The Great APW Book Buy Starts Now!

APW book dedication

Final Update (for now): 5:00 PM PST

Hi all! I realized people were wondering why I wasn’t updating. It wasn’t that I was out celebrating (though I will be soon), but that the book ranking has held steady at #29 on Amazon for hours (which, in itself is amazing) so I didn’t have crazy stats to update you on. I will say though that we ended the day as #1 in Movers and Shakers, #9 in Hot New Releases (whoa, right), and #1 and #2 in weddings (paper, and Kindle). Let’s hope that’s the beginning of a sea change in how weddings are thrown in this country, no?

It’s been overwhelming and crazy and thrilling, and I hope it matters for more than today. I hope it matters in how we all think about community, support, and economies, and I hope it matters a bit for weddings. Because to quote the Caitlin Moran interview I was watching last night, to calm myself the f*ck down, “I do, a bit, want to totally change the world.”

But before we call it a night, Other Meg, she of La Vie En Rose Events in New York (brand new APW sponsor) would like to give four of you who couldn’t afford the book copies. She says:

The spirit of the APW community is so effing inspiring every day and even more so today!  I can’t tell you how many times as a wedding planner I have reiterated APW wisdom to my clients (or pissy mothers). Or how many times I’ve referred to APW to reassure myself that I’m not the only one who thinks this way (we can’t all be batshit crazypants, right?).

So, in the combined spirits of gratitude & paying it forward while indulging my shopaholic tendencies, WHO NEEDS A BOOK? I’ve been a budgeted to the pennies bride to be, so I know there must be folks out there dying to break their spending embargoes. So, I want to buy 4 more copies for the first 4 people to email me shipping info to laverevents (at) gmail.

So clearly, take her up on that, now!

And the darling and emotional A Girl, one of the ladies who held my hand through all of this, had this to say (she burst into tears in the UK when the book hit #29):

As this day winds to a close I’m left feeling somewhat drained, but exhilarated, heart bursting with pride for this new, best-selling creation and the friend who conceived it and willed it into being over many long months. As part of the extended APW sisterhood, I’d like to believe that if ever it was possible for a book to have a bevy of doting aunties, it would be this one, and then how incredibly honoured would I be to feel part of the awe-inspiring community that helps to raise it.

I don’t have anything more coherent to add at this juncture, though I’ll try to put things into words somewhat properly tomorrow afternoon, when I write about the eleventh month of self employment. Till then, I leave you with a heart full of love, and a deeply marvelous Wedding Graduate coming your way in the morning. Because doing our job, that’s how we roll…

And please, don’t get me wrong. If you want to buy the book and haven’t yet, please do. For all that this feels like the end of something big, it’s just the beginning. The book isn’t even OUT yet! So, onward and upward.

Now, off to drink a whole lot of expensive tequila.

Love, love, and more love,


Update #5: 2:00 PM PST

Um, it turns out,  A Practical Wedding: Creative Solutions for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration is now a top thirty book on Amazon. We just hit #29. The real reason this is mindblowing, not only given that it’s the holidays and 3/4ths of the books bought this year will be bought this month… or something totally crazy like that… But. Once you get into the top levels of the Best Seller list, headwinds are against you. They give weight to sales over the past month, not just sales over the past day, and the numbers sold get really, really high.

That said, we’re nine slots away from being on the front page of the Amazon Best Seller List. Which? Is crazy. Is totally, totally, totally crazy for a first time author without any mainstream press clout. It currently looks like this:

I, for one, am totally shell shocked. And getting close to ready to break out the champagne. I’m so grateful and overwhelmed, I’m not even sure how to process this. But I’m going to try. Thank you guys, again.

Update #4: 1:15 PM PST

You guys! Things are happening so fast that I’m literally forgetting to update everyone because I’m so boggled. We hit 34 on Amazon. THIRTY F*CKING FOUR. Do you know how hard that is? OVER THE HOLIDAYS? Then I found out we hit #82 on Amazon in Canada. That’s the top 100 IN TWO COUNTRIES. I know. Then my wonderful editor called from New York, sounding totally giddy.

And a special shout out to David Malki of Wondermark, whom I’ve known so long I don’t know how long it’s been (elementary school sometime), from whom we blatantly stold the APW book buy idea, for being awesome, and tweeting about it.

I took a shower, and then all this happened, and now I need to get dressed. And maybe eat. IT IS CRAZY AROUND HERE TODAY.

I love you guys. This is all you.

Update #3: 11:50 AM PST

You guys. We’re THE MOVER AND SHAKER (link fixed!) on Amazon. For all of Amazon. As my friend Marie-Eve just said, “Never underestimate the power of community.”

Update #2: 11:30 AM PST

You guys, we have cracked the Amazon Bestseller list, with the APW book coming in at #96. No wait, I am updating this as I’m typing it…. A Practical Wedding: Creative Solutions for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration is at #63. WHAT? Do you have any idea how hard that is to do in the holiday season? Lemmie just clear that up for you: it’s hard. The book is also #17 in Hot New Releases (I sh*t you not, I just beat Bill Clinton’s book. That is possibly the single craziest fact in my day so far, as a die hard political junkie)#1 Craft/Hobbies/Home (getting married is a craft!), and #1 in wedding releases. YOU GUYS DID THIS.

Because good news tends to follow good news, I got a call from my publisher, while I was at the gym, a minute before I found out that we’d broken through to the bestseller list to find out good news about not one, but TWO stops of the APW book tour. More on that when… there is more on that… but good things are finally happening in an area of promotion, that I was worried about.

So, all you afternoon readers of APW, of which there are many of you… it’s up to you to push this thing over the top. (Is it even possible to push it over the top from here? I honestly don’t even know.) But it’s up to you, if we want to try. If you’re just getting a break in your day, or have been pondering placing an order today but were not totally sure… you can make this thing happen.

Nothing but gratitude. Now I should probably get out of my gym clothes…. off to do that.

Update #1: 7:40 AM PST

Good morning you guys! Last week, A Practical Wedding: Creative Solutions for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration (whatever, I can say my own full book title as often as I want, no??) was number 233,000 on Amazon. Last night we were 30,000 (which means people-who-were-not-you-guys were buying it this week, eeep).

As of right now, early on this west coast morning, we’re number 659 on Amazon. And that’s even in Holiday book buy season! Profound heartfelt thanks to those of you that ordered it this morning, and to those of you who haven’t yet… EEEP! I think we can push this book to the top 100 list, and you get to be the ones that do it.

I’m overwhelmed and excited. I’m going to go gallop a mile or so to get it all out, and then I’ll report back.




Here We Go…

This is happening… NOW. The goal for the day is to all pitch in together (Including me! I’m totally playing! If you write a book, it makes the best Christmas present, right?) and push A Practical Wedding: Creative Solutions for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration up the Amazon Best Seller list for a day (hint: also, the wedding bestseller list is right here if you want to peek at that).

For the uninitiated, the book will hold your hand through wedding planning from start to finish, in a logical this-is-the-plan way that the blog can’t. Plus you can hand this to your mother (or partner, or best girlfriend, or dad) to get her to understand where you’re coming from. If you’re already married, it’s a great gift for your engaged girlfriends… or you can just buy it to support the site. (Fun fact: If this book does well, my chances of writing a post-wedding book are exponentially increased. And we all want that, amiright?)

So, while we’re focusing on Amazon today, please feel free to pre-order it from your preferred seller:

Barnes & Noble
Indie Bound (which helps support brick and mortar bookstores near you)

A few thoughts for the worriers:

  • While the book is on pre-order, and its technical publication date is January, it shipped from the publisher’s warehouse yesterday. If you order it now, you should get it in one and a half or two weeks, in time for Christmas gifts.
  • The way Amazon counts, we probably only have a chance of pushing the paper version of the book up the Amazon US Best Seller list (though, I suppose you never know).
  • But: what really matters to me over the long run is that you buy the book, read it, like it, tell your friends about it, tell your local indie bookstore about it, review it online, and generally enjoy it. Pushing the book up a best seller list will last for a day or so, but you buying and loving the book is what lasts forever. So, buy the book the way you want to buy the book. (Kindle! Indie book store! In the UK!) I’ll be super grateful that you did.
Let’s do this.


Picture: The book dedication. Personal for A Practical Wedding.

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  • Emily


  • Awb

    DONE! One copy before today when you announced and two today! For me and friends!

    Not due for delivery until Feb but I can wait (I hope!)

    • meg

      I think that’s a lie. In theory they start shipping next week or so. Well…. maybe not if your overseas, then I’m unclear.

      • Awb

        That’s true but this was for Australia! Shipping takes forever

      • Mine says expected delivery Dec 29, which is fine b/c it’s for me and not a gift. but still, I totally wanted to read it ASAP. :)

  • Laura B

    Bought it! Through Amazon US (I’m in the UK) because it is the *least* I can do after your writing let me come to terms with not wanting kids. I had no vocabulary to talk about it before, but APW has genuinely helped me grow. I’d already been married for 2 years by the time I found Team Practical but it’s been great for my marriage.

    I want the Reclaiming Wife book so hard that so I’m buying this one even though I have no engaged friends and no wedding to plan. I know that I’m going to devour it in one sitting anyway, and that it’ll be the £14 I’ve spent all year.

    • Ashley

      “… your writing let me come to terms with not wanting kids. I had no vocabulary to talk about it before, but APW has genuinely helped me grow.” – THIS!!!! I feel EXACTLY the same way. APW has absolutely changed my life.

  • Blaire

    I’m in!! Bought my copy just now. :)

  • Ordered! I’m another UK based APW supporter. Waving the APW flag high, with boldness and maybe a little cheeky wink. I don’t care that I’m already married, I need this book in my life.

  • Awb

    Woo! Go the internationals from #25 to #14 already

    • Umpteenth Sarah

      It’s #1 for weddings on the US site right now and #659 overall (up from #6386 or something when I bought it!)


    • meg

      Wait? Where is this international list?

      • I think she meant us early-waking-early-buying international folk. :)

        • Awb

          Sorry Meg! Didn’t mean to confuse you twice in one day! Just that in under an hour you’d moved that much with the UK and Australia buying power :)

          • Spines

            yay for us Aussies! Just ordered mine this morning (in Australia) so I woke up to the book at number 29, go Team Practical!!

  • Just bought 5 copies to send to clients. I bought them from the US and am paying a shit tone of extra shipping just cause I love you, and also because I love what you do for couples planning their weddings. APW Brides really are different and it’s palpable. I’m horrified to think what my move to the UK would have been like without this community. My business, all of my new friends, everything good has somehow stemmed from APW. It’s true. So extra big kisses on this biggest of days. xx

  • #1 Hot New Release in Marriage Etiquette on already! Miss Manners would be SO PROUD.

