was supposed to be about us. so we decided to get married in a small park in sydney/australia (i should add that we’re both from germany), just us and some friends from sydney. and we really don’t regret doing it. sydney is a great city to get married, and we enjoyed every single moment of the ceremony and the picnic.

  • Meg

    Oh yay! and Hello! I love your wedding. So simple and so lovely! I’m doing a “All Star Practical Wedding” list soon, and you guys are totally on it.

  • Aha, German! Mathias, I neglected to note that the gingham shirt is fabulous ;)