Lauren & Jared

* Lauren, High School English Teacher & Jared, Ph. D. Candidate in Cognitive Psychology * Photographer: Elissa R. Photography * Soundtrack for reading: “Love Should” by Moby *

The Info—Photography: Elissa R. Photography / VenueSouthwest School of Art / Catering: True Flavors / Ceremony Coordinator: Krystle McCollough / Rentals: San Antonio Rentals and Party Planning / Invitations: Samantha Fisk (Lauren’s twin sister!) / Floral Design: Uptown Flowers / Wedding Cake: Cathy Young / DJ: Music Connection / Hair: Erin Jackson of  Emali Lane Salon / Make-up: Yvette Rosenstein / Ceremony Dress: Allure via Mayfair Bridal / Reception Dress: Nordstrom / Bride’s Shoes: Nine West / Tuxedo: Hugo Boss / Groom’s Ring: Brent & Jess  / Groom’s Shoes: Kenneth Cole / Bridesmaid Dresses: Anthropologie

Other cool stuff we should know about: Our secular wedding was officiated by a good friend from college; he did such an amazing job that my uncle, who is currently becoming a Catholic deacon, asked him where his congregation was. As a nod to marriage equality, we included a quote from Massachusetts Chief Justice Margaret H. Marshall’s opinion in Goodridge v. Department of Public Health: “Civil marriage is at once a deeply personal commitment to another human being and a highly public celebration of the ideals of mutuality, companionship, intimacy, fidelity, and family.”

Our wedding was very much DIT. Jared crafted our ceremony and vows, and we chose all of the music for the ceremony and reception together. A family friend and I did the calligraphy for the invitations. My creative twin sister designed our invitations from an inspiration board that I made for her.  She also painted our table numbers—which were actually various Texas wildflowers—and we built our seating chart together with fabric and corkboard. While these decisions did save us money, the real benefit was that they helped us create a wedding that felt special and unique.

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: San Antonio-inspired elegance with a laid-back atmosphere.

Favorite thing about the wedding: The epic dance party at the end. Mere seconds after a very traditional father-daughter dance to Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable,” Madonna’s “Into the Groove” began blaring out of our DJ’s speakers. I lured our guests onto the dance floor with an imaginary lasso and Madge’s opening lines: “Come on…I’m waiting.” From there, the dance floor was packed with friends and family, many of whom I’ve never seen dance before, for the next three hours. We loaded our playlist with 80s classics, Motown, the standards, and a few modern songs, with help from Meg’s “How to DJ Your Wedding with an Ipod” post. The best part about creating your own playlist is that you love every song; the worst part is that, because you love every song, you don’t want to take a break (even when you’re dripping with sweat).

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  • The dance party sounds like so much fun. But what I really want to say is, such a pretty dress. I love the lace, the form, it suits you perfectly. And that is one beautiful church.

  • I love how much joy there is in these photos. Congratulations! Also? Both of those dresses are ROCKIN’.

    • Thanks! I was kind of scared that everyone would think I was ridiculous for wearing two dresses, but it ended up being one of the best decisions I made because it allowed me to dance so much more comfortably. Plus, I will totally wear that second dress again, and I plan to sell the first.

      • jessie

        So I come back to APW after the winter holiday, prepared for some wedding magic good times, and the first thing I notice: THAT’S THE SAME DRESS I’M GOING TO WEAR! Since buying it, I’ve been searching online for other brides who’ve worn it to get a sense of it objectively, but to little avail. UNTIL NOW!

        I’m not sure what color you have it in there (I got the cafe/ivory and am wondering if you did also), but I totally can’t believe it. It looks FABULOUS on you, and this had made me double-excited to wear it (you’ve also totally settled my “should I have an updo with this dress?” debate: answer is clearly yes).

        Also, in things that aren’t about me: your wedding looks delightful and everyone looks so happy (plus, gorgeous photos. The lighting is spectacular). Congrats, and all the very best!


    Crushes on all y’all.

  • Alicia


  • I have to second Amanda: that dress is so gorgeous! I love the lace shoulders and it suits you so well.

    Also, the venue is amazeballs. In w00t for your groom crafting the ceremony. That’s something I always love to hear :)

  • I feel less guilty about obsessing over the dress when it is a wordless wedding. THAT DRESS! Holy moly.

    Also, I love anyone who calls Madonnna “Madge.”

  • wow simply beautiful! That photo of their first dance is so elegant and classic takes my breath away.

  • holy wow. venue, dress(es!), veil!, happy exploding everywhere..! congrats on the gorgeous and fun wedding! love the soundtrack too. :)

  • This whole thing is amazing! Gorgeous couple, venue, dresses, photos!!!! AH!

  • melissa

    A most beautiful wedding. I wish I were there. :)

  • I have to say, Lauren’s sister Samantha gave one amaaaazing toast. I loved being a part of this wedding. Thank you APW for sharing it!! :)

  • Love all those happy faces! & a gorgeous Bride & venue too. Congratulations!!!

  • Jen F

    I like how in a couple of the pictures it looks like lights are bursting forth from dancers’ hands.

  • I love the dress you wore for the ceremony, it is just gah gorgeous. Beautiful wedding. Congratulations!

  • Your husband looks like he can really cut a rug!

    Congratulations on a beautiful wedding.

  • The ceremony dress is gorgeous. It looks so wonderful on you. It looks like your wedding, as a whole, was a blast.

  • WOW! That’s pretty much the reaction to everything here: your gorgeous venue, how amazingly fun your reception must have been, how in love you two look in the picture of you dancing (or about to dance?).

    Also, because it MUST be seconded (thirded, fourthed etc): Your dress is STUNNING. It might be the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen.

  • RachelC

    oh. my. God. Ceremony. Dress. I die.

  • So gorgeous! I’ve seen this wedding on Elissa’s blog, and I love that I get to see more photos and different aspects highlighted. So much joy and I love hearing how everyone pitched in with the different parts of the wedding. Congrats, Lauren and Jared!

  • V

    I’m sure this is totally inappropriate, but it must be said. Your mom (at least I’m assuming that she’s your mom) is a total fox!

    • Haha yes, yes she is! I am calling her to tell her that you said this; I know it will make her day. Actually, after showing some pictures of my wedding to a few of my students, one proceeded to refer to my mom as “sexy Roxanne.” As in, “Did you visit sexy Roxanne over winter break?” Yep, she actually says stuff like that.

      • V

        I taught (younger kids) so I can totally hear that from a student in my head :).

        Tell your mom that she’s drop dead gorgeous and that I (a random stranger from the internet) am so proud/excited/impressed that she let that shine through at your wedding. It always makes me happy to see our moms be their amazing, strong, beautiful selves.

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  • Chelsea

    Wow that lace dress is amazing