Team Practical Proposals

I thought we’d end the week with three proposal stories that made me grin, and seem like the perfect APW balance to me.

Kelly sent me this:

We knew we were going to get married at some point, but we just wanted things to be more settled first. To get a little break, we decided to go to VA Beach for the weekend of the Perseid meteor showers, since I had never seen a shooting star, (we tried the year before but with bad timing, it was a full moon so we couldn’t see anything). After I saw a really great shooting star, to my surprise, Brad proposed with a $7 ring he got at JC Penney’s. I love it and I’m still wearing it! I won’t get into the seamingly millions of questions after about when are you getting a “real” ring– I didn’t realize this one was imaginary!

Which came with this:

This from Melanie:

I walked into the house a little boozy from the pub to find my fella down on one knee in the middle of our lounge room – he felt he needed to hurry so I wouldn’t miss the start of the cricket – awwww. Yet I was slightly disappointed it wasn’t more elaborate. What the f*ck was I thinking? The man just asked me to marry him AND he cares that I don’t miss the first over!

And this one from Madeline:

I had to share a few lines from our proposal, because they perfectly reflect our failure to get this whole romantic proposal thing down. Mind you, I have NO idea where the boy got it in his head that I needed a traditional surprise engagement, but God love him for trying (actually, I kind of freaked out when we got engaged and wouldn’t tell anyone about it because I worried I’d become on of “those” people, whoever they may be). On the way to the beach so that he could propose after everyone had themselves convinced we were getting engaged but I didn’t believe them because the boy told me we weren’t and I believed him because our relationship is built on honesty and trust:

Me: I’m glad that you’re not proposing to me today anyway. Because I REALLY don’t want to have to change my status on Facebook.
Boy: Seriously?! That’s the stupidest f*cking thing I’ve ever heard

And with that, happy weekend. I love you guys.

(Male perspectives on proposals, and girls proposing to guys, are coming at some point… but next week we’ll take a proposal break, I swear)

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  • Liana

    "I didn't realize this one was imaginary"!!!!!!!!!!! This MADE my week!

  • GF

    I also was nervous about telling people (and sort of in shock, but that's another story) after we got engaged, because I didn't want to become one of those people, either! Now, I'm not even sure who those people are. I did eventually tell people, and later I proposed back, so all is well!

  • Thanks for letting me share Meg!
    I was afraid of being one of "those people" too! We ran into a friend of mine the next morning, which was unexpected since we were all out of town, and I was SO uncomfortable telling her! That led to Brad and I having a conversation about why wasn't I jumping up and down screaming with my friend. It wasn't until a couple days later when Brad showed me these pictures he was sending his friends that I started to realize that sharing our happiness didn't automatically make me one of "those girls".

  • My husband proposed while we were in the shower together and I was crying because we were trying to talk about the trickiness of getting our different faith parents to meet during Passover.

    I know that I am not alone that my tears about not being engaged yet prompted a proposal. I got over the initial embarrassment about being THAT woman and now I would not change it for the world. He shaped his thumb and forefinger like a ring and placed that onto my finger and we stayed like that in the shower until the water ran cold.

    For the two weeks while we waited for the physical ring to arrive, he would reach out and hold my hand by putting his finger ring on my finger. He doesn't do it anymore so it is a priceless memory of that special time when our engagement was a secret and not bombarded by other people's expectations.

  • SMK

    I just have to say, Princess Max – that is awesome. What a wonderful little memory to have and to hold for years to come.

  • vanessa

    "Me: I'm glad that you're not proposing to me today anyway. Because I REALLY don't want to have to change my status on Facebook.
    Boy: Seriously?! That's the stupidest f*cking thing I've ever heard"

    AHAHAHA. What's even funnier is that I have facebook open in the other tab. Ahhh <3 it!

  • Oh my goodness, those were priceless. I love the male perspective as well, we need more of that.

    Also, in response to my fiance asking me to marry him I said "What?!" He then repeated himself, certain that I hadn't heard him. I said "What!?!?" again, this time while laughing. Not what he was expecting, but I couldn't help it.

  • Haha! love these. Especially the facebook one because 5 minutes after my Fiance proposed, he asked if he could go change his facebook status now ;) Hilarious!

  • I love the proposal posts!

    We were nervous about telling people, too. We had exchanged rings and right afterward had a dinner party to go to, so we just showed up and didn't say anything. Then someone saw our rings and started shrieking and then everyone was staring at us and asking questions and it was *exactly* what I had wanted to avoid. I think this was one of the hardest things about getting "officially" engaged – figuring out how to tell people in an honest way without being too gushy, or figuring out how to deal with other people's gushy-ness.

