Sponsored Post: Blooms By The Box Blog

Today, while we’re on the subject of DIY wedding flowers, I wanted to highlight APW sponsor Blooms By The Box an their *super helpful* new flower blog. By *super helpful* I mean, I’m vaguely annoyed that they were not writing it when I was teaching myself about flowers, and I’m not kidding.Some highlights:

  • Alternatives to Peonies, if you really want them, but are getting married at the wrong time of year.
  • Working with the flower color wheel. If you are doing your own bouquet, you must read this post now, I SWEAR. It’s 100% true, and will save you so much heartache. Helpful! Helpful!
  • Thoughts about filler in bouquets. I’m here to tell you that you need filler (‘spensive otherwise, and boring) but we’re all so over baby’s breath and ferns, right? Yeah. time to think about seeded Eucalyptus.

And you know they sell flowers too right? Done and done.

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  • I had just been thinking that I should find someplace to comment on our experience with bloomsbythebox.com, and then your post appeared!

    We bought roses, mums, and snapdragons and had them delivered on a Thursday before our Saturday wedding (a week and a half ago). I was skeptical as to the condition in which they might arrive, so I ordered lots of extras. No need! The flowers arrived exactly when they were supposed to, and my maid-of-honor and parents and I had fun trimming and de-thorning and getting them in water. By the next morning, they had lost the scrunched-up look of shipment and were opening beautifully!

    Two of the bridesmaids helped me with bouquets and arrangements, and we had a blast. The next morning, my mother-in-law used extras to decorate the cake, and when there were still flowers leftover, friends raided the church kitchen to borrow glasses and creamer jugs to make impromptu arrangements, which were then scattered around the site.

    Two weeks later, my parents' house is still full of fresh flowers (the mums have great staying power!). I would do our own flowers again in a heartbeat – we saved at least 50% over florists' quotes! We had fun, saved $$, and loved our flowers.

  • I'm getting married next May and am hoping to DIT the flowers. My question to those who have gone before me – how do you decide how many flowers you need to order?

  • For Kidderkat: Coming up with the right number of flowers becomes a simple math problem – ONCE you know how the flowers you want are bundled AND how many flowers per arrangement are required. Some DIY brides do trial runs of their arrangements to see exactly everything will look. My suggestion is to call the BloomsByTheBox.com wedding designer – Heidi. She can help with the numbers needed without the trial run. Good Luck!