The Great APW Book Buy Starts Tomorrow

Dear Team Practical,

It occurs to me that I’ve been writing you these letters for a long time, and the whole time I’ve been writing them, I wanted to write a book. And suddenly, here we are. Tomorrow, starting at 3:00 am PST, a post will go up reminding you that it’s time for The Great APW Book Buy. Then, at some point, I’ll wake up over here in California, look at the Amazon stats, and start live blogging about the whole process. I wish I could tell you I was just excited, but honestly, I’m a bit scared.

Right now, I feel like I’m standing at the edge of the cliff. For those of you who have seen the new Muppet movie (see the new Muppet movie!) I’m definitely Fozzie, wrapped in a blanket in a hammock asking Kermit, “Are we going to be ok, Kermit?” Obviously, David is Kermit. I might not sleep that much in my little hammock tonight.

Ever since I started writing APW, I wanted to write a wedding book with my particular perspective. A sane book. A mildly irreverent book. A book that told you it was ok to do what you wanted, but you also had to respect other people’s feelings. A book inspired by all the Miss Manners books I giggled over as a small child lying at the bottom of a very large bookshelf, but with how-to instructions on how to actually get the job done. A book with some proper wedding history included. A book that told you how to get to the other side with grace and with your dignity and savings more or less intact. I wanted to write the book I really needed when I was planning.

All this is to say, A Practical Wedding: Creative Solutions for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration (don’t buy it till tomorrow!) really matters to me. That’s been the difficult part of the last few weeks, realizing that the book really matters, and I actually care how it sells, and I actually care if it helps people, and I really want to get it out into the world. It would be so much easier if I didn’t care that much. But I suppose that good things are never easy.

But it’s also been a great few weeks, watching the book take its first tentative steps into the world. I cried when I read Alyssa’s review of the book. Because you guys, she actually really liked it (I did not bribe her to say any of that). And I wrote the damn book, so I had no idea if it was good or not by the time all was said and done. I just knew that in that moment, I’d done my best.

And now it’s up to you. It’s hard for me to let go, and know that I’ve done everything I can do, and that I have to entrust this to your hands, and just let it fly, but here we are. It’s the eve of The Great APW Book Buy Day, and this is where we are. I can tell you that if everyone who read this site (both on RSS and on the regular site) today bought a book today, we’d probably make the New York Times bestseller list. But I also know that’s not a realistic goal, and I’m a realist. So what I do think we can do, for sure, is push the book up the Amazon bestseller list tomorrow. It’s the holiday season, so it’s going to be tricky, but that much I think we can do. And is it possible we’ll do more? Maybe. Who knows. But right now I’m grateful to each of you that buys a book, tells a friend about it, writes an online review, asks a bookstore about it, gives it to your friend getting married, gives it to your mom to calm her down, or just reads it. I’m so profoundly grateful, in advance.

So, while I’ll give final instructions in the post tomorrow, basically what I have to say it this: if you’re going to buy the book, buy it in the way that works for you, and don’t stress out about it. That is more than enough. I’ll be doing the same. My author discount is only a little less than the Amazon price, so I’m going to buy my own book on Book Buy Day, just because I can.

Oh. And the picture on this post. I wasn’t going to share this because One Love Photo captured a super personal emotional moment. But then I thought, yes, I should share it. This is me, looking at my book, pondering the fact that it got born at all. Here we go.

With Gratitude (and only a tiny bit of terror),


Photo: One Love Photo

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  • I can’t wait! I’m going to order all the copies!!

    • mimi

      save some for the rest of us! :)

    • meg

      ALL THE COPIES? :)

    • Which is totally not the same as buying ALL THE THINGS. Definitely different. :)

  • kathleen

    meg- don’t worry. we are going to love your baby. i’m sure sure sure of it. can’t wait to buy my copies tomorrow. hope you have some champagne chilling, i have a feeling you’ll have some major celebrating to do tomorrow. eeeeeee!!

  • Laura

    I hope someday to be looking at a book of my own like that. Congratulations again–I have my copy in my Amazon cart, ready to click “Buy” tomorrow! :)

  • Jamie

    I’ll be ordering two copies tomorrow!

