22 Something Blue Ideas for Your Wedding Day

Traditional and non-traditional options for all!

Are you looking for something blue ideas for your wedding day, but also wondering how to update the tradition? If so, I feel you. When I got married I was DEVOTED to being a modern, feminist, hip bride. Sure, I was having a wedding, but I wasn’t doing it my grandmother’s way. But the truth was, I kept being tugged back to those old traditions. Namely, the traditions in the traditional bridal poem:

Something old,
something new,
something borrowed,
something blue,
and a sixpence in her shoe

Turns out, each of these items is traditionally worn for luck and I am a sucker for good luck talismans, so it’s no real surprise that I was into the tradition.

  • Something Old is to provide protection for your future offspring.
  • Something New signals optimism in your bright future.
  • Something Borrowed is supposed to come from a happily married couple, to bring you the same kind of good luck
  • Something Blue represents fidelity, which the Oxford dictionary describes as, “faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support.” 😍
  • Sixpence In Her Shoe: is a symbol of prosperity, and also is there to ward off bad luck/ the evil eye. (Traditionally this is put in the left shoe.)
    something blue ideas for your wedding graphic with blue handkerchief
    Photo and Blue Wedding Handkerchief from Greenbriar Creations via Etsy

I held my dad’s mother’s handkerchief that I’d inherited, that had blue flowers on it (my something old and something borrowed in one). My hair flower was new. I borrowed diamond earrings from my grandmother who was happily married for many years… and a friend gave me a sixpence that still resides inside my left wedding shoe. (Sixpences are no longer legal tender in England, but they can be found on Etsy for a song.)

But of all of the traditions, Something blue for your wedding day seems like the one best suited to a modern upgrade or fun twist. So with that in mind, we dug to the bottom of the internet to find everything from skirts, to nail polish, to ties and cufflinks (for the gender-nonconforming folx), to underwear… to a neon sign (I mean not technically on your body, but it’s your wedding, so you make the rules).

Let’s go shopping!

Something Blue Ideas for Your Wedding

something blue skirt

Ombre Skirt by Stylish Bride Accs via Etsy

Ombre Blue Skirt: Wedding two-piece sets are all the rage these days. Mix up your set with a blue top or bottom or go all out with this gorgeous blue ombre skirt. We’re kind of loving it!

blue floral tie

Hitachi Seaside Blue and White Floral Necktie by Otaa

Blue Necktie: “Something blue” ideas don’t necessarily need to be showstoppers. In fact, this subtle blue floral necktie is minimalist perfection.

blue velvet suede vow books

Velvet Suede Vow Books (Set of 2) by In Loft Calligraphy via Etsy

Vow Books: If you don’t feel like wearing your “something blue” you can opt to hold it instead. Write your wedding vows in a blue vow book like these luxurious velvet suede books from In Loft Calligraphy. And if velvet isn’t your style, you can find just about any other style of blue vow books here.

blue nail polish

Blue Nudes Nail Polish by J.Hannah

Blue Manicure (or pedicure): Add a pop of blue to your fingers or your toes for a subtle (or statement) look. With so many shades available there is a little something for everyone.

short light blue dress with statement bow on the back

Sachin & Babi Archie Dress via BHLDN

Reception Dress: You know we love an outfit swap! So if you’re in the market for a reception dress, why not make it your “something blue”? And let’s be real, that statement bow is where it’s at!

blue neon sign that reads "The Bradfords"

Custom Neon Sign by Neon Sign Kingdom via Etsy

Neon Sign: Say it with lights! Blue ones. And then hang it up at home post-wedding for custom, kick-ass decor!