    • (For the record I bought copies on both sites. Because, you know, UK BOOK TOUR.)

      • meg

        UK book tour INDEED. I mean, if I was a bestseller there, I’d *have* to, right?

        • Josephine

          Do you have a link to amazon UK so you get the extra money from the referral?

          • meg


  • Cannot wait for my friends/sisters/coursemates/friendly strangers to get engaged so I can give them this amazing present! Hurry up guys…

  • I’m all teary, Meg! This is amazing!!!

  • Fermi

    Not even close to getting married…but bought the book just now!
    Congratulations Meg!

  • It’s ordered :) From the US, because I totally want you to go to the top of the charts :)

  • Rachel

    Woo hoo! You’re showing up as #14 on the best seller list already, and it’s only 7:30am! (in Ontario, anyway) Also, you may be happy to know that Amazon is telling me “If you like A Practical Wedding by Meg Keene, you may also like How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran”.

    I just ordered 2 more copies, even though I already have another copy on pre-order that I ordered when you first announced the book was available. Now I just need some more friends to get engaged so I can give them to them!

    • I typed in “A practical wedding” in the search bar and got
      1. The APW book
      2. How to Be A Woman
      3. Offbeat Bride


    • LBD

      I love the “people who bought this also bought” list for Meg’s book. All the wedding planning and APW book club books make sense, but I love some of the other things that are showing up for me:

      – Reusable produce bags
      – Carcassonne (board game)
      – The Guide to Getting It On
      – Dr. Bronner – Castile soap
      – Machine of Death: A Collection of Stories About People Who Know How They Will Die

      • Alyssa

        The Guide to Getting It On is excellent! I received it as an engagement present from a college friend and it speaks to everything from contraception choices to intimacy during long term illnesses, to fun places to get it on, EVERYTHING! I love that it popped up when you bought APW. :)

    • Krista

      Also I think it’s hilarious that on the Canadian Amazon, the book can be found under BOOKS > REFERENCE > ETIQUETTE

  • I zoomed in on that photo above and started crying at the dedication! On amazon now! Sending huge hugs Meg.

    • I’m sitting here with a towel on my head, I have to get out of the house and get to work but this is too fun! OK, must not lose job, will be refreshing amazon and this throughout the day.

    • meg

      You caught it!

  • Caroline

    Yay! Done as well. Also slightly tearing at the dedication :)

  • Done!! I can’t wait to see it in print… even though my wedding was 2 years ago. :) I’ve posted it on facebook and tagged all my newly engaged friends! :)

  • Leila

    It is now #9 on the wedding list and shot up the best seller list from 20,000+ to 9000. :)

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  • Jess

    Two copies ordered- one for an engaged friend, and one for myself even though our wedding was 4 months ago!

    Love being able to support this effort, Meg. Thanks for all you do!

    • Jess

      Also, I posted the following on Facebook – feel free to copy and post it too:

      I did not read many “wedding blogs” when planning our wedding because a) most were crazy (literally bat-shit), and b) I’m a busy human being. However, there is one website that I visited – and continue to visit – daily: A Practical Wedding (APW). APW was started in 2009 by Meg Keene, when she was planning her own wedding and couldn’t find sane, reasonable resources. Over the years, APW has grown into a site for reasonable, practical young women to come together to discuss important issues facing our generation: love, marriage, career, family, and living an extraordinary (though sometimes ordinary) life. The “Wedding Graduate” and “Reclaiming Wife” posts are seriously not to miss. Meg and APW are also LGBT friendly.

      In 2011, Meg quit her job and started working on APW full time. Her goal? Write a wedding book (and eventually, a FEMINISM book) for all of us. That book is coming out NOW. Meg is seriously an inspiration that, even in this economy, dreams (i.e. writing a book) can come true with a little luck, and a lot of hard work.

      I’m writing this because APW is staging a “book buy” today in an attempt to push Meg’s NEW book up the ratings in Amazon. If you support reasonable and practical weddings, homegrown businesses, feminists, or really – just someone following her dreams in this economy – please buy this book. It’s just $10, and would make a fantastic gift for anyone you know planning a wedding. Just do it!

      • meg

        Sniffle. A FEMINISM book indeed. YOU GOT IT!

        And, though it now seems crazy, I started the site in 2008. That’s… a long time ago now, no?

      • ElfPuddle

        Jess, I hope you don’t mind…but I’m stealing this and adjusting to post on my on FB.

        • Jess

          Please do! Maybe fix the year too :)

          I put “TL:DR – go to and buy the book” as the first comment for my lazy friends!

          • Sarah vL

            I just bought three, and I’m totally going to copy this onto my fb, too! Go Team Practical!!!!!

  • done and done! one for me, and one for my friend! i can’t wait to actually read it! and i’m so happy for you!!

  • Eileen

    Just got mine! I think we’re all going to be stalking the ratings today.

    • Rachel

      I am currently watching the ratings like I’d watch a major sporting event…

      • meg

        Damn them for not updating as regularly as we’d like. In theory they update hourly. In practice, it seems slightly slower than that.

  • Rachel

    You just passed “The Knot Book of Wedding Lists” on the wedding bestseller list!

    • Rachel

      Also – 2 of the top 3 Hot New Releases in the Weddings category are your book! The paperback and the Kindle edition are holding the top 2 spots!

    • Caroline

      Knocking down the Kn*t totally deserves mimosas.

      • I want a mimosa. Stat. At my desk. (Does Amazon deliver those along with APW books? No? Damn.)

        • Seriously.

        • Hypothetical Sarah

          Meg taught me that you can send whisky by mail if you use a distributor. Maybe that extends to mimosas…

  • YES, Meg! We will do this for you– you do so much for us! Just you wait. :)

  • Got the Kindle version, a paperback (just because I like to hold pretty things), and also preordered How to Be a Woman, which releases here (and on US Kindles) in May 2012. Shows our massive buying power here in the US. It’s a GOOD day and I think this bodes well for your book! Let’s dream big and get this on the NYTimes bestsellers!

    • “Let’s dream big and get this on the NYTimes bestsellers!”

      Absolutely!!! I know Team Practical can do it! :) :) :)

    • meg

      I know! I’m so excited that How To Be A Woman is coming out here. It’s so slang-y, I thought it might not.

  • Jillian

    Bought 4! One for me, one for an already-engaged friend, and 2 spares because, well, we’re in our mid-20’s so there will be more proposals over the holidays!

  • Emilie

    Done and done–woot! So proud of all that you’ve accomplished, Meg. You’ve worked so hard, and have inspired so many of us along the way… We’re all ready to see you get the awesomeness you deserve! Thanks for everything (now I must go dry my eyes… that dedication has me welling up this morning), and wishing you all the success in the world!

  • I got my credit card out and I’m out to BUY!!!!
    I’m so excited for you, Meg!!

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  • Pre-Ordered last night…and told three engaged friends to check it out :)

  • I bought mine! So excited for it to come!

  • Sarah

    I want us to reach certain goals before we get engaged, so the ring’s still sitting in it’s box, but your website has taught me that pre-planning does not in fact kill kittens (thank you knot) and so so so much more. It was love at first tag line.

    So I wanted you to know that even the peeps who never comment believe in what you do and want to support it. I ordered it and am recommending it as Christmas pressies for my engaged friends. I was also gonna recommend it on knot message boards *evil cackle here*, is that allowed?


    Woot for wedding top ten!!

    • Gigi

      Guilty confession: I stalk Knot message boards just so I can recommend APW. Now I’ll recommend the book too…

      • Sarah

        Dear Meg,

        Can I ask that you maybe pretty please add this to a post?

        When people go to Amazon to get their copies of your amazing book, (and do any of their other online holiday shopping) there’s a really easy way to give to a great cause without spending a cent.

        If you use this link
        to get to your favorite online shopping websites like BestBuy, Home Depot, Walmart, B&N, Staples, etc., but especially AMAZON, the store will give a portion of the proceeds to the Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation. You can also download the toolbar to make it even simpler, but don’t have to.

        It’s gotta bring on some great holiday book-selling karma right??

  • LifeSheWrote

    Just ordered a copy for me and a copy for a friend. The book is already moving up the “Best Sellers in Weddings” list. Here’s to the other lists – and more importantly, can’t wait to read the book! (When it arrives in mid-January, according to the Amazon estimate….)

    • meg

      No. I think that estimate is a lie. It shipped from the publishers warehouse yesterday.

    • Amazon is GREAT at getting you shit on or before the release date here in the US. My Kindle Touch was supposed to ship in early December, and I got it, literally, the Monday before Thanksgiving, AKA the DAY IT WAS RELEASED. It was most excellent.

      • Ashley B

        They’re smart to lower our expectations, so we get insanely excited when things arrive “early”

  • Ahhh! I’ve been waiting for this day – so exciting! I’m buying a bunch of copies – one for me and the rest for friends/clients. GO APW!

    (my favorite thing is that you have passed the k*ot’s book already…see ya later WIC, a new kid is in town). :o)

    • Kinzie Kangaroo

      “See ya later WIC, a new kid is in town” – nice!

  • Many of those on the best seller list are totally vom-worthy….just saying.

    About to buy!

    (Break a leg today and don’t forget to breathe!)

    • meg

      Breathing is proving to be tricky. Thank you for the reminder, we know I could use it.

  • I’m buying two copies and I’m going to make a real attempt to get my library and local indie bookstore to carry it. Let’s do this thing!

    • oooh!!!! I’m telling Tamera (our librarian in town) today! What’s my post on the library for if not to recommend AWESOME books?

  • Katie

    Just bought the book! Super exciting! I just wanted to say thanks to Meg and everyone else here at APW for giving me a language I can use to talk about wedding planning and marriage in way that makes sense. With out this I think I would probably go crazy. :)

  • Edelweiss

    Ordered 1 for me, but I’m even more excited that I ordered 1 for my Mom! Your lovely words are going to lay a lot of groundwork for me.

  • Hooray!

    Though my order says expected delivery won’t be until January. Oh well, I’ve waited this long! :-)

    • meg

      You guys! I told you, that’s not really true. It shipped yesterday, so it should start heading out in the next 1-2 weeks.

  • Trina

    Done! Team Practical can do this…after all, look at what you do for us every day–push our toward our dreams, support us in hard times, silence all the nonsense talk, and make us laugh out loud at work (often at inappropriate times!). You deserve this, Meg.

  • Jo

    I love that 3/4 of the posts in my google reader are about this. Because it’s about supporting friends and their dreams. I love this community.

  • Miriam

    Just ordered two – one for my best friend (we magically got engaged on the same day, an ocean apart, totally uncoordinated!), and one for me on Kindle. Yay!

