Thank You.

It’s been a hard day/week, and I came home to this email which cracked me up. Thanks guys, you rule. And other rad blog ladies, you rule too. You rule a lot.

Hello, Meg!
Today I was at a bridal shop picking up a tux for my brother. A woman was buying a dress, and made the mistake of saying that she wasn’t going to wear a veil. The saleslady immediately jumped into, “But you’re not a BRIDE if you don’t wear a VEIL.” She went on to mention that you get to wear formal dresses plenty of times, but you only get to wear a veil once (as if a hairpiece is such a big deal), they look so great in pictures (because that is the only thing to get out of the day, some great pictures), and repeated the, “not a BRIIIIIIIIIIDE without a VEEEEEEEEIL several more times (because the big white dress doesn’t differentiate you from everyone else, and maybe the fact that you are getting married doesn’t make you a bride?)

I was a little irritated. Does your opinion matter at all, random saleslady? Not really. It is not your place to influence what I will wear. I guess my point is, at that moment I was very grateful for you and the other rad practical blogladies, for showing me that I can politely tell my future random saleslady that she can take her apparently mandatory veil and…well, you know.


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  • Mo

    That’s hilarious, and made me giggle out loud. =)

  • word.

    rad = you, meg.

  • I think we should bring veils back so that you CAN wear them more than once. I love them.

  • LOL

    I thought gettimg married made you a bride?

    (y’know, unless you’re a groom.)

  • Amen Kristina.

  • Meg

    Oh Beth,
    I’m there. Who doesn’t require a good veil some days. I could use one today for example. I’m feeling a little emotional, I’d like to just pull the veil curtain, and tell everyone to eff right off.


  • K

    Ah, this brings back memories of a certain “But you’re not a BRIDE if you don’t wear a VEIL” incident that almost left me in tears. :)

    I don’t have words for how wonderful it is to hear that I was not the only girl who went through this chaos and thumbed her nose at it. ♼

  • you can also tell salespeople like that (with a doom-filled glance) that veils are also appropriate for funerals and plagues. ;)

  • HAHA! I left TWO stores because the saleslady would sneak up behind me and pop a veil on without my permission. Just not for me!

  • midwestelle

    I haven’t even started dress shopping (and I hope I can avoid it completely, as I’m planning to have a friend make my dress) but over the years I’ve learned that salespeople who work on commission are evil.

    They can’t help it–it’s their job. Be sure to remember that when you’re shopping–they NEED that sale, and will do what it takes to get it. If that was your job, you’d do the same thing.

    Don’t give in if you don’t want to, ladies!!

  • Oh my goodness! I had a very similar experience. My future husband and I are just not veil people and it’s scandalized every bridal industry person we’ve told. So strange!

  • None of it should be mandatory! Go Team Practical!

  • MWK

    I had the exact same experience, and I was going to give the lady the benefit of the doubt and not be mad…but then she asked if I had gained weight since I last saw her, and I realize she was just mad at me for using a gift certificate to buy my dress and upsell me and/or make me feel “less than.” Needless to say, someone got a very negative online review…

  • When the saleslady told me I needed a veil so my father could lift it off my face after “giving me away”, I nearly barfed. I don’t need my face covered in glorified mosquito netting, thank you very much.

  • That is just mean and snotty. There’s no excuse for judging what someone wears at her wedding, or telling her it undermines her marriage.

    I think it’s all hilarious since the wearing white thing is a Victorian idea (yeah, last 150 years only), and veils were to disguise the bride’s face from the groom she’d never met lest she be hideous and he back out prior to the I Do. Not exactly the values I want to reinforce at my wedding.

  • Meg


    Oh. My. God.

    That’s so bad it’s hysterical.

  • I laughed at Alissa’s comment…guerrilla veiling? How creepy!

  • MWK

    Meg, re: the weight question:

    I know! I was so shocked all I could say was “Uh…maybe?” even though I knew I had actually lost some! Luckily it makes for a great story now…

  • Mel

    Wow Anna, that really sucks that someone would do that to you. Kudos to giving them a bad review. I’m not necessarily about giving people bad reviews, but future customers need to know.

  • My mother has recently shifted to the “you’re not a bride without a veil camp” and it’s so irritating! Underneath I know she doesn’t care but she keeping talking to the ladies at church and work about the wedding and they are horrible influences. Grrrr….

  • Mel

    I’m not planning on a veil either and everyone like my mom, future mother in law, etc is throwing a fit. Yet….keep telling me how it’s my day so I should do what I want. Maybe they need to hush then! LOL…

  • Lizzie

    I had the same issue whilst shopping, but it was about the friggin tiara. Anyone else get assaulted with a crown? After a few shops, I went in armed with a speech before I would even look at dresses; “I have no desire to be a princess or win a pageant ever, so if you come close to me with a tiara I have to leave…”

  • Yikes! You’re a bride ’cause you’re getting married, veil or not. ;)

    P.S. Hope you don’t mind a guy commenter. My partner and I are planning our wedding this fall and I’m just now starting to read wedding blogs and so forth. That salesperson’s comment is just the kind of thing that would send me over the edge! (Not that I’d be wearing a veil anyway…) ;-)

  • Meg

    YAY! A guy commenter. Whhheeee!

  • I was at a bridal boutique looking at bridesmaid dresses. The saleslady asked where I got my wedding dress from, when I replied with the name of a lesser expensive place across town – she SCOFFED!

    The nerve of that woman! We bought our dresses somewhere else.