Team Practical Book Club Meetups

Um. So. You guys are into meetups! I just did what I thought would be a quick headcount for each meetup on Facebook…. and ohmygod that was not quick. So! A reveiw: We’ll be meeting up (around the world) on Saturday, September 11th, to discuss Dan Savage’s The Commitment. And in case I wasn’t clear in the first post: Please read the book even if you’re not going to a meetup. It’s d*mn good, and we’ll discuss the hell out of it here.

So! Now! Everyone should go to Facebook to check the rough head counts for their meetups, pick locations, and do a little planning. I’ll post a master list of all the meetups and locations at the beginning of September.

Till then, here are the locations. We will be having monstor meetups in: Boston, DC, New York City, and San Francisco.

We will be having more meetups in:
Austin, TX
Australia (Skype meetup with mini-meetups in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne)
Calgary, AB
Charlotte, NC (May join with Durham)
Durham, NC
Greater Atlanta
Greater Denver
Greater Detroit
Iowa City
Lexington, KY
London, UK
Los Angeles
Madison, WI
New Orleans
Pittsburgh/ Cleveland
San Diego
St. Augustine, FL
State College, PA

Crazy, no? And if you didn’t sign up, and wanna…. go, go, go! And either way, READ THE BOOK. No joke. You’ll love it. My copy is now all dog-eared with bits I want to talk about.

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  • kyley

    Can I come even though I’m neither married nor engaged? Does that make one a total black sheep or seem desperate to be married? I just love Team Practical and I love book clubs.

    • Kyley, I’m pretty sure that makes one awesome for having her head on straight and plenty smart for filing away all the wisdom on this site. (In other words, sign up, sign up!!!)

    • meg

      Of course! I said that in the last post. It’s hardly going to be a bunch of women talking about their weddings. I read this book LONG before I was engaged anyway :)

  • I think the answer to “Can I come if I _________?” is YES. Regardless of what’s in the blank. You read the blog, you read the book, you want to come, you come. (Sort of like the “Should I write a wedding graduate post if my wedding is too ______ for APW?” No such thing. You feel compelled, you do it. The End.

    • meg

      Ha. I was thinking, “Hum. Cindy is the new Liz, but instead of wedding grads, it’s book clubs.” And then I saw you quoted her.

      • liz

        don’t insult poor cindy.

  • Apparently Saskatchewanians don’t read APW, which is much sadness for this Saskatoon girl. Is there anyone out there from Saskatchewan who wants to read the book and get together to talk about it? (I requested it from the library and it came in over the weekend, so I have it but haven’t started it yet – trying to finish another library book first.)

    • Sarah M

      Manitoban here. I wonder how many prairie girls there are. Skype meet up like Australia perhaps?

      • Something like that may well be our only hope!

        Though I don’t have Skype; will have to dl it.

  • Crazy awesome.

  • So exited. I found the book on Sunday afternoon, finished it Tuesday. Am now reading it aloud to my husband, who is loving it just as much as I did. Great choice Meg!

    • I picked it up Sunday and had a two hour train ride to get rolling. I read it non-stop, with breaks for sleep and work; I was done by Monday night!! I’m actually starting to re-read it all over again!

  • Kim

    You know what’s awesome in my particular situation? I don’t know where I’ll be living on September 11, but there are meetups in both of the cities where I might be! Fan-freaking-tastic. (And for you two Toronto ladies, there might be three — I’m just not on facebook. :) )

  • emily

    which portland?

    • meg

      Oregon. If you want one in Maine, start one.

  • All right, I’m in. I love it.