    • Jessica

      That’s awesome. I want to hear this story!

    • Alyssa

      That sounds like an awesome story!

  • Catherine

    Purchased! Excited to finally have it out of my cart.

    I’ve been slowly making my way through the archives, and every time I see the comment, “you should write a book,” I smile. You did it! It’s here! Hope you can enjoy today as we cheer you on.

  • Amy March

    Bought mine!

  • Jillian

    Question– how can we check its ranking on Amazon to see how we’re doing?

    • If you look on the book’s amazon page (where Meg linked above), the amazon best sellers ranking are under the product details section.

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  • Karen

    Okay I did it! Although this means “coming out” to my partner as wedding obsessed…I’m sure she’ll handle it fine. Just kind of funny.

  • DONE!! weeeee!!! I’m also pushing it on my blog today. and probably will on facebook and twitter and everywhere I can think of. <3 <3

  • carrie

    Two copies bought! You’re up to #9!

    • carrie

      Never mind, it’s number 6!!!! This is so kicking ass today!

      • Laurel

        Number 1 in Weddings!!!!

        • carrie

          YEAH IT IS!!!

  • kara

    just got 2! one for me & another for my mother to hopefully calm her down!

  • Amanda

    Just purchased! Yay!

  • Kristina

    Done! But I’m ordering from Canada, and on the book is not available for shipping until Dec 27th. Ah well — I’ll be getting engaged over Christmas, so this book will be in my hands at the perfect time. My guy might think it was a little weird if I started reading it now anyway. Looking forward to it!

    • meg

      It says it’s not ready for shipping till Dec 27 here too… they’re being conservative, I think. It’s going out soon. ENGAGED!

  • Rachel

    I’m so giddy inside! I have been waiting for this day ever since the Great APW Book Buy was announced. I love how we can unite like this – it is what people were created for. Ahh, such beauty.

    And now, to anxiously await the books’ arrival… Eeee! Go Meg and APW!! And congrats!

  • mimi

    Got mine! Looks like you are definitely climbing the charts Meg, and it’s only 9am EST! :)

  • Ordered my copy! Yay!

  • Sara C.

    yay!! Got 2 :-)

    In case you haven’t looked, we’re currently sitting at #6 – right under The Knot’s book at #5….Come on Team Practical!!! Gooo Book Gooooo!!!

  • Kate

    When you search “A Practical Wedding” on Amazon, the second thing that comes up is “How to be a Woman” : )

    Meg, as a longtime reader, I’m so proud and happy for you.

  • Marley

    Done and done! It’s already bumped up a few spots on the weddings best sellers since 7am est!

  • Emma

    Just bought the book! Selfishly excited to read the book because I’m in the thick of wedding planning now. Just 5 months to go! Happy to pay a small price as a “thank you” for all the wonderful content you give us every day. And finally, excited to encourage your dreams and support a community I love!

  • Cynth

    Here we gooo!! Bought!

  • Krystal

    Done! So excited to finally see this book!


    Just bought a copy for an engaged friend. I’m racking my brain for anyone and everyone else who might benefit from what I’m sure is a true gem. Think I might buy a few more throughout the day too! :)

    So here’s a little bit support from one of the (presumably many) APWers who doesn’t comment all that often but is always lurking in the wings! Good luck, Meg!

  • Chantelle

    Just bought 3 copies! I’m so excited to get it!!!! (lots of exclamation marks are completely justified in this situation)
    Go Meg!!!!

  • Just bought mine! Pushing to all my friends! Hurray!!!

  • saveroomforpi

    Purchased :)

    Approaching 2 year anniversary in March but I want to read it, and be able to hand it to someone as I have been passing on the name of the website. And I want the post-wedding book as I’ve been loving the Reclaiming Wife posts.

    Congratulations, Meg!

  • Inspiring, man. Good for you, and I’m stoked to see the results.

    How about a book signing? I wonder if there is a way to do a Great Online Book Signing that could involve the Midwest somehow…

    • OH, and I’m currently waiting with anticipation on a Reclaiming Wife book.

  • Cara

    I’m so excited for you, Meg!! Bought myself one and one for my engaged cousin. And you’re currently above The Kn*t Book of Wedding Lists, so IMO, SUCCESS!

    • Sara C.

      Yayyyyy!!!!!! :-)

  • Bought a copy for myself … great timing since we’re getting married in late October: CHECK
    Bought a copy for my mom … gotta stay on the same page: CHECK
    Bought an extra copy to pass along as the opportunity presents itself: CHECK
    Posted the link on Facebook encouraging all to buy: CHECK

    Can’t wait to see the APW book make its way up the best seller lists!!

    This site has been my refuge in wedding planning and I am so excited to read the book and share it with my friends and family. Thank you for committing to write it.

  • Meg

    Just ordered mine! Can’t wait for it to arrive!

  • Sara B.

    maybe im internet-challenged… i cant find any list that ranks the apw book. help me! i wanna plaaaaay!!!

    (i already bought my copy too. go meg!)

  • Courtney

    Bought the book! And I’m super grateful that you alerted me to the magic of IndieBound. I love supporting independent local bookstores!

  • Beth

    Total lurker and married for almost three years, but I bought one because you and your story and your business have been a huge inspiration to me and I love this community!

  • I bought mine! Congratulations!

    • meg

      Congratulations to YOU, closing out the book with such grace. (You’ll have a signed one on the way too… when I get mine…)

  • Bought two copies! Woo hoo!

  • abby_wan_kenobi

    4 copies, purchased. 1 for me, 2 for engaged friends and one in reserve for whichever friend or cousin inevitably finds herself engaged come January 2nd.

    And then, I just couldn’t help myself, I went ahead and put both the paperback and kindle editions on my Christmas wish list. Feeling like I finally got something important done before 10am :)

  • Pingback: Buy A Wedding Planning Book For Christmas | Privilege()

  • Class of 1980

    DONE! 3 copies which will go to local libraries. Will buy future copies for any brides who cross my path.

    And I want you to know, Meg, they were ordered BEFORE I had my first sip of tea, before I call the landlord to tell her my rent check was inexplicably returned to me in the mail, before I give the cat her meds for the disgusting parasite she contracted, and before I take a customer to task because their funds have not shown up in my bank account yet.

    This is pure devotion to the cause. Ha. ;)

    • JEM

      Just wanted to let you know that your purchasing of books to donate to a library is so amazing. Warms my heart!

    • meg


  • Bought – the shipping from the US to Ireland is more than worth it. Good luck!

  • YES YES YES so excited I woke up today cheering GOOOOO MEG!
    So proud of you, my dear! So very, very proud.


    • meg

      Your painting is waving madly at you from here. You can’t see it, but it’s right out of frame in the picture up there.

  • In for three! GO MEG GO!

  • Sarah

    Just bought my copy!!!!

  • Done and done.

  • Ashley

    Just bought 2 to give to my friends, spreadin’ the love!

  • Lizzie

    The rankings are pretty amazing to watch. And just to note, the current #1 wedding book is #2,729 in total rankings, so I think just passing that number is going to be pretty incredible.

    Congratulations Meg!

  • Class of 1980

    The next step after receiving the book, is everyone reading it and putting up glowing online reviews!

    • meg

      YES PLEASE! I’ll remind everyone at the end of the day.

  • BOUGHT! Much love from my aunt’s house in Buenos Airesssssssss. Now off to plug the heck out of it. Hey, my wedding’s in this thing. :-) xoxo

  • #1) I just bought the book.
    #2) If Tim Tebow’s book outsells your book today, I will personally take him down.
    #3) Remember when I was all in labor and sending you the release forms? Ha ha ha haha. Babies sure do grow up fast be it human or books, huh?

    • meg

      Ladies, this woman sent me her quote release forms IN LABOR. THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

    • That is the most basass thing I’ve heard all week. Awesomeness.

    • Class of 1980

      #2 YES PLEASE.

  • Erica

    Hooray! Ordered 2 copies, one for me, one for my mom. Can’t wait to read it! Also I’m hoping this convinces my mom to write a vintage wedding post…30 years later my dad still says that his was the best wedding he’s ever been to. :)

  • Mollie

    Of COURSE I bought your book. My wedding was over a year ago, and I have no engaged friends. BUT I just believe in what you are doing so, so much. And I want to support your future book writing endeavors!

    I was thinking this morning about how I’ve been reading your site since your wedding planning days- your blogspot days. eeeeee! And even though I rarely comment, buying this felt like buying a close friend’s book. I am just about that excited for this (and you).

    • The blogspot days!!! You described it perfectly. That is exactly what buying the book today felt like. A big sister-type friend. :)

  • I just want to point out that if you go to the Hot New Releases in Weddings page on Amazon, Meg’s book is currently occupying the #1 slot (paperback) AND the #3 slot (Kindle). How’s THAT for Team Practical?

    • Sara B.

      it just moved up! #1 hot new release is paperback and #2 is kindle!!!!!

    • Woah, scratch that.


      And now in both #1 and #2 slots in the Hot New Releases in Weddings.

      And that’s just the before-work buys.


  • Lady

    Purchased 2 copies. One for me, and one for my recently engaged friend. Rock on!

  • # 1 in WEDDINGS!!!!!!!!!

    and # 659 on Amazon’s Best Seller’s!!!

  • #1 in wedding best sellers as of now. whooofuckinghoooo!

  • Amy Lou

    Just ordered from Canada as well! Congratulations on the release and I can’t wait to watch your book climb the charts!

  • Sara C.

    Yayyy!!! We did it!!!!

  • Fermi

    Just wanted to comment again, when I saw that it was #1 on the wedding best sellers it brought a smile to my face!!

  • Allison

    I just posted on FB to share with my friends, and am about to hit “buy” on my copy.

    What I told my FB peeps about APW: “Sane, feminist-friendly talk about weddings. I almost cried at how much it didn’t make me want to cry.”

  • Jessica

    Just bought 4! Three for friends, one for me (already married, but can’t wait to read it!).

    • Jessica

      Wow, jumped from #6000-something to 600-something in the time it took me to buy the book!

  • You’re actually listed as the #3 Hot New Release in the broader Crafts, Hobbies and Home category on Amazon now! The only wedding book on the top 20 page.

    • …AND you’re already at #25 for the Bestsellers list in that category! Let’s bump it up to #20 and you’ll be on the main category page!

  • Erica


  • Ordered 2! One for my sister. One for me/anyone that decides to have a wedding in the future! So excited!

  • I ordered the book, and promptly told one of my coworkers about APW, and she said “Send me the link!” She doesn’t even know about APW and is so excited about it already and is buying the book too.