  • ha ha ha!!! I love this post!!! Especially the facebook one. After we got engaged on vacation the fiance asked if we could find someplace with wifi so he could use my laptop to update his FB status!!! Hysterical!!

  • That's a really pretty ring, whether it cost $7 or $700!

  • lauren

    i love love these stories! thank you for sharing them!! :)
    my t and i have been talking a lot about getting engaged recently and honestly, our plan may just be to skip it altogether… ;)

  • Jen

    I totally understand the "those people" fear. At the time, maybe I knew what I meant by "those" people but I've since totally forgotten what my fear was actually about. Must have been really important and significant, right?

  • PrincessMax! Your comment made me tear up! That is so sweet.

    Add me to the ranks of people who kept the engagement a secret for a while. The next morning after we got engaged we went to brunch with friends and it was nice to have the secret, and we needed to leave to go "shopping" they didn't know it was for a ring…

    I remember being sad leaving my ring at home when I went to work, but I needed to keep it to just us for a while and needed to work through it a little myself first as well. Then we slowly told the most important people in our lives first.

    Interesting, I'd never heard of anyone else I know keeping it a secret for a while, so it's nice to hear I'm not alone on this one. Should have figured it would be people here!

  • All of them are sweet in their own way. Great way to end the week.

  • We didn't have much asking going on during our proposal. Rather, we were making up from bickering and he asks me, mid-hug, "Do you still want to marry me?"

    And then I said something like, "I don't need a ring to get engaged, honestly." To which he replied, "Hon, we *are* engaged!"

    Glad someone told me!

    It was a bit awkward telling people, but it helped that this all happened as we were on our way to my birthday dinner with a lot of friends. No big announcement, we just told everyone as they came in. Which made the second of my friends to arrive respond, "You two got engaged with (mutual friend) here?!" No, it was about ten minutes before he arrived…

  • C

    OMG THANK YOU! PRINCES MAX!! Thank you. I don't tell people how my fiance proposed because it too was in the shower! I feel sort of embarrassed, like it's TMI and not "romantic enough".


  • These are SO adorable. I love it! Quirky romantic stories outdo overblown pseudo-romance any day!

    And I am proudly one of those girls. He proposed on the balcony of our room at the Gaylord Texan, and the other guests are lucky the only thing keeping me from screaming it off the balcony was that I didn't want us to get kicked out.
    Which in hindsight would have made for a better story, so I'm a little sad about that…

    But as one of those people who married someone who is NOT one of those people, I love the APW brides and brides to be that stick to their personality. Engagements and proposals are great for people like me who are all, "*GASP* OMG, GUESS WHAT!!!" about, well, pretty much everything. (I've had episodes of Buffy that nearly made me pass out.) But if I were painfully shy or private like my Boy, then the whole excited "I'm engaged!!" thing would have been horrifying. So yay for sticking to your guns!

  • My fiance proposed on the same lifeguard tower where we had one of our first dates where we drank 40s of beer and watch the red tide waves. We went back for our five year anniversary and ate deli sandwiches with a ridiculously expensive bottle of wine. He said amazing things and it was perfect. Exactly what I needed emotionally.

    I feel like the dissenting voice here, but we could not WAIT to tell our families and started making phone calls the second we got in the car to drive home. How thrilled everyone was for us made us even happier.

  • ha! i tried to micro manage my proposal (FI was delighted) and it was perfect- Paris at night, bubbly off champagne. and then we got mugged. i shoved the ring in my mouth and threatened the theives with bodily harm if they tried to remove it. the obliged and only took our wallets

  • @bria- i'm sorry you got mugged, but that. is. awesome. what a badass!

  • Krystel

    Love other non-over the top stories, stories without rings, etc! Ours is similar. I knew we'd get engaged but just had to wait for fiance to feel ready and get over his anxiety issues, so that's the only reason I didn't ask. He knew I was ready so when he asked would be when I knew he was. His dad is amazing in his ability to find 4-leaf clovers and my fiance boasted to me they were easy to find. I challenged him that we couldn't move in together until he found me one and proved it so he was no longer a liar. We went for a picnic one day, he decided to hunt for one, and after I took a picture as proof he found one, he proposed. I thought he was just saying he was ready, didn't realize it WAS the proposal, lol. So I have an engagement clover now pressed in a book. The ring came later (after he got it from his mom).

