Gift Guide #2: For Your Tech-Savvy Girlfriend

The One Helping You Plan via Skype


Vintage Email Stamp from Wit & Whistle ($18.75)

Are you friends with someone who likes taking a lot of pictures, blogging and tweeting, grammar, pinning pretty things, and getting shit done? (i.e. Are you friends with me?) I love giving gifts, and picking out gifts for people who have been especially good to me (by, for example, taking lots of bridesmaid dress selfies and otherwise helping me plan my wedding remotely) is even more fun. Yeah, you could just give her booze (if she’s anything like me, she won’t turn that down), but I’m a big fan of giving (and receiving!) smart, clever, pretty, and actually useful gifts that you never knew you always wanted. This gift guide is for your girlfriend who’s reading APW this year, out of solidarity. The one who built you a Pinterest board, just for your wedding. These gifts will do her up right: I either already own them, or have them on my wish list for this year.

ONE If your friend puts a lot of things in “air quotes,” she’ll appreciate these earrings. Quotation Mark Earrings ($22)

TWO For anyone who likes a good cup of coffee, I cannot recommend this coffee maker enough! I’ve had mine for a few years and I’ve given it as a hostess gift as well. It makes a coffee concentrate (which you mix with hot or cold water when you ‘re ready for your caffeine fix) that lasts for two weeks and makes the most delicious coffee I’ve ever had. Toddy Cold Brew System ($34.95)

THREE You can take pretty legit pictures with an iPhone, and a tripod and additional lenses will make pictures even better. She can use this kit for her blog photo studio… or just to take better selfies. iPhone 5/5S Camera Lens Kit and Tripod ($49.99)

FOUR She’s going to need a snazzy vessel for drinking the aforementioned delicious coffee… I love clever mugs, and this is one of my favorites. Add a bag of your favorite coffee (Texas friends, the HEB Texas Pecan blend is gifting gold!) for a personal touch. “Get Shit Done” Mug ($16) (And yes, this mug also doubles as an APW joke, for your BFF who’s reading APW in solidarity.)

FIVE Sequins + an ampersand? Trust me, your best lady who lives on Pinterest already loves it. Ampersand Sweater ($98)

SIX I am the kind of person who has a ton of electronics… but not nearly enough cases for everything. (I just spent hundreds on a new piece of equipment and now you want me to spend $30 on a case? Criminal!) It’s something I’m working on. “Just Browsing” Laptop Sleeve ($60)

SEVEN Tech-savvy people are always taking great pictures but rarely remember to print them;, is a web app that automatically pulls in your Instagram and Facebook photos and then mails you the prints each month. 3-month subscription ($36) (Editors note: Also great for the new parents in your life.)

EIGHT  Pencils for when you want to write notes. Or for when you like, totally want to stab Caesar. And none for Gretchen Wieners. Obvi… Mean Girls Pencils ($8)

NINE I have never been able to successfully grow herbs even though everyone says it’s so easy… but I think an AeroGarden would help. This is a good gift for someone who wants to add a little bit of life to a small apartment, or um, is trying to improve on her black thumb. AeroGarden 3 with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit ($64.95)

TEN This is a handset. For your iPhone. And it’s rose gold. Now you’re far more likely to get a wedding planning phone call, instead of those endless texts. Retro Pop rose gold handset ($19.99)

ELEVEN Constellation iPhone 5 Case ($35) to remind her to put down the phone and go out and look at the night sky. (And then use an app to identify the different constellations.)

TWELVE Seriously, sometimes flats just don’t cut it and a girl needs a pair of sneakers that will work with skinny jeans. Saucony Originals Jazz Low Pro Sneakers ($39.99)

THIRTEEN Perfect for hanging in her home office and referencing when the Internet is getting her down. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Handpainted Sign ($45)

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