Philippa & Bryce

* Philippa, Quality Analyst/Writer & Bryce, Cavalry Scout/Student * Photographer: Robert Meyer * Soundtrack for listening:  “John and Savannah (Live Quartet)” by Deborah Lurie *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: A beautiful service and a wonderfully relaxed afternoon reception, full of good food and laughter!

The Info—Photography: Robert Meyer / Ceremony: The Germanic American Institute / Reception: Scusi / Cupcakes: Sweets Bakeshop / Philippa’s Dress: Dessy, from Nordstrom’s / Philippa’s Engagement Ring: Designed by Bryce working with Security Jewelers / Philippa and Bryce’s Wedding Rings: R.F. MoellerGroomsmen’s Ties: Men’s Warehouse

Other cool stuff we should know about: Well, one of the coolest things (bar none) was the butter knife arch! Normally a military wedding would have a saber arch, but with so few people attending, there were no other military people with sabers. So my parents got vintage butter knives and decorated them with peace cranes—it was beautiful, and touching, and also a very hopeful and meaningful twist on the tradition.

One thing we were determined to have was a wedding service that was beautiful and well done. My godfather did the service for us, and it was wonderful! We chose fairly traditional Unitarian language that touched on the divine, but focused more on our devotion to each other through the trials of life, our strength as a married couple, and our responsibilities to our community. We ended up having very few people at the ceremony and reception and will be throwing a housewarming/reception party this winter!

The wedding looks so much more coordinated than it really was—the guys all wore their own suits, with matching ties, and the women picked out knee-length, navy blue dresses. The bridal party all did their own hair and makeup, and my Maid of Honor did mine. We were blessed with remarkably talented, helpful friends and family: my mother made my sash and veil, and also did the flowers, with some help from her brother and sisters. People set up the chairs and put out the program scrolls (my one DIY project). The music was on a boom box at the ceremony and from an iPod at the reception venue.

Favorite thing about the wedding: How comfortable it was! I remember looking out at people during the reception, and everyone was talking and laughing, passing platters of food, having a good time. We aren’t very good at staying up late or being the center of attention, so a low-key, midday lunch reception was just our style!

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    I live right up the street, and Scusi is AMAZING! Such delicious Italian food, the likes of which I didn’t expect to find in the Mid West, after leaving my grandparents behind in Boston’s North End.

    Also, you look lovely. Congratulations!

    • PAW

      Yes! We were so happy when they said they could do the wedding, and everything was perfect – the food was over-the-top good, I’m still getting compliments!

      And thanks! (And whoot for Mac Groveland!)

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  • SarahCruz

    I love the honesty and low-key vibe of this wedding. It’s not over the top in any way, and just focuses on the start of a marriage. Delightful!

    • PAW

      Thank you – that was exactly what we were going for!

  • Lea

    Those pictures came out amazing. My dream is to get married at a place like this and take photos on a staircase like that one.

    • PAW

      It was truly lovely – if you live in an area with historic mansions, they may also be a wonderful place to do the wedding service! We lucked out – there were some that were ridiculously expensive, and then some that were just pleased as punch for us to come in for a few hours.

  • I cannot get over that dress of yours. It is beautiful on you.

    The butter knife arch picture caught my eye, and it seems even more special knowing exactly the story behind it. Beautiful wedding!

  • This is beautiful! The vintage butter saber knives is fantastic! :D

  • How beautiful! I love the butter knife arch. That’s fantastic. And congrats!

  • Jen

    I love the shot down the stairway. So good to see a man in uniform get married to his lovely bride. Congrats, Philippa and Bryce!

  • roykelly

    Just beautiful! All those photograph are so gorgeous & it is impossible not to have a relaxed & brilliant day!