  • Sarah

    Ordered two! I feel like I’ve been waiting FOREVER for this to be released, and I just got engaged! Can’t wait to read it!

  • Cynth

    Number One in Weddings! Go Team Practical!!

  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #659 in Books

  • Sylvia

    Done! And wow! Jumped from #6 to #1 in weddings in the time it took me to check out!

    Congrats Meg!


    So maybe I bought 3, with no one in mind… so far… Can I use the excuse “I did it for free shipping”?

  • Lauren K.

    Purchased! Not getting married yet, but I’m happy to support the site. And now I’ll have the book when we decide it’s time.

  • Just bought the book for an engaged friend – so happy to play my small part in pushing this book to the top! Meg, you’re going to be celebrating all week.

  • Jessica

    Question – the ranking isn’t real-time, is it? It looks like it’s updating periodically, because it jumped from 9000ish to 6000ish to 659, and now it’s been at 659 for awhile. Crossing my fingers for a big jump coming up shortly!?

    • The “top 100 list” updates hourly, so that’s probably the interval for the rest as well.

      • Jessica

        At what minute mark?? So excited for the next jump!

      • It actually up dates hourly on the half hour so 7:30, 8:30, 9:30….not that I’ve been that obsessively refreshing it anything ;)

    • abby_wan_kenobi

      like, maybe every half hour? That kind of seems like the pace so far.

    • meg

      No, it’s not real time at all. It THEORETICALLY updates hourly, but I’m learning that’s totally not true. Every 1.5 hours is the fastest it’s updated, and sometimes it’s almost two. It’s KILLING me :)

      • Jessica

        I’ve been hitting refresh like crazy for the last hour and a half…

  • Bought! Ahhhhhh I can’t wait! (And I’m already married, hah.)

  • I just bought one even though my wedding is at the end of the month. It’s a thank you for all the sanity you’ve already brought me through the website. I seriously don’t know what I’d do if it weren’t for APW — die a slow death? The WIC stuff just doesn’t work for me.

    Oh, and I am ready to rock my Sisterhood dress! That alone was worth a million bucks to me — I never had to go dress shopping because the dress fit perfectly. I have also been mentally collecting wisdom to share in my graduate post, because I am bound and determined to submit one :-)

  • Dude! It’s not even 10am Central time and it’s #1 in Weddings!!

  • H

    I bought a copy too! You’re still at #25 on the Crafts, Hobbies, Home List…

    Since when did weddings fall into the crafts, hobbies, and home category? I figured it would be something like self-help.

    I’m hoping for a big update in 1 minute…

    • H,

      The hourly rankings go on the half hour not the top of the hour….it’s possibly I’ve refreshed that often I figured that out.

      • meg

        Not even that often. It’s a little random, annoyingly.

        • well I got it to go at 9:30 EST and 10:30 damn it I thought I had a pattern down grrrrrr

  • Nicole

    3 copies ordered WHAT UP.

  • Emma

    It’s #1 on the wedding list now!

  • KA

    Whew, we knocked that bodice ripper to #2. Thank goodness.

    • Alyssa

      That one should NOT count. Neither should the one on writing….Amazon cheaters…

  • Caroline

    WOOOHOOO! I already have the Kindle edition pre-ordered for myself, but I bought a copy for my best friend. She’s getting married two weeks after me.

  • Elizabeth

    Just ordered 2 copies. Hope this is just the beginning Meg!

  • Jamie

    I got two – one from Amazon and one through IndieBound because I prefer to support my amazing local feminist bookstore.

    • meg

      Good! Ordering through bookstores and asking them to stock it is a big damn deal.

      • Jamie

        If you ever make it to ATL, I bet they would host a reading. It’s one of the few feminist bookstores left (sniff), and feminist wedding planning books are not exactly easy to come by.

        • abby_wan_kenobi

          Where in ATL is this store and why has no one told me about this in the 5 months I’ve lived in Georgia?!?

          • Butting in here, but I imagine Jamie means Charis Books ( A true Atlanta landmark! You should totally check them out, Abby Wan!

          • abby_wan_kenobi

            Obviously, this is now on my “To Do Immediately” list.

  • Four in my cart, ready to go, waiting as I try to brainstorm good reasons to buy even more than this…

  • Done! I’m going to be a proud book owner!

  • Lucy

    Bought two copies today in addition to the copy I bought in Sept. Can’t wait to get the book so I can pass it along to my engaged friends!

  • You’re #21 in Etiquette on!
    Sorry, I bought there because of crazy shipping. Hopefully it will come before Christmas!

  • Ms. A

    #25 in all of Crafts/Home/Hobbies!

  • Erika Lee

    Just bought my copy. I got married in August, but definitely want to support Meg and the cause. Meg, you totally rock for figuring out what you want to do and making it happen. Congrats on finishing the book and getting published!

  • jessie

    YAY! So excited! Add me to the list of Canadian supporters! And as I’m close to the border, I purchased from to add my purchase to the tally – woohoo!! I wish you so many wonderful things Meg (and all of Team Practical, who I’m sure feel as invested in this as you do), and as someone who’s gotten so much from this website, I’m happy to be a part of it in my own small way.

    My wedding will be in March after about 6 months of ‘planning’, and I write ‘planning’ because last month I took about 40-some days “off” from the process to take care of my health and reflect on what marriage meant to me. I honestly don’t think I could (would?) have done that without a little TP ringing in my ears, telling me that was just fine and everything would be okay, and now I am *finally* excited to be getting married. Thanks for all you do TP – you don’t even know.

  • Katie

    Yay! I am so excited to buy/support/read/use this book! Thanks Meg!

  • Kim

    Full disclosure: I took too much Nyquil yesterday and woke up thinking it was the 7th – almost bought my copies a day early. Boo for the cold. But you can see where my head is at – most important thing to do today: buy your book.

    In addition to wanting to read the book, a year+ after our wedding, I really want you, Meg, to know how much we validate and support you and your inspirational work. And how much we want to see what you come up with next. You’re not just helping us get through our weddings, you’re helping us with life. Helping us figure out how we can live our own best lives, on our terms, in a real way.

    I didn’t get to say this on Thanksgiving, but I’m very thankful for APW. APW is like a compass, helping us find our true North, our true families and our true selves.

    I’m grateful we can be part of a day where we get to throw all our support and positive vibes in your direction. We get to see you shine, and we beam with pride in our own lives whenever you shine.

    Keep it up, Meg and all of Team Practical. Yay APW!

    • meg


  • buying it now!!!! excited!!!

  • Stalking Sarah

    Just bought my copy from my local independent bookstore! Forget the Amazon best seller list… Let’s aim for the New York Times best seller list!!!

    • meg

      Indeed. I’ve been told it’s nearly impossible in my category, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting it!

      • Sara C.

        But isn’t it so much more fun to shoot for the Impossible? I mean, the very title of a “practical” wedding leans towards what many consider to be impossible :-D

      • Ms. A

        #96! eff what ya heard! :D

      • Okay, I have several things to say:
        #1: All of this is VERY exciting.
        #2: I have been part of a mob book buying experience before, because I am a huge nerd and follow the vlog brothers (John & Hank Green). We got John’s book onto the NYTimes best seller’s list, and I would like to Officially Predict that this will make it there too. IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Place your bets now, folks.

        • meg

          Donno lady. It’s the holidays. We would have pretty easily been #1 on Amazon otherwise… so I donno.

  • Sydney

    I just bought two copies! Congratulations Meg! Your website was a huge help to me during my wedding planning, including helping me find a photographer. I can’t wait to read this book and give the other one as a gift.

  • #87 in Hot New Releases in Books (overall!)

  • abby_wan_kenobi
  • I feel slightly ridiculous buying a wedding book when I’m very firmly in the pre-engaged state (then again, I’m also obsessively reading this site…), but I bought a copy as a Christmas present to my future engaged-self when all you’re wonderful advice will be needed. Congrats Meg, I can’t wait to read your book!

    • Sarah

      Keisha, you’re not alone. I’m in the very firmly happily single side. I tell myself I bought it to share with friends. And because I love reading Meg’s writing on the blog, so I have to see what the book is.

      • Class of 1980

        Well, I’m not even planning a wedding! I’m donating them to my local libraries.

  • When I was engaged, I read maybe 35 books about weddings, and planning, and marriage. (What, isn’t that what the library is for? Obsessiveness?) And I have a feeling that this is the book I was looking for the whole time. Sane, useful and dealing with the hard stuff? Yay.

    And I’m not just saying that because I’m excited to see my name in print. (That would be, however, why I’m buying two copies for my personal library, on top of books for gifts!)

  • #21 on in Etiquette!

  • Goose

    So exciting. I want to purchase it on the kindle, but do you know why it costs more on the kindle than a real copy costs? I’m in Australia and I really don’t want to pay for shipping, but if I have to pay more AND don’t get a real book maybe I should just buy the real version?

    • Kinzie Kangaroo

      Or, you could do what I did and buy one copy in paper form, because it’s pretty and nice to look at, and a copy for the kindle, because it’s convenient for commuting to work. Best of both worlds!!

      • Teagan

        I’m an aussie too, and postage wasn’t too much, under $20 and I bought three books.

    • Well, I don’t know about Australia, but in the UK they charge VAT on ebooks but not paper books, so it might be something like that. They don’t usually cost more than the paper version, though.

  • Lauren K.

    How are the Amazon categories set up? Can you get it listed in “Wedding Planning”?

  • Serena

    Just bought 3 copies for my engaged friends. Hopefully it will get here before Christmas! So excited and happy for you! Go Meg!

  • I bought two copies this morning for friends who are getting married next summer … and yes, I waited till today to do it. Congratulations, Meg and Team Practical! I’m so happy for you.

  • I’ve ordered, and you’re No. 1 in weddings… I’m so excited for you!

  • Ms. A

    ok, I did it. My wedding was last month, and all my friends are having kids not weddings, but I really wanted to support you. And maybe my cousin will get hitched soon and I can share your wisdom with her.

  • Carly

    A pre-engaged, long-time lurker here, de-lurking to tell you that your timing couldn’t be more perfect. My fella and I decided this morning to take his grandmother’s wedding ring to be restored, for us to use. Thanks in advance for keeping my mother (and me) sane through this – our copies are on order.

  • Laura

    DONE. Let’s do this!

  • And finally bought and yes Meg you “owe” us a UK book tour!

  • Sierra

    QUESTION: I have a Kindle that’s black and white. If I get the Kindle version, am I going to miss out on gorgeous photography or colored text? Thank you!!!

    • nope, it’s all text based and b&w (I read an advance copy)

      • Sierra

        Thank you! Got one of each, real book and eBook. Mom NEEDS a copy this year!

  • ML


  • holy crap! unless I’m seeing things, it’s up to #96!!!!! YAY!!!!

