Padmini & Andrew’s Santa Barbara Courthouse and Winery Wedding

* Padmini & Andrew * Photographer: Hannah Arista * Soundtrack for reading: “Mahna Mahna” by The Muppets *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: We had fun and then we ate. Which was fun.

The Info—Photographer: Hannah Arista / Location: Santa Ynez, California / Venue: Sunstone Winery / Padmini’s Dress: “My dress was made by my mum’s trusted tailor in Mumbai, India. The embroidery was done separately by one of the most talented embroiders I know.” / Padmini’s Shoes: Custom dyeable from My Glass Slipper

Other cool stuff we should know about: I had injured my ankle about a week and a half before the wedding so for the ceremony, I ibuprofen-ed up and wore heels (they were so beautiful, I couldn’t resist). Towards the reception, the pain from my ankle was wearing me out so I switched to my supportive boot and flat. I totally felt like a robot bride. Andrew and I both love to eat good Italian food paired with good wine, therefore, the crux of our wedding was really the food and wine. The ceremony was a meaningful legal ceremony performed by Andrew’s aunt and it took place in the beautiful Mural Room of the Santa Barbara Courthouse. And then we meandered through the hills and valleys to our reception where there was a lot of good food, provided by Grappolo (an Italian restaurant in Santa Ynez). The drool-worthy scrumptiousness of the tiramisu totally made our wedding day the best day ever!

Favorite thing about the wedding: We planned the whole thing ourselves with very minimal help and it all worked out. Literally, nothing went wrong. It was amazing.

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  • Kate

    I love the Santa Barbara Courthouse! It is my favorite courthouse in the world, seeing it on APW has totally made my day.

  • Best soundtrack for reading. Period.

  • Ashley

    Your dress is amazing and you look beautiful.

  • fermi

    Something about this wedding just made me want to cry at my desk. Not sure why, but congratulations!

  • Your dress. YOUR DRESS. *salivates*

    God, if courthouses in my area were even 1/10th as gorgeous as yours, I’d get a job as a county clerk, just so I could go there for work.

  • Lu

    My sister got married in the same room. It is quite a good deal, can’t remember the price but you can also get married outside for free… First come first served. It is a historical site so lots of tourists, but not so many they are in the way.

  • Moe

    Bonus points for accessorizing the boot to match your dress. Congrats!

  • Emily

    Best soundtrack pick EVER.

  • Oh your wedding just looks awesome. And your dress! Beautiful.

  • Oh wow, the Mural Room is just magical! You both look so gorgeous and happy; congratulations!

  • Yes, great soundtrack, but also, your one sentence sum up is just the best. And your heels! So pretty and totally worth some short-term suffering. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of occasions to wear them when they’re less painful.

  • Rachel

    What I love most about this is: “Literally, nothing went wrong. It was amazing.”

    A great example of how “wrong” is utterly about how you frame things, and a sore ankle just doesn’t count!

    • Louise

      I was thinking the same thing! For a lot of people, a boot would have been enough to ruin their day, yet nothing went wrong. I love it!

  • Wow! How beautiful!!! Congratulations! :)

  • Victwa

    Santy Babs! My hometown!! And also where we are getting married (albeit in my parents’ suburban backyard) in July!

  • MEGAN2

    Ooo that room! & your dress, all so beautiful with the color, the trim. I love your recessional face “Can you believe it!”


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