Six…. Errr… Five Months To Go

So I was going to write a little something about how we were exactly six months out from our wedding today, but then David told me that actually we were actually five months away from our wedding.


So, after he broke the news, I freaked out for a minute about how I was sure there was a lot of big emergency things we needed to get done, and he asked me what those things might be. “Make the huppah?” I suggested, “Get pre-marital counseling?” But since he pointed out that we had plans to get all those things done, I calmed down again.

So, I don’t know quite what to tell you about being (all of a sudden) five months away from my wedding. Sometimes I have nightmares that we’re feeling rushed all through our wedding day, and not at all present, so that tells you what my priorities are. I have a ton of things on my to-do list between now and August, but most of them are Life Things, not designing programs things, so we’ll see how those programs turn out.

Other then that, I’m just trying to take deep breaths. And finalize our invitation design. And find affordable vases. But mostly just take deep breaths.

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