A Bright, Summer Virginia Wedding

Sunshine, dancing, and little kid antics

Rachel, United States Air Force Nurse & Vanessa, United States Air Force Nurse

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: Two brides, four kids, and a bright summer dance party.

Soundtrack for reading: “Syrup and Honey” by Duffy

Other Cool Stuff We Should Know About

We hired the greatest wedding coordinator, Crystal at Cherry Blossom Weddings, who completely nailed it. The entire event was so full of love and wonderful moments—our ceremony procession through rainbow ribbons, the lighting of our family candle, our first dance, playing The Shoe Game, the cake, everything!

Favorite Thing About The Wedding

Being with our family!


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  • vegankitchendiaries

    Pretty, pretty, prettiness!

  • Anon

    I’m also getting married in VA! I love that you posted about Crystal and Cherry Blossom Events, because when we were looking for a coodinator, she seemed awesome. I kept meaning to email her to connect her with APW, because just from her website, she seemed to be a very APW-esque vendor.
    We didn’t end up needing a coordinator, since our venue has that covered, but I’m glad that you got to use her, since I was so impressed by how she seemed online!
    And yay for a Hampton Roads wedding!!! Congratulations!

  • Claire

    Wow! Gorgeous brides, beautiful wedding, and stunning photographs to capture it all. Love it.

  • Kats

    We used Cherry Blossom as our coordinator too (Elizabeth, not Crystal) – they are SUCH a great, beautiful-but-not-WIC, BS-free, coordinators. The photos here are stunning and the two of you look so happy!

  • Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wedding here. I wish you many years of happiness!

  • Emma Klues


  • Kelsey

    This is just fantastic- you both look just gorgeous and so happy. Enjoy your marriage!

  • Kat91314

    I think I’m stealing that song for our dance :-)

  • Caroline

    This wedding makes me really happy– the beauty and love just explode from these photos. Wowee!

    Speaking of beauty, who made the short-haired bride’s ceremony dress? With the little silver belt? It’s stunning!