    • OMG you are right! But it’s not updating on the book’s own page… You MADE IT, Meg!!!

      • Oh, now it is…

    • Lady

      Yes! 96 it is!!

  • TOP 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Number 96 it is. Amazing work!

  • Sara C.

    Top 100!!!! Yayyyyy!!!!!!!

    And #21 on Hot New Releases!

  • MT

    Also, #2 in the Amazon Movers & Shakers! A 31,296% increase in sales rank in the last 24 hours! Nice work, Team Practical!

    • That stat blows my mind. Way to go Team Practical!

  • Canada loves you too! You’re up to #134 in books and #1 for etiquette!!

    • YAY! So happy to hear it is doing so well in Canada too!!! :)

      • ANDREA

        It’s #134 in books in Canada now


        • DONE. It’s at #82 now!

  • Jessica

    Top 100!!!!!! #96 in books!!! Yay, congrats!

    • Jessica

      And #21 in hot new books!

  • The excitement of buying your book today before work got me out of bed after my alarm went off the very first time (which never happens). I have been so excited to see the development of its sales progress so far today! YAY! So excited for you and this community!

  • Kate

    I just bought it, for my friend who just got engaged (and is, quite understandably, freaking out about what’s next!) I’m glad I could help support the cause and hopefully it will help her along her way!

  • Serena

    Um… it’s in the top 100! Woo hoo!!!!!!!! SO AWESOME!

  • Bought mine five minutes ago! Refreshed the page to check on rankings and the price went down a dollar, weird!

    • Jessica

      When I bought mine, Amazon put up a note saying that, if the price goes down before the official release (since this is a pre-order), they’d charge me the lower price.

    • Sarah

      And the pre-order guarantee means everyone should get the lowest price.

  • So, so proud of you, Meg! (And the day is still young, at least on our coast. Top 50, here we come?) I think the new million dollar question is whether or not Amazon is going to have enough books in stock to fulfill all these orders!

  • I say we take it to top 10. :)

    • meg

      Lets do it.

      • DOIN’ IT.

      • #9 in hot new releases in ALL BOOKS ON AMAZON.COM.


        • meg

          We’ll count it. Why not? Drunk.

  • Erin H

    Ordered! #1 on weddings list and NUMBER 96 IN BOOKS. SQUEEEEEE. (It’s hard not to make that sentence all caps).

  • Tamara Van Horn

    Four months and two days ago, I said, “I do!” with the help of APW. Today I bought my old, married ass a copy of the APW book, along with one for my “person,” who I told I was buying her copy, so she could buy HER best friend, getting married in March, a copy. Yeah, this is happening. Go Meg! Go APW!

  • Allie

    When you announced months ago that you were writing a book, I was single and thought “Excellent, there will be a sane wedding book for when I get married…one day.” Since that time I fell in love, considered eloping to Niagra Falls, found out I was pregnant, nixed eloping in favor of celebrating with a shot gun wedding, planned a wedding, and got married. So, it’s a little late for me but you helped the whole way and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have gotten through planning a wedding in three months with out the sanity checks APW provided. I purchased a copy because I would have anyway if life hadn’t thrown a few curveballs. Can’t wait to read it!

  • Anne

    Woohoo!!!! Top 100!!!! Anyone else tempted to place a second order?

    • Karen

      Yes, I think I will for a friend who’s moved in with her boyfriend and is contemplating the M word and for a friend who is an officiant. Gotta spread the APW love!

    • Already did. :)

      • Laurel

        I will probably order another one this afternoon.

        • Cass

          I just bought one for a former roomate who is getting married next October but now I’m tempted to buy one for a friend who is technically getting married next fall and having a small celebration, but is uncomfortable with the term wedding. I figured the advice still valid! Especially since one of her major pitfalls so far has been her intended’s family’s issue with her not calling it a ‘wedding’.

  • YES! Top 100!

    • Also, I love the “People who bought this also bought…” list on Amazon.

  • GO MEG! Congrats and huzzah and three cheers and yay and hip hip hoorah! And you realize you’re going to get an even bigger flood of support once all of us get to actually READ it, right? :)

  • Anne

    Wow! Congratulations on being #96. That’s CRAZY. What a wonderful outpouring of support for such a wonderful person!

  • Judy

    I just bought 3 (one for me and two for gifts!) AND I checked the Amazon best seller’s list and the book was #96!!!! I’m so excited for you Meg! I find this site (and you!) pretty darn inspiring!

  • streamnerd

    Just bought my copy and it says the book is currently #96 on Amazon. Looks like you did it! Way to go. I can’t wait to get my copy and read it.

  • Christa

    Umm, Meg is only one book behind Bill Clinton in Hot New Releases.

  • N.

    You are one behind Bill Clinton’s book in Hot New Releases. As in Bill Clinton, former President of the United States!

    • meg


  • North Star

    Just ordered my copy! Yay Meg!

  • Lauren

    Just bought a handful – my whole office got in on it! Congrats on cracking the Top 100!!

  • H

    Also… #2 in crafts, hobbies and home!!!

  • mere…

    Bought my copy this morning and cannot wait to have it in my hands. Planning my wedding for next summer and am in need of some sanity in print. It has been so encouraging to listen to this group come together today to support this book and Meg. It’s so refreshing to see what is capable when love and support are put first.
    Meg, a very sincere congratulations to you! I know that there was so much hard work and heart put into this book and as someone who has been watching from the sidelines I just want to say it has been a privilege and an inspiration to watch. Thank you for all that you do for Team Practical – including bringing us together to begin with!

  • Class of 1980

    CONGRATS on being NUMBER 96 on the Bestsellers List. You’re ahead of “The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook”.

    Now that’s funny. ;)

    • meg

      Ha! That’s what I asked Twitter last night, actually… if we could beat that. Turns out, yes, yes we can.

  • Ana Maria

    Just bought two!

  • Meg! You’re #1 AND #5 on the weddings list (paperback and Kindle, respectively)!

  • mecmec

    just got mine (what a wonderful time to release this book seeing as i’m getting married in October) — looks like it’s 96 overall on Amazon as of 2pm eastern. Congrats!

    • Lacey

      Yay, me too! October weddings ftw!

  • Meg, you’re currently #96 overall and No. 1 in weddings (I’m sure you know, but it’s still fun saying it). And it’s not even 2 p.m. yet here on the East Coast.

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!

  • Ms. A

    Raise your hand if you think Meg is still at the gym and missing all the excitement! (also #21 on new releases!)

    • She might still be at the gym, but she knows! She just tweeted a few minutes ago!

    • I keep obsessively refreshing APW waiting for her to post a second update. That or fearing she fainted at the news or has been debating all this time if she should crack open champagne before lunch.

      • meg

        I was at the gym, and on the phone with my publicist… and then my husband. But I did get the news and then do 50 situps. Does that surprise you?

        • Class of 1980

          Nope … you overachieving so-and-so.

  • JulieKathryn

    Within weddings, it’s actually in the top 10 *twice*! #1 for paperback, #6 for Kindle edition!

  • Okay, not sure what everybody thinks. But I just realized: we’re so excited about this book. I mean SO EXCITED!!!! And now it’s #96 on Amazon – woohoo! But, as we all know, Meg and her team are working every day to fund APW. And now the amazon price dropped to $9.60. I’m pretty sure Meg gets the same royalties no matter what the actual price is (somebody correct me if I’m wrong!), but what about this: consider donating the difference from the list price ($16) and what you end up paying at amazon/borders/wherever to APW. Okay, I know this isn’t feasible for everyone especially during the holidays, but this could make a HUGE difference for the APW team and our community. Just a thought.

    • Jessica

      Or use the difference to buy another copy, so you also help the bestseller status!

    • meg

      I do get the same cut :)

  • Soozy

    Meg, I’m pulling for you! I’ve been planning a wedding in Los Angeles for next July while fiancé is there and I’m in SPAIN through next June! Without your website I would’ve already given up. So thank you–this book’s going to my mom (who’s already fallen in love with your site and may be getting the same present for me this year!) for Christmas!

  • And for some reason the price has actually dropped on Amazon… is this because of the massive number of orders coming in? Special discount?

    Also, #2 bestseller in Crafts, Hobbies and Home category!

    • meg

      I think so!

  • Meg, I rarely comment, but I read your site regularly (and make sure that all my newly engaged friends and relatives know about it). While I know having this book break into the top 100 is an awesome achievement for you personally (Go Meg!) , I also feel a little proud myself for being part of this great, smart community online making it happen. Congratulations for doing it! (And it’s not even lunch time out here on the west coast!)

  • april

    YAY!!! Just bought a bunch of copies and I’m mailing them as gifts to my clients having weddings next year.

    SO. FREAKIN’. EXCITED!!!!!! Hurrah for APW and Hurrah for Meg! XOXO

  • marriedhappy

    Done! Yay!

  • Janelle

    So… It says we are #96 in books…As in…WE MADE THE TOP 100!
    Also, first in wedding books.

    Also, I use the “we” even though Meg wrote it because it feels like everybody is a part of it…

  • Melissa H

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #96 in Books

  • 1. Ordered book
    2. Noticed it’s in top 100.

    Done. And done.

    And away you go, Meg. :)

  • Kathryn

    It’s only $9.60!? I can buy three! *Muppet-Style celebration arm waving dance!* I’m going to be so prepared with my gift for every wedding shower I go to from here on out. YES.

    • Now, if only the Canadian price would also kep going down…. :)

      • Kathryn

        Sorry Morgan :(
        Also, as an update, I’m glad to see the book now beats “The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead” in the top 100. Which, while also practical, is not likely to be used quite as often.

  • Lacey


    • Jessica

      And 17 in hot new releases!

  • Melissa H

    Yikes! in just a few short minutes it popped even higher in books!!
    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #63 in Books

  • #63!! I feel like the next refresh should be a top 50! Let’s do it people!

  • Wooooo! Just got my copy! Congrats!

  • JEM

    #63 in best sellers now!

    • Class of 1980

      #63. AMAZING. No, wait … AMAZEBALLS.

  • Meg, I’m pretty sure getting that married is actually a hobby, not a craft.

  • Christa

    Glenn Beck is #4 in Hot New Releases. If you’re going to pass up Bill Clinton, lets pass up Beck too.

    • meg


    • Do it, you guys! For vaginas everywhere!

  • kerri

    I’m another long time lurker coming out of hiding just a moment. I’ve been reading apw everyday for 2 years but can never comment because I read at work. I just bought myself a copy despite being firmly preengaged. And promptly saw we had reached #63. Holy f, you broke the best sellers list. In a big way.