Just Married blue converse sneakers

Custom Wedding Chuck Taylor from Converse

Custom Sneakers: These custom Converse check all the boxes. Most importantly, comfort (but the white satin laces don’t hurt either). If athleisure is more your vibe you can also customize a pair of Nikes or another fan fave—custom vans.

blue locket

Bluebird 4 Photo Locket by Percival and Hudson via Etsy

Photo Locket: This “something blue” wedding idea is APW approved by our very own Alyssa, who wore this sweet locket during her recent wedding. Love!

woman wearing blue suit

Heather Blazer and Pants by BCBCMAXAZRIA

Blue Suiting: Wouldn’t this light blue suit be perfect for a courthouse wedding? We think so!

blue glass cake stand

Mosser Glass Cake Stand via Food52

Colored Glass Cake Stand: You know the part I mentioned about you making the rules? There’s no one that can tell you not to make your something blue tableware-related. Plus, this blue cake stand pulls double duty if you decide to break it out on your wedding anniversary every year. That’s pretty sweet if you ask us.

dog of honor blue scarf

Wedding Dog Bandana by Life for Pawz via Etsy

Dog of Honor Accessories: Let’s not forget Fido on the wedding day! Dress your Dog of Honor up with a blue bandana or a luxurious (and embroidered) collar and leash set.

set of cats eye cufflinks

Cat’s-Eye Cufflinks via Nordstrom

Blue Cufflinks: Sometimes you need to elevate a dress shirt and cufflinks (or bolo ties) are one of the easiest ways to do that. We’d start with the blue cat’s-eye cufflink above but also really love these raw gemstone cufflinks, too!

woman wearing wedding dress with blue accessories
Photo by Allison Andres for A Practical Wedding

Blue Bouquet Ribbon: Remember when we did our own APW twist on “something blue” but it kinda turned into a blue-on-blue-on-blue situation? Steal one of these ideas or all of them. But if you were to steal just one, we’d recommend a stunning blue bouquet ribbon like this one from Silk & Willow (pictured above).

blue floral handkerchief

Blue Wedding Handkerchief from Greenbriar Creations via Etsy

Handkerchief: Blue floral handkerchiefs are probably one of the most traditional takes on “something blue” ideas. So much so, that if someone in your family doesn’t have one for you to borrow, you literally have THOUSANDS of stunning vintage ones available for your selection on Ebay and Etsy. You won’t be disappointed!

blue panties

Cheeky Seamless Brief by Skims

Undergarments: And if you want your “something blue” to be totally hidden, look no further. Blue (seamless) underwear it is!

blue topaz studs

Blue Topaz Duo Studs by Mejuri

Blue Earrings: We love these simple topaz and diamond earrings from Mejuri. Bonus, they would make a great addition to your daily accessory collection.

heart monogram patch

Monogram Dress Patch by Camellia Ave via Etsy

Monogrammed Heart Patch: Tuck this customizable patch away, sewn inside your wedding dress or the interior of a suit.  And if you’re feeling crafty post-wedding, you can upcycle it onto (or into) your favorite denim jacket!

denim jacket bedazzled with pearls

Custom Beaded Denim Jacket by The Brodie Bride via Etsy

Denim Jacket: Custom denim jackets, you know them, you love them. Get one bedazzled with pearls or take a denim jacket you own already and personalize it with wedding-themed embellishments. Seriously, the options are endless! We particularly love these letter patches 😉.

woman wearing long blue veil

Sky Blue Veil by Anza Bridal via Etsy

Blue Veil: Maybe you want to make a statement, but don’t want to commit to an entire blue dress or a blue suit. The perfect compromise will have you looking like an absolute dream in a veil like this.

rhinestone photo bouquet pin

Something Blue Bouquet Charm by Perfect Pendants Plus via Etsy

Bouquet Charm: If you’re in the market for “something blue” ideas that are sweet and sentimental, we got you. Add a charm to your bouquet with your loved one’s photo so they can be by your side in spirit if they can’t be present at your wedding.

dusty blue guestbook

Dusty Blue Guestbook by Paper Peach Shop via Etsy

Guest Book: Like I said before, you don’t have to wear it, you can make blue a part of the details. It is your wedding, after all!


blue high heels

Celine Embellished Sandal via Nordstrom

High Heels: We gave you a sneaker option, so of course we had to point you in the direction of some beautiful blue heeled shoes. Opt for these shoes for a more traditional look or go all out with a pair of these!

Are you planning on partaking in the Something Blue Wedding tradition? What are some of your favorite “something blue” ideas that you’ve seen? Traditional and non-traditional, we want to hear all about it in the comments!

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