  • Seanie

    You can’t see me from here (Seattle), but I am *happydancing* in my chair for you. This website helped me through my pre-engagement, engagement and planning, wedding, and now post-wedding-holy-crap-I’m-a-WIFE-now stages. I’ll still be buying this book, because it’s important. It’s important to spread the word of SANITY, and not letting an industry control our personal happiness. It’s important because you’ve created such an amazing community here, of caring, awesome, talented, kick-ass women and vendors.

    It’s important because you, Meg, created all of this, and you absolutely rock.


  • Margaret

    Will buy tomorrow, in hopes that you’ll come out with a second book inspired by Reclaiming Wife!

    • Boom! This! Exactly.

      Congratulations, Meg!

    • meg

      That, or something sort of like that is the idea! Now, I just need to have a successful book to point to :)

    • LZ

      I just bought my copy of Meg’s 1st book :D through IndieBound (I had never heard of this site before — But — YAY!), even though my wedding was 3 months ago! :)

      Can’t wait for a Reclaiming Wife book!! I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

  • Fozzie, it’s going to be WONDERFUL.

    • meg

      Sniffle. Really Kermit? Sniffle, sniffle.

      • MWK

        How many copies do we have to sell for you to wear fartshoes? Cause I will make that happen. Actually, I came on to say that I feel awful cause I won’t get to purchase until tomorrow evening (PST) and I feel like I should buy early so you can see the numbers early! Most likely so many will be selling that it won’t make a difference, but don’t forget about us West Coasters who have to wait until after work to buy. GOOD LUCK!

  • I’m really really excited about this. Really really.

  • You are an inspiration Meg!

    I am excited to do a very tiny part to help you succeed by buying your book!

    Tomorrow will be so amazing!

    (I used a lot of exclaimation points here, but they are well deserved.)

  • Shannon

    Oh Meg! I lingered over that photo of you for awhile before I read your words… You’re holding the book and looking at it as though it’s your baby, which is of course how it feels to look at some big important thing that you’ve created. So, I just want to say a big huge CONGRATULATIONS on birthing such an amazing and soul-satisfying thing, and for bringing such a thing into the lives of so many women. You are an incredibly brave person for having written this book, and especially for sharing your vulnerability around it – Thank You!!

    And I’ll be buying at least one copy of it tomorrow, maybe more…

  • carrie

    We are so proud of you, Meg. I know you will help brides out there, especially if the power of this site is any indication. I’ll be buying tomorrow. Hugs!

  • Mary Jo

    Buying one tomorrow for my engaged sister for Christmas! I am rarely so excited to give a Christmas present!

  • Meg. We are going to buy that book. Just you watch.

    p.s. does it matter US vs UK Amazon? Just wondering.

    • meg

      Kind of yes, kind of no. I think we only really have a chance of pushing it up the US charts (but what do I know?) In the end, it really only matters that you BUY it :)

  • The book really matters. The book will help people. And it will be much read and much loved by couples everywhere. Starting with all the Team Practical fans who know this site matters and helps people.

    You can stay nervous (how can you not?) but I will get excited for you. And couples everywhere. You’ve got this. Flying commences tomorrow.

  • I’m so excited for this to be my Christmas present to myself!

    Cuddle up in your hammock tonight. We got this.

    • meg

      Oh, now I’m actually crying…

      • Seriously, you brought me (us?) back from a cliff of crazy. It’s the least we can do.


  • Yay! I’m so excited I have to keep reminding myself to wait until tomorrow to order it.

  • KA

    I love you for caring so much. I think most of us here love you for caring that much. Your passion to [virtually] hold our hands and kick our butts and generally get us all through a tricky process in one piece and with our heads held high is why you’re so damn good at this job. (Job! Omg! I’m still excited about THAT.) And it’s why I already know this is going to be an amazing book. Lots of women and men and and their partners and their parents and their bridal brigades *need* this book. Because, srsly, reading all the archives takes TOO LONG.

    Tomorrow and the coming days will be huge and the numbers have less to do with that than it might seem right now. But I think they’ll be big too. What did I say when you announced the book? Oh right, NYT BESTSELLER. ;-) Dream big. And let yourself care deeply.

    (And that photo is amazing. Worth a thousand words. It makes me want to hug you and jump up and down and squeeal that the book is here! Thanks for sharing it with us.)