    Meg, I am SO incredibly proud of you. You instill such a sense of excitement in me & you inspire the heck out of me. I am deliriously happy for you. Here is your hard work, showing itself like a big warm cuddly firecracker. Hooray!

  • kayakgirl73

    I just bought my copy on my lunch hour, even though I was married two years ago. I want this to be a success so that we can get a “Reclaiming Wife” book. I’ll read it just because I like APW and then I’ll pass it on when someone I know gets married.

  • Jen

    You are beating TINA FEY! Whoa nelly.

  • Tamara Van Horn

    OK, sorry, but I saw #63 and had to share this (reposted from Facebook, which I’ve exiled myself from until finals are over and my grading is done:

    Stopping in BRIEFLY from FB exile for this important plea:

    I don’t like wedding blogs, because there’s not enough fat, black, LGBT, broke peole (and their intersections), on them. But I found A Practical Wedding, and became a part of that community. This site is like BDSM-ethics, wedding-style: safe, sane, consensual.

    Meg does many things I think are cool (so cool that I visit the site every day, 120 days post-wedding), but one of the coolest is, she wrote a book. A GOOD book, if early reviews are to be believed. And today, I want you to buy it. It’s on for an insane discount (cheaper then Meg’s author discount from the publisher!) And we’re #63 on the best-seller list!!! So buy one for the bride or future bride in your life. It’s engagement season- it’s an inexpensive gift- and it talks about the Real stuff, and not just buying STuff. You know, it talks about weddings for FEMINISTS.

    I bought one for Liz Morningstar- who will you buy one for?

    Read more:​2011/12/​the-great-apw-book-buy-starts-n​ow/#ixzz1fsdoXlKh . #Backtofbexile

    • meg

      “This site is like BDSM-ethics, wedding-style: safe, sane, consensual.”

      Rad. We should get an APW safe word.

      Also, you should send me your damn wedding.

      • Class of 1980

        The APW safe word is: “Wedding Industrial Complex” or “WIC” if you have lost your breath.

        • Chronically Ill Bride


  • Marina

    Bought four copies, because I have a lot of engaged friends/relatives this year! So, so excited to read it.

  • Amber

    Bought! Two books will now be zipping their way to Australia. Not sure who’ll get them yet but I’m sure they’ll love it. Well done Meg! High fives and hugs all round.

  • Hah in “Hot New Releases” you are beating Bill Clinton, the Dalai Lama, Shaq, and Betty White (among many others). You’re making some powerful enemies!

    I got two copies – one for my already married self to read & loan out, one for my brother & his fiancee who got engaged on Saturday. I sent them a link to APW on Monday and I sure hope they’re not reading this comment because it will spoil the surprise =P

    • meg

      Bill Clinton, the Dalai Lama, Shaq, and Betty White are all actually together plotting revenge, right now. WATCH OUT APW.

      • JEM

        Shaq vs Meg image in my head is cracking me up.

        • Tim Tebow is joining that club. You are now at #34, right above Tim Tebow’s book!

    • SEZ

      hmm… I bet we could all make friends with Bill Clinton, the Dalai Lama, Shaq, and Betty White (and others) and gang up on Glenn Beck! I mean, c’mon… he’s totally NOT a hot new anything.

      • meg


  • Granola

    Make sure to take a screengrab of the rankings so you can always have a picture of it! Download the free program Skitch – it’s super easy to use and you can even draw on the shot after you take it! Perhaps some hearts and stars around the ranking…..

  • Joanna

    Just got my copy! I’ve been a lurker for years – and this was my chance to give back. Thanks, Meg!

  • Ruth

    Your book is showing as up 42,985%! Yes, that’s forty-two-thousand percent! Second place for increase in percentage? The Dalai Lama’s book is up 734%. You are more popular right now than the Dalai Lama (at least the way I’m reading these particular statistics).

  • Purchased :-) I’m so excited to have my copy bought!! & once again, the power of the APW community amazes me. Meg & APW peeps, you rock!!!!!

  • DUDE. Sales are up OVER 42,000 PERCENT!!! FORTY. TWO. THOUSAND. That sound you just heard is my brain exploding.

  • #34 in Books! Holy cow!!!!!!!

  • Shotgun Shirley

    So exciting!! I got my two this morning… yay Meg!

  • Hoppy Bunny

    I bought my copy before you told us not to, so to make it up to you I just bought a copy for my best friend and for my other dear friend’s fiance. ;D

  • Mea

    Ordered a copy!

    It’s well past 10 pm in Finland, and I’m a bit worried I won’t be sleeping tonight because of all of this book buy excitement! First I thought I wouldn’t order today, but well, I just had to get to be part of all this. I got the courage to elope this fall thanks to APW.

  • Ok, Amazon is playing tricks on me. Meg, your book is now definitely #34 on the best seller list! Woo hoo!

  • Leila

    Now it is #34! Woah!

  • Woah. You just passed The friggin Help! Yeehaw!!!

  • Simone

    Yay! I Just ordered and it went from 63 to 34, obviously there were more being ordered at the same time!

  • And you just broke the top 100 in Canada too! #82 as of right now.

    • ANDREA


  • Jen


  • Marisa

    34!! And I just now ordered my three copies!!! So proud to be an afternoon APW-er!! Next up: Bill O’Reilly, Steve Jobs and a Wimpy Kid…

  • Class of 1980


    If this doesn’t show the power of an idea, I don’t know what does, people. I am inspired by this.

  • kara

    did anyone else notice the price went down from this morning? My total for 2 was $21.76 — now its $9.60/book or $19.20 for 2. No problem because Amazon has pre-order guarantee, but why is this happening?

    • Gigi

      Must be the volume discount….

    • Marina

      I assume Amazon has some kind of algorithm that prices popular books lower. Good for us! ;)

      • Christa

        or it’s all of our obsessive reloading the product page and not buying any more copies after the first one (or three) we bought. . . .

  • As of 12:57 PST, it’s #12 on the bestseller’s list. Oh. my. goodness.

  • Holy Practical Purchase Power-congrats on the rapid climb to the top! Now to begin stalking the mailbox for my copy!

    And just FYI – APW is on my list twice –
    Best Stuff I Bought, 2011:
    -Surprise trip for husband (and me)
    -APW sponsorship
    -Puppy Kindergarten
    -Kitchen reno
    -APW book

    “Other” Meg

    • Gigi

      Puppy Kindergarten…worth every penny!! Even better was Doggie Daycare on Fridays!

      • Puppy Kindergarten x2 puppies = my sanity
        Luckily, I have free doggie daycare – my mom will watch her “grandpups” (now that they’ve graduated puppy kindergarten!).

  • Serena

    34! Seriously, so inspired Meg.

  • Kelly

    I am so pumped!! Go Meg!!!! I can’t even imaging what you must be feeling today. Congrats and I’m glued to the bestseller’s list!

  • Amber

    Take that Tebow! I bet we’ll see top 25, at least!

    I helped even though I don’t know who I’ll give the books to. :P

  • Mary

    I’m getting happy tears I’m so excited about this! Yay Meg!

  • Brenna

    Bought three copies!! Congrats, Meg, and thanks for the awesome community you’ve built of kick-ass women! (Woman’s College grad and theatre professional here–creativity and feminism FTW!)

  • april

    OMG – I have *CHILLS*, yes chills reading these updates and checking SO exciting. Damn this is so awesome. You are rocketing up the chart, lady! GO TEAM PRACTICAL!

  • Anne

    Meg, can we have another campaign like this for posting reviews in a couple of weeks?

    • Marisa

      I think the reviews are a given :)

    • meg

      I’ll remind everyone, but I don’t think we’ll need a campaign :)

  • Holly

    Another lurker and pre-engaged, but I just bought my copy and am so happy to see how well the book is doing. I am compulsively checking the Amazon Book List every hour to see how far it’s gone up the list. So happy for you, Meg.

  • Carla

    I just ordered it ^_^ I have been missing you guys a lot lately, I’m glad I randomly just came back in time for this! I also ordered it from the US site even though I’m in Canada; if I’d actually read the update about the Canadian bestseller list I’d’ve ordered it there. Oh well :>

  • Cat

    7:37am in my corner of Australia and I got mine :)

    I got married two years ago, but I keep telling people the APW and Team Practical have literally inspired me to change a lot of very huge things about my life. It’s really nice to be able to do something to say thanks. There will be glowing reviews coming your way as soon as I get it and I am hanging, HANGING, for the reclaiming wife sequel.

    xx and massive congratulations!

  • eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Gigi

    Well, this was pretty much a wasted day at work! I spent the day watching the Amazon rankings with an compulsion I usually save for lake effect snow warnings!

    So many congratulations, Meg. You’ve done a wonderful, amazing thing. Take the time to enjoy it all…

  • This feels like my birthday and Christmas and all warm and fuzzy things all combined into one. Best.Day. I’ve tweeted (to all 8 people following me, I only just joined for you guys) and blogged and facebooked and wrote emails and have tried to do work in between but this is just too exciting. 34! 34 and the day is not over! I feel so satisfied knowing we just kicked the WIC in the face. hmm is that too violent? It’s not a person, so it’s ok to kick it in its symbolic face. heh.

    • I say we can totally kick the WIC in its symbolic face, as well as its metaphorical ass and its emblematic balls!

  • Holly

    I got mine! Whoopwhoop :)

  • Laurel

    Paula Deen is in our sights. Let’s do this.

  • Analise

    Just bought! (I consider it a Christmas present to my future-engaged self.)
    Feels SO good to stick it to the WIC!! Go Team Practical!!!

  • Jen W

    Busy day at work, so I only just got back on the site after ordering my (second) copy this morning before I left the house and holy crap, this Book Buy is so exciting! I’m glad I didn’t know about all the hoopla before now, or I might not have gotten a single thing accomplished.

    #34!!! Congrats!!!!!!

  • Jules

    29 :)

  • Anne

    Refresh!! Refresh!!! It’s now at #29!!!!!!! Only 4 places to go til we hit top 25!!!!

  • Cat

    Oops, ignore that, got a bit excited and might have totally misread….

    • Cat

      Stupid amazon making me look silly!! I knew I read 29 but then refreshed it and it was 34 again… Go team practical!

  • # 29 now! Passed Paula Deen

  • now you’re #9 on hot new releases! got mine :)

  • I just bought another copy for my friend in the States. Cause I really really really want to get to #1. Can we do it?

  • ellobie

    Just bought 3 so I can get free shipping. :D And 1 straight to an engaged friend. Yay APW!

  • Class of 1980

    THE BOOK IS AT #29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chronically Ill Bride

    Meg, you went up 118,020% today, as of 5:15! 118,020%!!!! I love it.

