Allison & Dakota

* Allison, Mathlete/Keys/Vox & Dakota, Internet Judge/Guitars/Vox * Photographer: Zachary Hunt * Soundtrack for reading: “This Must Be the Place” by the Talking Heads and “No Matter What” by Badfinger *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: An easy-going South Austin musicians’ wedding, where the music was loud, the beer was flowing, the dance floor was hopping, and the love was for real and forever.

The Info—Photography: Zachary Hunt / Venue: Mercury Hall / Food: Curra’s Interior Mexican / Desserts: Handmade cupcakes & Central Market pies / HarpistDian Riemer Repp / Band(s): Boonesboro and Music Learning Club / Bartenders: WeTendBar / Clothing: Allure/Indochino & Allen Edmonds / Hair: Jessica Ayers / Makeup: Makenzi Laine / Coordination, Flowers, DJ, Style, Decoration: DIY/handmade

Other cool stuff we should know about: How about a few random pieces of advice?

  • Don’t believe the haters. A cat does indeed make an Excellent Brideskitteh.
  • Hire a band. Hire two bands—but skip the DJ and make your own playlists.
  • Why stop at one officiant named Ian when you can have two?
  • Wear bright red lipstick.
  • Serve tequila at the bar. Even if it’s morning.
  • As it turns out, when you get married people take your picture all day, even before you’re dressed and made up. Who knew? So when you wake up on your wedding day, find something to wear other than that grungy old cat T-shirt in a crumpled heap on the floor by the bed.
  • Wisdom from Allison’s father during his amazing toast: “Do more than your fair share, and don’t keep score.”
Favorite thing about the wedding: Allison: It sounds corny but the best part really was looking at each other and saying our vows, surrounded by family and friends! I also really love that some of our band friends surprised us with a secret second set, playing Bandfinger and The Ronettes! Dakota: Meatwad (the cat) in the bowtie. Also Roxy and Sprinkles (our dogs, not pictured) wearing lacy garters.

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  • alpelican

    OK please someone give me more details on that dress. Wowzers.

    Amazing smiles in these photos!

    • It’s Allure Bridal #8764. And this lady is ROCKIN’ it! So gorgeous!

      • alpelican

        THANK YOU. yessssssss.

  • PA

    I love everything about this wedding, most especially the rockin’ dance moves and the brideskitteh!

  • Ris

    Mercury Hall! Oooh, probably the best place to get married in all of Austin. These pics are just beautiful.

  • I love your dress. So pretty!

    And cats in bow ties win.

  • A Brideskitteh- how fun! & very handsome. I wish I’d gotten to see the pups in their lacy garters too :-( What a fun, beautiful wedding!

  • kayakgirl73

    Dogs wearing garters!! Picture Please.

  • MM

    “Do more than your fair share, and don’t keep score.”

    Quite possibly the wisest words ever spoken. Love.

    • Yes! This made me all teary!


    There are not enough cowboy hats in weddings.

  • Man I wish Bigcat and Littlecat could have come to my wedding.

    Alas they are not other people cats. Oh it would have been so wonderful.

  • Shiri


  • Autumn A.

    I must recreate a similar photo (#11) with my Sisterhood of Awesome on my wedding day. Looks like a fantastic party. I have tried to no avail to convince my beau that our dog could be present at the wedding. Your brideskittah is dope.

  • This just looks like so. much. fun.

  • “Hire a band. Hire two bands—but skip the DJ and make your own playlists.”


    • Very good idea. Every wedding I’ve been to that had a band was really fun. DJ’s can sometimes make things uncomfortable when they play rump shaker and grandma is still there ;)

  • Brideskitteh = awesome.

  • Erin H

    YES!! I’m SO GLAD to see a wedding with cats. We really want our cats at our wedding (an outside affair, and reasonably close enough to our home that they could be taken back after the ceremony) but can’t figure out how to make that happen. Can you share your cat logistics? Did you put him on a leash? Crate him? Have a designated cat handler? Did he walk down the aisle? Inquiring cat lovers need to know!

    • Allison

      Meatwad was able to attend our wedding because we got married next door to our house! He’s an indoor/outdoor cat and is free to roam, so that is what made it possible. It’s a safe, quasi-residential area of town and we knew he wouldn’t get lost. We just changed out his collar for a bowtie and let him come and go from the wedding as he pleased. He’s also a very social, people-frienly cat, so he wasn’t scared of the crowd or the noise at all.

      The dogs, though, spent most of the wedding day inside. One of the dogs is old and the other is a puppy, and they weren’t much in the mood for crowds or being on leashes all day. And unlike Meatwad, Roxy and Sprinkles can’t just run around unattended!

      If we weren’t married *almost* at home, we’d probably have had to forgo the kitty-as-bridesmaid. He is a good sport with crowds but he is an awful traveler and I wouldn’t have wanted him to be scared or to get loose & lost.

  • This wedding looks like so much fun! Such beautiful pictures too. Makes me miss Austin so much.

  • “As it turns out, when you get married people take your picture all day, even before you’re dressed and made up. Who knew? So when you wake up on your wedding day, find something to wear other than that grungy old cat T-shirt in a crumpled heap on the floor by the bed.”

    I would second this part. The morning of our wedding, my bridesmaids and I just threw on clothes to go set up the venue before coming back to get ready. Well….maybe I should have at least properly removed the previous day’s smudged mascara from under my eyes when I washed my face? And maybe put on something cuter while getting ready? There are lots of pictures of that, but at the time I was just too exhausted to care. Oops…oh well.

  • You guys are adorable. Congratulations! :)

    Also, that wedding advice from Allison’s dad made me tear up a little.

  • love this SO much.