A Summer Morning Garden Wedding

David’s family was in town this weekend and we got a chance to take everyone out to our wedding venue and look around. His mom seemed pleased with our ‘summer morning garden wedding.’ And suddenly I realized, OHHHH, we’re doing a summer garden wedding. Right! This is a done thing! Even though Saturday night formal weddings are all the rage right now, tons of people have done morning garden weddings throughout the ages, so I have a wealth of images to draw on. And then it hit me, everything we really like goes perfectly with this. I don’t want a big poofy ballgown dress with a train, David doesn’t want a tux, we do want lots of fresh flowers, we want lots of sunlight and cheer, and we don’t want to spend a fortune. The gods were smiling on us when they gave us this time slot! It’s beshert!

So, in light of my brand new revelations, I’m posting a picture of a short and simple wedding dress that I love from Martha Stewart Weddings. I love the mid length length veil, the light pink flowers, and the sassy blue shoes. I haven’t decided if I want a simple long lace dress (sans train) or a simple short satin dress, but both are perfect for a garden wedding.

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