    • Cat

      If this isn’t some kind of case study for the power of community building, marketing and the Internet, I don’t know what is. Really, I’m writing a paper on that right now. Meg, once you can breathe again I’d love to send you some questions.

      • meg


  • KW

    So at what point do they order a second printing? ;-)

    • meg

      Ha. I’ve got a long way to climb, I think :)

  • Class of 1980

    Just ordered another one. There’s always another library in need, right?

    Can’t … resist … the … momentum.

    • Ah! I just did the same thing. Ordered another, and I couldn’t put my finger on why…momentum! Yes!

    • !! Amazing idea! Now I’m totally donating one of my copies to the local library.

    • meg

      Better idea is to ask your library to carry it. They probably will, if you ask, and libraries pay 4X the amount of a regular copy (meaning I get a good chunk of change) because they lend it out over and over :)

      • meg

        This is all in theory, by the way. It will take me a good long time to out earn my advance and see royalties. But I’m not complaining!!! :)

      • I feel like I’ve learned so much about the process of the book industry. What a fascinating thing to learn out of a “wedding blog.” Yet another reason APW is so much more than a site about weddings.

  • Not engaged at all, but in a long-term relationship and especially love your reclaiming wife and marraige posts. Just bought the book because a. I know it will be great. and b. because I love the sense of community that you foster on this blog and I love this idea of all these people far and wide banding together to make dreams come true. It’s heartwarming to say the least. Congratulations on this monumental day.

  • Michelle

    Bought! Now, I need a friend to get engaged since I’m already married. :)

    • I bought it with the same thought. Hey, someone you know will get engaged sooner or later, right?

  • Bought five this morning for my clients. But didn’t order one for myself…guess I’ll be buying a few more later today so I actually get one and so I have some on reserve.

    Yay Meg and APW!

  • V

    Just decided to go ahead and buy a couple more…. congratulations Meg! I consider it an honor to be a part of your community here at APW.

  • Marisa

    This is so awesome! Do you have any way of knowing how many books sold over the entire day, when all is said and done? And if so, would you be willing to share that stat with us? I’m sooooo curious! (And I think you can go ahead and crack that champagne!)

  • Hypothetical Sarah

    Damn. I always knew that Team Practical was awesome and powerful but… whoa. Seriously, what else can we band together to do?

    I’m curious to see what tomorrow’s APW post looks like. Today is going to be an awfully hard act to follow.

    • Edelweiss

      “What else can we band together to do?” LOVE

    • meg

      Uhhh… it’s an actual wedding (a damn good one). I need till at least the afternoon to gather my thoughts.

  • Jean


    I’m a longtime lurker who’s been debating leaving a post all day (though I’ve been tweeting about you non stop!). Now I have to. I am so proud of you and this blog, book and community. Reading your website got me through the ups and downs of my own wedding planning process. At times, I felt like it was really, really hard. Almost impossible. But we got through it, and at times it was thanks to sage advice from you.

    One of my best friends is getting married in a week and a half, and she just sent me a message to let me know her fiance’s leukemia has relapsed and he is back at a hospital 5 hours away from home, and will need more chemo and a bone marrow transplant. The big party here is being postponed, but she said that the wonderful folks at the hospital will be throwing them a wedding. I hope to be able to go with them.

    I think, before APW, I wouldn’t be able to get past the grief I feel for them now. But, thanks in part to how you’ve helped me grow, I know that they will still be married, and it WILL still be joyful and meaningful, because of the love that they share. Thank you for teaching me that so I can be there for them. Thank you thank you thank you.

    • meg

      Love, love, and more love, and prayers and good wishes for them to get through it, and you to hold their hand.

      • Jean

        Thank you! Just like your great community is making it happen here, we’re going to circle the wagons and make it happen for them! So inspired!

        • Jean,

          Thank you for commenting. I can’t help but feel pangs of familiarity with your friends story. My husband is currently battling lymphoma and we are in the hospital still. His story was posted last week here.

          Please tell your friend that she has a community behind her. She may not know or meet them but there are so many people out there rooting for her! Lots and lots of love and prayers coming her way!

          • AmErika

            I’m sending ENORMOUS amounts of love to all of you. love love love love love. APW is here for you!

          • Jean


            Thank YOU for replying. I read your story last week and you are both so brave and strong. I am going to pass along your post when the time is right.

            She and her fiance have been so amazing to watch as they have fought this. She will be glad to know she has this online community rooting for her along with the HUGE support system they have around them. Wishing you and your husband all the best! Love and prayers coming your way as well.

      • Jean

        I had to come back and comment again to tell you what’s happening! I am completely blown away!

        After they checked in to the hospital earlier this week, the welcoming nurse asked my friend’s fiance if she could get him anything, and he said “I want to marry this girl. I don’t care what you have to do to make it happen, but that’s what you can get me. And I will ask every person who comes in this room that same question until we’re married.” And then, THEN, the hospital has a program to grant cancer patients a wish, and they are using that to pay for them to have a wedding there! They have also talked to all their vendors here, who are wonderful and willing to wait and help them throw their party here when they are ready. If all goes well, he could be home by summer.

        So, now we’re gathering up the troops to see how many of us can drive the 5 hours to Pittsburgh and celebrate their marriage. I am so proud and excited to be a part of this!

  • My mom says “Yay” to you. :D

    • meg

      Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww………….. Yay to Lisa’s mom!

  • LifeSheWrote

    Um, “close to ready to break out the champagne?” What is that noise?! Break out the champagne and celebrate! I’m so caught up in the excitement I’M thinking about breaking out some bubbly and all I do is read your wonderful words!! Congratulations on everything so far and have a cheers to all that is to come!

  • Teagan

    so happy I have the day off work, may spend day updating amazon constantly

  • Well. That was sure as heck fun.

  • Renee

    Long time lurker, first time commenter here. Just wanted to say congratulations! I just bought my copy : )

  • Auburn

    Book = pre-ordered.
    Which I actually feel not weird about since…I got engaged on Friday!
    Woo fucking hoo to awesome timing. Oh yeah, and to marriage. That too.

    • emily rose

      Engaged!! Congrats! Bask in your good fortune – this really is good timing :)

  • Jolene

    As a fellow San Franciscan I’ve been reading this site forever, started back when my first good buddy got engaged (in 2008!), and this is the only “wedding” blog I keep in my rotation. Purchasing two copies of your labour of love (one for me and one for my newly engaged best friend) is the least I could do to pay my dues. So much congratulations to you and yours!

  • Julie Hamby

    I have loved and read your blog for probably a year. And then after realizing my love for your blog, I read all your posts from the beginning.

    I have had my copy of your book in my amazon cart for three days. Then today I felt like I couldn’t just order one, so I ordered two more for my friends, who are no where near the marriage chapter of their life, but I couldn’t past up the chance of helping your rise up the list just a little bit more. Now I am just super prepared for when the day comes when they tell me they are engaged. Or I might just break down and give them the books now. How can I have the strength to hold back such awesomness like this book? It would be unfair.

    PS: I get teary every time I read the comments and the updated status.

    I feel honored and proud to be apart of this.

    • Class of 1980

      That’s a good idea for those of us who ordered more than one. We can hold onto them to give as gifts for people who become engaged.

  • Kate

    Bought. Meg, I hope you’re not updating because you’re out having a fabulous dinner and cocktails. And honest to God, I hope this is the start of a sea change in the lives of women, and in how we think about commitment and make it happen.

    • meg

      Not updating because the ranking has held steady for hours. I should probably write a closing note.

      • Fermi

        You can’t write a closing note, the day isn’t done yet. Also, I just bought another copy, heck, someone is going to need it!!

  • HeatherM

    I just checked- it looks like you are #9 for all Amazon books. And then I teared up a bit… You made it to the first page of Amazon Bestsellers! Now on to #1! Congrats!
    This is of course your book, but it is sprinkled with little bits of us- Team Practical. I know I am not alone in saying Meg we are SO proud of you, we are proud of this book, and we are crazy proud of Team Practical!

    • Katie

      It’s still at #29 on my screen. Are updates to rankings haphazard like that? Where are you, HeatherM?

      Edited to add: ohoh, I think it’s #9 among the new releases. Woohoo! Go Meg!

      • HeatherM

        Oops, I think I was on the new releases :P

  • The spirit of the APW community is so effing inspiring every day & even more so today! 

    I can’t tell you how many times as a wedding planner I have reiterated apw wisdom to my clients (or pissy mothers). Or how many times I’ve referred to apw to reassure myself that I’m not the only one who thinks this way (we can’t all be batshit crazypants, right?).

    So, in the combined spirits of gratitude & paying it forward while indulging my shopaholic tendencies, WHO NEEDS A BOOK? I’ve been a budgeted to the pennies bride to be, so I know there must be folks out there dying to break their spending embargoes. So, I want to buy 4 more copies for the first 4 people to email me shipping info to laverevents (at) gmail.

    This world needs more WIC-free weddings & happy marriages!

    • One book is claimed! 3 more. Anyone?

      • All 4 are claimed (and one more to boot – the last 2 emails were practically simultaneous!)
        Thanks for putting this in the updates “Original Meg”. I was worried it’d get lost in the shuffle of all the amazing comments!

        “Other Meg”

        • meg

          Other Meg! Erika below you in the comments has a copy to give away! Pass them along!

          • LOL, I JUST emailed Erika!
            AND the lovely “Edelweiss” emailed me a little while ago to take on 2 of the ladies that emailed me after my books were claimed. :) so yay!!!

            This ish is so paying it forward I’m half expecting to see Kevin Spacey & that creepy kid who sees dead people start making offers…

            And this is why I <3 APWers!

  • I don’t know if this is too much, but it’s totally how I feel right now.

    The only thing I can compare my experience of today to is my time in labour and delivery. Emotionally, it’s felt nothing less than being allowed to assist at a birth. Giving the odd bit of encouragement and support to the labouring mum here, the occasional nudge to the baby as it crowns there, but mostly sitting in a state of readiness to help where needed, while looking on in awed admiration of what humanity is capable. A practical miracle, as it turns out.

    And just like those long ago days on the labour ward, as this day winds to a close I’m left feeling somewhat drained, but exhilarated, heart bursting with pride for this new, best-selling creation and the friend who conceived it and willed it into being over many long months. As part of the extended APW sisterhood, I’d like to believe that if ever it was possible for a book to have a bevy of doting aunties, it would be this one, and then how incredibly honoured would I be to feel part of the awe-inspiring community that helps to raise it.

  • Sarah

    I can’t wait to get my copy! Being ~10 months out from my wedding, and still in the baby stages of planning, I already know your book will be a godsend. Thank you for your website and for this community, Meg & congratulations on breaking the top 30!

