Six…. Errr… Five Months To Go

So I was going to write a little something about how we were exactly six months out from our wedding today, but then David told me that actually we were actually five months away from our wedding.


So, after he broke the news, I freaked out for a minute about how I was sure there was a lot of big emergency things we needed to get done, and he asked me what those things might be. “Make the huppah?” I suggested, “Get pre-marital counseling?” But since he pointed out that we had plans to get all those things done, I calmed down again.

So, I don’t know quite what to tell you about being (all of a sudden) five months away from my wedding. Sometimes I have nightmares that we’re feeling rushed all through our wedding day, and not at all present, so that tells you what my priorities are. I have a ton of things on my to-do list between now and August, but most of them are Life Things, not designing programs things, so we’ll see how those programs turn out.

Other then that, I’m just trying to take deep breaths. And finalize our invitation design. And find affordable vases. But mostly just take deep breaths.

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  • I think it just shows how much you’re (already) prepared for the wedding! I left soooo much until the last couple of months and everything that needed to get done got done, so even with five months left you’re totally ahead of the curve. We all have the dreams in one form or another – it’s all just part of the process…

    Let me know when you get those invites done, I can’t wait to see them!

  • 5 months is ok… I’m 2 months away only and still a lot to do !

  • Enjoy the journey!

  • I have the same nightmare almost every night, where we forget to do things, and we are rushed through and never enjoy anything! I hate that thought, but I know it won’t be that way for you or for me!

  • I know!!! 5 months exactly for me too! I have dreams that I wake up on the morning of my wedding with hair that I haven’t washed for a week and no plans to get it done. But then I remember that I have plans to wash my hair for the rehearsal, so there’s no way that could happen! :)

    Sometimes I feel slightly stressed, but then I remember that if I don’t do one more thing from now until August 9, we will still be married, and we will still have family and friends there who love us. And that is what matters. Happy 5 months out!

  • Hey Meg,

    Could you talk a little more about your pre-marital counseling plans? Where are you getting your counseling and what made you decided to get it at all?

    Its not something that was on my to do list, but now that I’m reading about it, I’m thinking it might be worth squeezing into the next (already packed) 2 months.

  • I saw some affordable vases on a website called save-on-crafts
    wonder if they might have what u need

  • Meg

    Hey Kristen-
    I’ll probably write a bit more about it after we start (this week). We’re doing it with our Rabbi, and it is required to get married at our synagogue. That said, it’s pretty important to me so we would be doing it regardless. I think it’s good to take time before the wedding to focus on what you each expect out of the marriage and your lives together, what you each are bringing to the table, and to work on identifying any issues you might have. For us, we’ll also talk about what it means to each of us to have a Jewish home, and talk about issues of faith and family, but that’s obviously not universal. We’ve been together a long time, and don’t fight very much, but I think it’s a good thing to do before starting a lifetime together.

    We spend so much time thinking about the wedding and I want to spend a good amount of time thinking about the marriage too, in this case with a member of our clergy who we like and respect.

    So that’s us. We’re doing it for the five months leading up to the wedding, which is standard for our shul. Hope that helps a bit‌


  • Thanks Meg, I look forward to reading more about it after you’ve started. The Rabbi marrying us didn’t have that requirement, but now that I’ve done some reading I agree that its really important.

  • Wow. You are so not obsessive. Even if you think you are.

  • i’m so with you, i was working on a crazy job months before my wedding, so it snuck up on me a bit, you are in such a good place compared to where i was!

    for me, i just had to have little mantras that i repeated when i started to spin out:
    easy does it
    steady happy
    how important is it?

    if i just stop for a minute, take a deep breath and remember a little mantra, it brings me back to the present…

  • Rachel

    Cheapest vases ever? mismatched glass jars out of the recycling bin! (They make great candleholders, too!)

  • Congrats! this is exciting.

  • I know! We’re 101 days out, so in two days we’ll be in double-digits… yikes!

    I don’t know if my lack of nightmares is a)the fact that I’m so dead tired I just don’t remember them, b) the fact that I do all my freaking out during the day, or c) a testament to my sublimely unfrazzled state (hint: it’s not c).

    Either way, all of us summer brides will make it! Just keep going with the deep breaths!

  • Ack! You just reminded me that I have 4.5 months until my wedding, although I thought I had 5.5.

    Oh no!

    Good luck!


  • Meg,
    I recently came across your blog and have been only able to see bits and pieces so far. Such inspiration here it is wonderful.
    Was wondering what kind of vases you are looking for as well? My daughter is getting married in our yard in April, and have a few ideas if you are looking for some low, glass kind of ones.
    I can tell your wedding will be just right, I tell myself daily, what gets done will, what doesn’t isn’t really a priority. One day at a time!

  • Here was my reaction to reading this post, Meg: “Wait a minute … if you’re getting married in August and you only have 5 months left, and I’m getting married in July, that means we only have 4 months left! Holy crap!”

    … No joke. I was totally stunned to realize I was at the 4 month mark. Good grief, where does the time go?

  • So that means I have less than six months now. Actually, I’m getting a few bits and pieces done, but everytime I look at the timelines in RealSimple weddings I freak out a bit.

    I personally love the idea of the recycle bin glass jars for an outdoor wedding, but I’m personally going with Save-on-crafts for my vases because I have an art deco venue. Somehow I think it would look weird to have a fancy joint with mason jars as centerpieces. oh well.