    • meg

      Sniffle giggle. Reading the archives does take too long. It’s mostly new material, but I did modify and stick in the very best stuff from the archives too. Long time readers will recognize a passage here and there. Couldn’t just leave it out…

  • it’s finally here almost!! I’ve been visiting the amazon listing pretty much weekly for the past couple months, and lately, daily. I’m pumped. We’re gonna do it Meg. It’s gonna happen.

  • marbella

    3 copies in my amazon cart waiting for tomorrow… one for me and 2 for engaged friends. fingers crossed for a reclaiming wife book club one day in the not too distant future!


    This is a really great post that touches on exactly what I’ve been thinking all week. I’ve been writing a blog post in my mind (if I had a blog) called “The new personal economy: Why I’m buying a wedding book by a stranger, even though I’m not even getting married” (working title)

    The new plan is to buy the book and then make that my review title.

    • meg

      Make sure you send me a link.

    • LifeSheWrote

      Hey Meg – long time mostly-lurker, but I just HAD to let you know how excited I am to get my own copy of your book tomorrow. Andrea, I’ve been having a similar monologue in my own head, though I LOVE your working title. That sums things up for me too – “I’m buying a wedding book by a stranger, even though I’m not even getting married” though I’ll venture to add the subtitle: “How an Online Community Fosters Important Conversations about Relationships and Life and Finding a Balance for Love and Tradition While Kicking *ss.” Hmmm, a bit long?

      Oh and I know this is SO NOT THE POINT of your post at all but those are adorable earrings (or at least the one I can see is gorgeous, I would assume the other side matches) and I wondered if perhaps you had a vender you wanted to brag on?

      • meg

        Of COURSE I do. Favor Jewelry. She’s awesome. I wear her stuff all the time!

      • ANDREA

        Absolutely, on all counts (sending links, additional subtitles, adorableness of earrings).

        And I’d argue that the earring thing IS related — we are having conversations about relationships and also about economics: How to use your extended online network to support businesses that share your ethics, create awesome stuff and are run by people that you would like to see succeed.

        Hrmmm. More subtitles. Or maybe just more posts.

  • Tennymo

    One for my mom, who sent me about 25 pictures of incredibly intricate chandeliers she thinks we should make for venue decoration yesterday. (Tranquila, mama! Lets do only DIY that can be finished with no one straight up going crazy.) One for my friend who is feeling boxed into a country club wedding when she’s feels so much more *irreverent* than that. (Direct quote from my friend: “all I want is for the reception to get so crazy that someone drowns in the pool! That’s what’s important to me.” Does that joke work when written down? It was funny when she said it. :)) And one for me, who though we dont know each other, has been reading forever, and is firmly in your cheering section. So excited the baton is being passed to Team Practical to carry you over the finish line.

    • meg

      Sniffle sob.
      (That joke does work written down.)

    • This comment makes me want to add, “And 4 for you, Glenn CoCo. You go, Glenn CoCo!”

  • abby_wan_kenobi

    Yay!! I’m so excited for tomorrow because I finally get to give something to you, Meg. You have given (and given and given) so much to me and to all of us and now we have an opportunity to give you the big, fat present of being a best-selling author. I’m so damn proud of you and so effing excited to share your book and that big pile of caring with everyone I know.

    Much love, and congrats.

  • I just want you to know that you inspire me to reach my goals and I can’t wait to buy the book tomorrow!

  • Ariel

    Congratulations Meg!
    I rarely comment, but I’ve been reading this blog every day since I got engaged (almost 2 years ago!), and I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to have APW in my life.
    You have worked so hard on this, and I’m so proud of you for following this dream through to publication! I’m really looking forward to buying the book.

  • Marie

    I LOVE that this comes out tomorrow~ it’s my 10-year date-iversary with my J. We just got engaged this fall and have been tiptoeing into planning, very focused on sanity and APW credos. So, this is my 10-year present to myself. I’m sure J will want to read it too.

    And to quote that first Muppet Movie ~ “Somebody out there loves you, stands up and hollers for more!”

    Thanks for all you’re doing, Meg.

  • Congratulations, Meg! You’ve done your best & that’s all you can do. I will be buying my copy tomorrow & I hope I have some newly-engaged friends to buy it for after the holidays!!

  • Claire

    Wheeee! Very exciting, yes. But try to get some rest in you little hammock, Meg. Best selling authors need their strength for all the kick ass best selling author things they do. Especially the celebrating. And we’ll be celebrating right along with you. I already know that buying your book tomorrow is going to feel like a little personal triumph.

