Why Not Plan a Surprise Wedding?

Bonus: nobody tells you how you should be planning

Married couple in front of surprise wedding sign on rooftop

After a while of working in weddings you begin to realize that something… special… happens to your loved ones when you tell them you’re getting married. They invite people off the guest list. They try to buy dresses you don’t want. They want to know if you’re keeping your name. In short, there are LOTS of opinions going around before anything even starts to happen.

But what if, magically, you could get everyone together in a beautiful location, and wear the fancy clothes you want to wear, and have the ceremony… without anyone knowing they’re going to a wedding? What if you could just socially skip the whole awkward “engagement” state?

This couple did JUST THAT. Welcome to Steph and Sean’s surprise wedding:

bride walking toward groom for first lookbride and groom by city skyline

They got ready and took couple portraits like any “normal” wedding day…

Groom in reflective sunglasses and laughing bride Bride and groom coming down circular staircasesurprise wedding sign decorated with trees

Steph explained how the “surprise” actually worked:

The wedding happened on the eve of my thirtieth birthday. Sean had everyone believe they were coming for a surprise birthday but it was actually our wedding that we had secretly been planning for a year! The only people that knew were some out of town guests that flew in (which ended up being a surprise in itself) and my good friend (and wedding planner) Christie.

Which means, guys, these reaction shots are PURE GOLD:

Excited father happy to learn about surprise wedding Blonde mom happy with arms open

Steph continues:

As the surprise was slowly revealed to people throughout the day (starting with the best man and bride’s parents), the energy levels began to rise—until the full plan unfolded on the rooftop of Chambar! The vibe was truly electric! We said our I do’s in front of our family and friends and then began explaining how we had secretly been engaged for a year.

couple getting married during surprise wedding mother crying happy tears during surprise weddingbride and groom getting married during surprise wedding bride and groom kissing after wedding ceremony

And of course, they rounded out the night with copious dancing. And y’all, I can’t be a hundred percent sure, but nobody looks mad. Just saying.

bride and groom speaking in front of surprise sign guests embracing at wedding bride dancing at wedding reception bride and groom dancing at wedding reception

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