The Evolution of a Logo…

We know it’s a short post-holiday week. And short post-holiday weeks call for entertainment and pretty presents as bribes for you having to work. And we here at APW are here for you. So, not only did we give you a new sidebar (present for you) and new submission forms (present for us), we’re also rolling out a newly designed Ask Team Practical Logo (present for everyone!!!!)

But. We thought you might be amused to see how a logo is designed around these parts. Here is how it goes down.

  • I’m super exacting (Oh my god. I had no idea I’d be like this with my business though David saw it coming a mile away), but have zero skills, and am very cheerful.
  • Liz is super accommodating, has many skills, and is also cheerful.
  • We have fun working together (Liz claims to have fun, at least!).

As an extra present, let’s start with the design I presented Liz for inspiration. I drew it myself.

I know, right? WHY DIDN’T WE JUST STOP THERE, you are asking yourself!? And frankly, it’s hard to say. Here is my (actual email) exchange with Alyssa on the subject:

Me: I started work on your logo, and I thought you’d be excited to see it. YOU’RE WELCOME.
Alyssa: I’m WEEPING, tears of joy.  It’s just…there are no words.
Me: I might have actually laughed so hard I cried over this logo. David: “Did you spit on yourself?” Me: “I almost threw up.”
Alyssa: It’s like, “Ask T….fuck it.  I’m a mutherf*ckin’ logo, you know what you’re reading, WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT?”

And yet, for some reason, we pressed on. Liz designed this sucker, which we liked, but it seemed too formal for ATP.

So then she designed this (CLEARLY INSPIRED BY MY WORK, LIZ), which seemed a tiny bit too informal for Fridays. And Alyssa didn’t like the color, because she pointed out it was the same as my comment color, and it was HER effing column. Point Alyssa, point.

So we tried somewhere between formal and polished, but this time blue. Which was close…but…too blue, and not quite it….

And then, Liz let loose with this logo, which Alyssa and I want to make out with. Alyssa says, “I LOVE IT!! The hearts make my heart happy. Even though it’s not the original logo. THAT would have been better.”

So on this Friday, and every Friday, when you’re greeted with the cheery Ask Team Practical Logo… you’ll know.

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  • sigh. I just snorted my morning tea all over the computer screen….

    Yes I know its not morning anymore, and for the record, yes the tea is stone cold.

    • You know what you need? A mug warmer. Works like a charm.

      You’re welcome, everyone. You are welcome.

      • Amazing. I believe I do need this…

        • My teaching friend purchased a mug warmer for me in December. It is a brilliant, brilliant invention. Brilliant. If you love yourself and your coffee or tea enough, you should buy one. Did I mention it’s amazing?

  • Haley

    Ah, hahaha, oh man, that’s amazing. I love this site so much!

  • I think I’m feeling something that can only be described as true love.

  • At first upon seeing your design, I thought you really were in love with it and I had one of those awkward moments of, “Ohhhhh nooooo. But we should probably act excited about it, no feelings hurts!” Hahaha, I’m on Vicodin right now for some pain so I’m pretty loopy and didn’t notice the other logos below (like most normal people would, and would make the logical connection that this was NOT the final design), and got so confused about it/felt bad I was about to comment and be like, WOW MEG IT LOOKS COOL!

    No but seriously, the final logo looks bombdotcom. Really really love it. Not too pink, not too blue, not too formal, not too informal.. It’s great. :)

  • Julia W

    I like the first one. It looks like a pink streamer of TP and is aptly labeled.

  • Emily

    MS Paint?

  • I don’t really know what was wrong with the first one…?


  • baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha. oh thank you. thissss was hilarious.

    I do love the first one maybe the best, but the final product is pretty neato. Alyssa has a logo! woop! :)

  • KA

    That email exchange was the funniest thing I have ever read on here. I demand more insight into the HILARIOUS inner workings of Team Practical. And more MS Paint. ;-)

    • I just laughed so hard and so long that I had to explain to the boyfriend what was so funny. I mean, I was crying. hilarious tears…

  • mimi

    haha this just made my lunch end on a happy note! :) thanks for the help getting through this week!

  • I just exactly-ed pretty much every comment on here.

  • SarahMama Kate

    You guys are awesome!!! As a graphic designer I love seeing the progression as the logo evolves and as a lover of this site I love that it Looks. Like. You. Guys! Yay Liz, obviously tres tres talented as well as diplomatic — aren’t all designers mind readers?!

  • Ah! Love Super Runaway!

    The new logo is fab! I like the first one though. ;)

  • Oh, I LOVE the initial mock-up. You should see the ones I do for my dev — SO UGLY! SO FUNNY! and yet (she swears) SO HELPFUL!

  • Oh my goodness. So much hilarity. Just because of the story, I think members of Team Practical should get buttons with the pink TP logo, since it won’t be making it onto APW – the site. Or maybe only people who get voted “best answer” in the comments. Based on “Exactly!” voting. Honestly, someday you girls are going to have to open an APW store. Just saying.

    • meg

      Alyssa wants a T-shirt with my logo. She says she’ll wear it everyday.

      • Oh please! Can this happen in real life?? With photos?

      • Also, you should put this on the back:

        “I’m a mutherf*ckin’ logo, you know what you’re reading, WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT?”

      • Jeez, just put that up on cafe press or zazzle and you’ve got another income stream for APW. (You’re welcome.)

      • It will be like my superhero outfit. I’ll wear it under my clothes and then when someone has a wedding related problem, I’ll rip off my top layer and then offer unsolicited advice….

        • Jo

          The laughing out loud continues…

        • It will only be the visible manifestation of what we all already know – you ARE a superhero, Alyssa.

        • Meredyth

          I giggle-snorted. This post makes a bad day happy again. Thanks!

  • Chris Bergstrom

    Oh my god. I just brought over like 4 coworkers to see that first one. We cried from laughing.

  • I’m with the other commenters, I’d love some more behind the scenes insight because this is flippin hysterical. Congrats Alyssa on your shiny new logo! I love it. Not as much as I love the first one, but the final result is pretty awesome.

  • I LOVE Liz too. She is working on designing me a new site. She is amazing, and so patient with my epic e-mails And, like you, I sent her a super un-sophisticated sketch of kind of what I wanted my blog to look like and she didn’t make fun of me. It was amazing. She got my my logo perfect, as in she took the picture from my brain and then made it better, with in two goes. Lady’s got skilz. I’m pretty sure that my new site is going to be extra special awesome and I’m so excited.

    Also I love the changes to APW. That little feature box is my new favorite thing. So elegant. Super Runaway FTW!!!

  • bec

    For real, I want to see that T-shirt on zazzle. I will totally buy one. And Alyssa, you totally need a super hero suit!

  • Arachna

    Ha ha, this is funny because I just recently started working with Liz because of this site and can agree whole heartedly that she is great!

  • Brilliant. I love the behind-the-scenes peek.

  • Ha! The first one is perfection, but the final banner is a close second. ;) Nice to see how it all comes together.

  • Funny thing is that one day I just happened to be on the site of my friends Jeff & Liz, and what do I find but the APW page! Holy crap! I know Liz IRL and totally had no clue that she happened to design a site I read nearly every day. I love it. Will have to give her big hugs soon for the awesome work. ^_^