Sneak Peek: My Parents’ Wedding

Coming Monday: my parent’s wedding, as written about by my parents.
From this picture you might be thinking that my parents had a very traditional wedding, but no, of course not. After all, they did meet in Berkeley in the-part-of-the-70’s-that-was-really-still-the-60’s.

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  • Squeeee!

    (I am inordinately excited about this.)

  • What a gorgeous photo! I can’t wait to read about their day.

  • WOW! that picture is stunning. the light!

  • Meg

    Ha! My mom has always thought this picture was silly. She said “yeah it was this weird artistic thing the photographer said he always did, so he made me take it. Whatever.” But its a funny thing, with our current artistic taste in wedding photography, it’s now very stylish, no?

  • Yay! I can’t wait! It really is a great picture, even if it seemed cheesy at the time. I love seeing weddings from the 60s and 70s. I think it’s the fashion of the time I love so much, haha.

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    I can’t wait! I think I might love your parents a little.

  • I thought Altamont was the end of the 60’s. Just saying.

  • Meg

    Not in Berkeley, my friend, not in Berkeley. (But you knew that…)

  • Isn’t it still the 60’s in Berkeley?

  • Meg

    No. They are all republicans there now (at least on campus). EEfffff that.