Go look at this wedding.

Now. Wasn’t that just what you needed?

Photo: By Lillian and Leonard of course

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  • Love!!! Makes my 7 person wedding look humongous. :)

  • Absolutely beautiful. And something we've actually considered. Actually, we've thought about having a "just us" wedding up on this beautiful rock face we love, then have another ceremony and reception later.

    Also, I love that the bride is wearing wellies. When I first asked one of my girls to be a bridesmaid, her response was, "Can I wear wellies in your wedding?" I told her of course she could.

  • As I said to L&L;, just lovely.

  • Love it! It reminds every bride and groom what it's really about.

  • K

    Now THAT is a wedding.


  • Okay I nevvvvvvvvvver comment but I am finding myself saying out loud how much I effing LOVE these pictures. And no one else is home. So I had to share with y'all.

  • Bugger, now I want to cull the list again!

  • April

    Love the wellies, *heart* the bright coat and most of all: the gorgeous photos of the couple smiling so contentedly. Bliss and best wishes to them always!

  • oh man that series of pictures and L&L;'s brief and perfect description at the bottom, definitely made me tear up. so beautiful!!

  • I just got chills. So perfect. Makes me feel silly for worrying about the stupid little things.

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    Thank you! We love you. Lots and lots.

    Cara, aka Peonies, aka Lillian and Leonard (one half of)

  • Jessica

    F*CK YEAH! Veuve in mugs, PERFECT!

  • Yes! Agree LindsFM. It's a very stunning reminder of how much those little things don't matter, and of what does actually matter.
    I love it – beautiful photography, beautiful moment, perfectly captured.

  • This is special!

  • It really did choke me up a little. It's perfect. And there's a tiny ache in my chest for how amazing and personal it is. Oh the jealousy.

  • I love it. This is just what I needed. I had a freak-out the other night about my wedding (post forthcoming) and I'm trying to calm myself down by thinking of your wonderfully practice advice and images like this help. They really do!

  • whoa, just saw this. I totally copped your post. I guess great minds think alike?

  • Meg

    A week behind on the blog I see ;)

  • I don't agree. It seems you all are saying (but maybe i'm mis-interpreting) that all that matters in a wedding is the commitment to one another and that if no one is there to witness it, then it's even stronger.

    I very much disagree. In my book, if there was nobody but us, there would be no need to have a wedding. We've said all these things to each other and are already commited to each other. Now we want to say this to the people we love, and heck, to the whole world. I want to proclaim my commitment to him on the rooftops !

  • Meg

    @ Fanny
    You are misinterpreting. What you want is great, it's what I had and what I wanted. But it's important to remember that at it's core, the wedding is as simple and as complicated as vows.

    And what you want is not what everyone needs to have.

  • Yes, i understand, but still disagree. For me, at its core, the wedding is the vows *in front of witnesses*.

    In fact, in France (don't know about the states), a wedding is only legal if you have two "witnesses" to sign the paper at the end. You can't just get married by yourselves.

    I just don't see the point in a wedding were there is just the bride and the groom. I guess maybe it has something to do with the fact that my "fiance" and i have been together 10 years and have 3 kids and so the commitment is already there, we just need/want to make it public.

    But it's also because for me, a wedding is important socially, for the status it gives you. So it must happen in front of society (represented by 2, 15 or 150 people doesn't matter the number).

    Because what's the difference between the wedding in the picture and any other romantic evening were you tell each other your love and commitment ?

  • Meg

    @ Fanny
    I'm not moderating this post now, but I will be if this continues. The point of this site is for each person to be able to find and express what's right for them in a wedding. Apparently a tiny wedding isn't right for you, and it's great that you know that. However, that doesn't allow you to trash the idea that it is right for others.

  • I'm sorry if i'm coming off as trashing the idea. I'm just trying to understand it. Maybe my english isn't good enough to express myself correctly.

    I just wanted to pursue discussion on what is at the core of a wedding. Sorry if it came out agressively.

    It's the first time i comment on this site because most of the time other people say what i think so no need.

    Again, sorry.

  • really. seriously. can I start over and do this instead? lovely.

  • Sara Sheehy

    Love love love! The photography, too, is beautiful.