    • Franny

      Krystal – I know this comment is from over a year ago… but I LOVE this engagement story.

  • @Lyssachelle: I swear, every time I read a comment you've left, I think, "Wow, this person is SO MUCH LIKE ME." I'm also one of those people that's like, "OMG YAY SQUEE!" over lots of things, and getting engaged was no exception. In fact, I probably didn't take enough time to really soak in the moment with just the two of us, I was so damn excited to run tell my family (and my actors in the show I was directing, since I saw them that night).

  • Kathleen

    Kelly I just wanted to say that I love the photos your fiance made to send to everyone. I think they are super sweet and adorable. I also like how he typed in sound effects for the shooting stars.

  • @Mandy And how do you know I'm not you? Mwhahahah…sorry.

    Anyway, I'm now stalking your blog. Blogs, actually. A Theatrical Wedding because um, how awesome is that? And your personal blog because I just read your post on directors and actors and I JUST HAD THAT CONVERSATION YESTERDAY. (I'm doing dramaturgy/co-directing Streetcar and Much Ado right now in community theatre.)
    And I adore your proposal story!

  • Brandy

    I think we techically got engaged as a way to make a fight go away over Google Chat. I got really angry about something (I could look up the history in my chat but why bother, it was miniscule) when he asked what I was looking for in an engagement ring.


    So, I asked if he was asking so that I wouldn't be angry anymore. He said yes, that too, but that he really did need to know so that I would like it. From then on, we felt engaged. The ring came exactly two months later since we had it made.

    Not epic or overly romantic, but very much us.

  • Tree

    Thanks for sharing! These make me feel so much better about the proposal I had that didn't match the one in my head. My hubs pretty much had the ring hidden away in the bedroom (we lived together), and I was like "You have a present for me? and you hid it in the apt? Am I supposed to hide-and-seek for it? hot and cold?" and he was like…"Yes!" Heh, so I kind of did it to myself, I suppose. :) Happy weekend!

  • I kept joking I wanted my proposal painted on the side of a cow, like in the Simpsons, because all the cliched "romance" stuff makes me uncomfortable… well, my darling got as close as he could. He painted "Marry Me" on the side of his mother's horse. Took me down to the stables to get 'extra chairs' for a post-xmas family lunch, where I saw said horse. He never actually said the words, just stood there dopily holding the ring box up. And when we got back to the house, I found out he'd invited my parents for lunch too, as a surprise. Our families were all standing there, ready with champagne. So we had this big, crazy family engagement party pretty much straight away! So pretty much our entire families knew when he'd propose before I did.

  • Nina

    @ C and PrincessMax – also in the shower. Glad to hear it's popular ;-)

    I edit over the shower part ("he proposed as we were getting ready in the morning") cause I figure it would bring out the raised eyebrows too much. And quite honestly, part of me likes keeping that part private.

  • Meghan

    We were engaged the night before leaving to meet my family in Puerto Rico. Suitcases packed, on the couch, after a meal, watching snow fall. We had that night alone and then called close family and friends while waiting for our plane. Met up with my family and immediately went out for champagne. Enjoyed our "engagemoon." Came back to the real world later. It was perfect for us.

    I love hearing these stories!

  • @ Melanie (proposal #2): Your story made me laugh. I'm guessing you're from the British Isles (cricket references) and wondering if all British people have the humor streak in their genes or something.

    @Bria: Perhaps you are the toughest girl ever. Big props.

  • Kelly–I love your story and the pictures! All the best to you and Brad.

  • Love reading all these stories and all the ones in the comments! It's great how diverse our stories are :)
    We got engaged on my husband's birthday oh so casual sitting on the sofa he just said "I want to marry you" and I said "I want to marry you too". I cried a little coz I cry at EVERYTHING. And then we carried on with a lovely evening… and spent the next two weeks trying to figure out if that actually meant we were engaged and shouldn't there be some big proposal? Until we finally realised how stupid we were being – yes, we are engaged and no we don't need to stage something. It was perfectly us to have made the decision together, at home, both with a glass of wine in one hand!

  • Ha, nice to know that I'm not the only one whose proposal was a little weird and less-than-100%-romantic! Movies and TV would convince us that every proposal is magical, and some are, but plenty are fairly ordinary or silly. My man got dressed up to propose (in our living room, while I was playing video games) so I got excited thinking he was going to take me somewhere to celebrate… but no, he'd just gotten dressed up. Then we went and did laundry. Huh?