Team Practical Proposals

I thought we’d end the week with three proposal stories that made me grin, and seem like the perfect APW balance to me.

Kelly sent me this:

We knew we were going to get married at some point, but we just wanted things to be more settled first. To get a little break, we decided to go to VA Beach for the weekend of the Perseid meteor showers, since I had never seen a shooting star, (we tried the year before but with bad timing, it was a full moon so we couldn’t see anything). After I saw a really great shooting star, to my surprise, Brad proposed with a $7 ring he got at JC Penney’s. I love it and I’m still wearing it! I won’t get into the seamingly millions of questions after about when are you getting a “real” ring– I didn’t realize this one was imaginary!

Which came with this:

This from Melanie:

I walked into the house a little boozy from the pub to find my fella down on one knee in the middle of our lounge room – he felt he needed to hurry so I wouldn’t miss the start of the cricket – awwww. Yet I was slightly disappointed it wasn’t more elaborate. What the f*ck was I thinking? The man just asked me to marry him AND he cares that I don’t miss the first over!

And this one from Madeline:

I had to share a few lines from our proposal, because they perfectly reflect our failure to get this whole romantic proposal thing down. Mind you, I have NO idea where the boy got it in his head that I needed a traditional surprise engagement, but God love him for trying (actually, I kind of freaked out when we got engaged and wouldn’t tell anyone about it because I worried I’d become on of “those” people, whoever they may be). On the way to the beach so that he could propose after everyone had themselves convinced we were getting engaged but I didn’t believe them because the boy told me we weren’t and I believed him because our relationship is built on honesty and trust:

Me: I’m glad that you’re not proposing to me today anyway. Because I REALLY don’t want to have to change my status on Facebook.
Boy: Seriously?! That’s the stupidest f*cking thing I’ve ever heard

And with that, happy weekend. I love you guys.

(Male perspectives on proposals, and girls proposing to guys, are coming at some point… but next week we’ll take a proposal break, I swear)

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