  • After a day of some of the crappier parts of the institution of marriage slapping me in the face like a wet fish, it was a huge delight and relief to finally purchase this book (the pre-order has been sitting in my cart for days).

    This site and this community keep me grounded when things go all pear-shaped and I am SO EXCITED about bumping it up the best-seller list. I hope that means that many many many more women (and men!) will find this community and the solace it provides.

    Congrats, Meg, you’ve worked so hard for this, and we’re all so proud of you.

  • Maf

    I just bought mine on Amazon! I am so happy for you, Meg! Congratulations! And thank you for all you’ve taught us!!

  • ASH

    Just remember all the hard work and caring you put into the book, the blog, and this community are so totally worth these moments you are having now. You have EARNED this and don’t forget it!

    Cheers to some bubbly gigglies!

  • Aaaaaaaand… my mom just bought a copy. Just because. (“Yay, Marcie’s friend!”) My work here is done. :)

    • meg

      Hahahhahaha. Perfect.

  • LillyTop

    This whole strategy of yours to push the book up the list kind of makes me think you’re a little bit Amazing.

    Sending you love and pride from Sunny Santa Cruz.

    • meg

      I stole it from David Malki at Wondermark (Who I grew up with. So maybe it’s in the water.)

  • Heather

    Once my event planning business is up and running, I’m super-pumped to give a copy to my first few couples. I also have a couple of friends who are pre-engaged – I suspect this book will make an awesome engagement present. Yay for buying Meg’s book in bulk!

  • So, I’m wondering…at what point will you acknowledge that writing a book, owning a blog, managing a team, working with sponsors and contributors, building a community of totally rad people, and, well, just being you, counts as being employed? Perhaps not by “the man”, but you’ve probably been working harder than most people who work a solid 40 hours on a fixed salary….

    You’re incredible, truly. And are an inspiration.

    • AmErika

      Here here!

    • Meg

      I think Meg has more than acknowledged that she’s employed; that’s why she’s written so much great stuff for us about being self-employed and running a small business :)

      Congratulations, Meg (from another, other Meg)! This has been amazing to watch and so fun to vicariously experience what must be just a tiny bit of your excitement. Enjoy your well-deserved tequila! Can’t wait to read my copy when it gets here!

  • Sveta

    I always read this blog in the evening, so I can’t say anything that hasn’t been already said. But I did want to write that I am SUPER excited for APW. Congratulations!!! Meg – you’ve built an incredible community, and it shows.

    PS: You should come to DC on your book tour. :)

  • AmErika

    Just in case you don’t get this through Facebook….

    Meg….I am totally on a tight budget but I couldn’t not support you and APW today….and then I just got excited and ordered not one, but TWO books. whoops! Plus at $10, it was totally reasonable, so I’m just foregoing a meal, or two out of the house this week.

    In the spirit of the other Meg and paying it forward, I’d like to give the 2nd book I bought to someone awesome. Someone that totally wants it, needs it, and will just looooove to have it. If you and Team Practical can come up with some awesome way to find a deserving reader, I’m totally open (maybe an APW book haiku contest?). If not, and you’d like to just have people email me and I’ll pick names from a hat at random, I’m happy to do whatever. However I’d really really like to pay it forward and share the love. Let me know. xoErika

    • meg

      Awwww! Just told Other Meg to pass on the emails she gets past her four to you!

      • AmErika

        Thanks Meg!!! And ladies…..lets just make this super fair. If you’d like to be considered for the book email by Friday at noon. I’ll put all names in a hat and pick one then. YEAH! :)

        • AmErika

          And Meg….go enjoy your tequila!! woooo hooooooooo!

      • Love this idea! I just bought four copies – one for me, two for engaged friends, and one for an APW reader who wasn’t able to buy one for themselves today. Meg, can you ask Other Meg to send some emails my way too? I’ll do a hat drawing, maybe on Monday to let some more emails come in after Amerika is done giving away hers? My email is

        Oh, and well freaking done, APW community. Proud to be one of you. :)

        • Stacey, yay, another fabulous lady continuing the giving! How exciting! Perhaps Erika can forward you the people that don’t get picked out of her hat (I’ve sent a few her way tonight). Going forward, if I get any additional inquiries, I’ll pass them on to both Erika & you.
          “Other Meg”
          I seriously probably need to switch my comment name to that, huh?

          • Love it. Thanks so much for the idea! Oh, and while “Other Meg” does make more sense in context, I love your for-real-reals commenting handle. :)

          • AmErika

            I’ve only gotten a couple so far, but will leave this open till Friday at noon. Team Practical could you possibly put a note about this?

            And Stacey….yes I’ll pass those people who don’t get picked on Friday to you! Yippeeee!

          • Thanks for gathering addresses, you guys! :)

  • I have been stuck in a work audit all day and rushed home to see the results. Amazing! Meg, you should be so proud of yourself and the community you have created. Have a wonderful evening of well-deserved celebration!

  • Alyssa

    Just ordered my copy. I wish I had it in my hands RIGHT NOW so that I could devour every piece of it!
    Yay for the APW community!

  • Janna

    Dear Meg (and all of Team Practical),
    Just wanted to say I’m so, so proud of you and your book- #29 on Amazon! That’s huge! (Beyond huge- don’t even have words.)
    I started reading this blog in 2008 after I had just gotten engaged, and it got me through my wedding (and totally changed how my wedding was- it was a marvelous gift to start planning from scratch- what my husband and I wanted and needed- rather than trying to imitate all those stuffy magazines.)
    After my wedding, I kept reading, every day. When I started law school this fall, I joined the LAMDA legal chapter and told them in my introduction- I’m Quaker, so I believe in equality for all people, and I read this awesome blog and it’s really inspired me to fight for equality for the LBGTQ community. So, Meg, cheers to your success, and thank you so much for hosting this community of like-minded, sassy women and encouraging us all to be our best selves. (I will raise an expensive tequila shot in your honor, but in two days, after finals are over.)
    Can’t wait to read it!
    Janna (long-time reader/lurker)

  • DUDE. You beat Martha Stewart AND Tom Clancy! Rock on, Meg!

    • AmErika

      Martha who?

  • Erin P

    Been following since September 2010 because of Meg’s morning wedding post. I think I qualify as “pre-engaged” so naturally most of the blog is highly insightful and gives me a lot to look forward to.

    Bought the book and I’m so happy for you, Meg, and the rest of Team Practical. Thanks for making my week better, every week.

  • Marnie

    Meg, congratulations on this huge achievement – and while i’m here, a massive thank you from Australia! I’ve been reading since we got engaged in April, and you and the team have been inspiring. Part one of our wedding is complete, part two is happening in April, and I’m so glad I still get to read the book while in planning mode!
    Can’t wait for my summer reading to arrive :-)

  • Done & done. Meg, thanks.

  • Jessica

    Ordered my copy! :) CANNOT wait to read it!

  • Megan

    Meg, I never buy new books, but I bought yours. If only you had written it two years earlier to help me through my wedding planning headaches. Thanks for all you’ve done via APW!

  • Kat

    So I’m a bit behind the times but I’ve ordered my copy. I figured since I’m still reading APW two years after my wedding that I better get the book! I plan to read it, then pass it on to an engaged friend.

    Congratulations Meg!

  • I hope late night orders count because I just bought mine. bedtime now.

  • MWK

    Oh, god, it’s not too late to make a difference in the rankings, right?! The day isn’t over!! If it is too late I will hate myself for EVER (at least a little). Just bought three copies for my three best engaged ladies. So proud of you, Meg.

  • Jessica


  • Mimi

    Long time lurker, rare poster, but I bought my copy first thing this morning before I brushed my teeth. Not even kidding, I used the Amazon app on my phone :)

    Thanks for keeping me sane during wedding planning, Meg and the rest of APW. I’ve been a newlywed for all of three months now, and don’t know anyone currently planning a wedding, but I still plan to read this book, and can’t wait to recommend a copy as soon as someone I know gets engaged!

  • DKR

    Hi Meg,
    I found your blog via OffBeat Bride back around August of this year and have been reading/lurking almost daily since. It’s been quite a dose of sanity, both when I was pre-engaged and now that I’m officially engaged (as of Thanksgiving!). My best friend got engaged three days after I did; I’ve already told her I’m getting her a copy of your book as her engagement present (and one for me of course) when finances allow (yes, I saw some wonderful folks were purchasing books for others, but I figure other people have tight finances too).

    All that being said, I wanted to tell you, Meg, thank you for what you do; you’ve become an amazing resource for so many, myself included, and I appreciate that. I’ve been rooting for you and your book all day; I’m glad to see it doing so well on the charts. I’m happy for you and proud of you at the same time.


  • april

    Saw picture of the dedication in the book and – WHOA – lump in throat, teared up… heart is bursting with pride for you, Meg and for Team Practical, too. YAY!!! Hope you’re properly celebrating tonight with loads of champagne and a very expensive dinner!!!! You deserve it!

  • H

    Today made me smile ridiculously at random points throughout the day! Thank you for that little bit of brightness (in an otherwise gloomy, cold, and rainy day).

  • Christina

    Yeah! Congrats Meg, I need to buy you a drink!

  • Moz

    What I especially love about this whole shemozzle is how many de-lurkers you’re getting, Meg. That’s worth a hell of a lot.

  • Mazal tov! Enjoy all of your hard earned success!

  • Okay, okay, okay. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this also HAS to be a record number of comments/well-wishes/virtual glass clinking, no? I think the most I remember has been in the 300s . . .

    A red letter day all around!

    • meg

      Close. I think we had 600 on a name change post once, or a budget post once, or a you-don’t-have-to-be-a-mom post once. But what do I know? I’m DRUNK.

      • Caroline

        WELL DESERVED, Meg :)

  • RachelC

    So, so, so grateful and inspired and proud of this. I linked my purchase on Facebook and send my engaged/pre-engaged friends to buy it too – hooray! I even discovered friends of mine who love APW and I had no idea! What a day! CONGRATULATIONS MEG!!!

  • Gigi

    This morning, it looks like your book (not you, you’ll always be #1) has settled at #53. That’s one ahead of the Harry Potter boxed set. DAMN, GIRL – YOU’RE STILL AHEAD OF JK ROWLING!!!

    • meg

      Well, JK and I are tight. Obviously.

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  • Not Sarah

    Pssst! You actually hit the top 100 in books OVERALL!

    Congrats, Meg!

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  • Cara

    I just GOT MY BOOK in the mail!!!
    Super excited :)

  • ElfPuddle




  • Katie

    Mine just got here!!! (I live in MA and I think they originally estimated it would arrive the 28th.) I absolutely cannot wait to read it!

  • Kat

    My book has arrived in the country (New Zealand)!
    Super excited :)

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