  • Ashley

    Hi Meg,

    This is my first time commenting because I just found your site a few weeks ago.I am already devouring the archive. I must say, I feel like I started reading APW at such an exciting time! I really appreciate and respect what you do on this site and I am excited to support that work by buying your book tomorrow. I am getting married in 2013 so I will have the book with me for the majority of planning. I feel like I am pretty lucky for that, especially after reading Alyssa’s review.

    Thanks for all that you do.

    All the best,

  • My wedding is in 11 days. Whyyyyyyyyy couldn’t you have written this a year ago?!?!?! At least I can give copies to my pre-engaged friends. :)

  • Erin

    I’m buying a copy tomorrow for my sister. She just got engaged, and she’s the sort who will be stressing out about whether the napkins match the flowers she’s most likely going to install on the sinks in the bathrooms. I’m only a little kidding.

    If your book helps her even a tenth of how much your website helped me when I was planning, she’ll be fine. Together, we can get her through this. Thank you for writing what I am sure is a fabulous book, and I can’t wait to read it.

  • JennyO

    I have never commented on the site before, but I have been reading it for months, long before I was actually engaged. I have gained so much from your amazing work Meg and I cannot wait to buy the book. Thank you for all the wonderful advice and for keeping me sane! Good luck tomorrow, but really you don’t need it, it is going to be great! Enjoy it all, congratulations on ‘your baby’!!

  • Meagan

    So excited to buy a copy!!
    And, as a librarian, I’m telling all of Team Practical: ask your local public library to buy it. We almost ALWAYS buy books that patrons directly ask for, so while it won’t help the Great APW Book Buy, it will help get it out into the world and sustain sales over the next few months. (Plus, I know publishers hate on libraries, but a recent study proved that library users buy tons of books.

  • KATE

    Can. Not. Wait.

    I’ll be buying a couple of copies tomorrow as well! And while my teensy little elopement followed by an all-out bash is on a bit of “Uh-we’ve-got-an-unexpected-baby-hold”, I’m going to read it, love it, and look forward to soaking up every sane word!

  • We are SO proud of you and stoked for you, Meg. While we haven’t been around since the beginning (and dammit, we wish we had been), we can see what an amazing thing you have here and the outpouring of support from Team Practical tomorrow is gonna be proof of that. And yeah, not everyone who makes their way through your site is going to pick up the book tomorrow, there are an awful lot of us who are gonna be picking up a TON of them :) Sleep tight, Fozzie

  • Elly

    Congrats!! Can’t wait to share this with engaged friends!

  • rosierobot

    Meg, I am a long-term closeted APW reader and I can’t wait to buy your book tomorrow. Even though I’ll have some explaining to do when it arrives. Boyfriend: “uhm, what?” Friends, “uhm, what?” Me: “look! it’s much more like a feminist reader than a wedding planner!. . .it’s uhm, look I’ve been secretly reading this blog for a long time because I find it incredibly inspiring and grounding when I’m thinking about our relationship and getting older and stuff and. . . [insert Rodney Dangerfield necktie gesture]. . . ”

    The point is, Meg, I will brave the questions of owning your book with absolutely no wedding anywhere near the horizon because I have loved this blog for 2.5 secret years and enough is enough; I can’t wait to read your book. I am so happy for you and I absolutely cannot wait! And whether or not a wedding is something I decide to do, I love reading the things you write.

  • I’ve been following APW from when my then-bf-now-husband were in the infancy of our dating relationship to now, going on 2 years of marriage and I don’t need advice for a wedding, but I’m going to buy your book tomorrow because so far you’ve had a lot of good things to say that continue to make me say, “exactly!” and/or “seriously!” & I’m pretty sure your book is just going to blow my mind. I am so incredibly happy & excited for you because tomorrow is going to be awesome, but more importantly, I know this book is going to change the WIC exponentially more than APW already has.

  • Jen

    Well…I don’t know if my boyfriend will ever want to marry me anymore. But I’m still getting this book, dammit! APW has been a huge support through the years and I want to support this book. Mostly, I still want to read it because it sounds awesome, as I always assumed it would be.

    Hope the book buy is a success!

  • Baby, you wrote a motherfucking *BOOK.*

    Well done.

  • Brianne

    Meg, my dear, I do not actually know you, but seriously, this blog has changed my life. It gave words to what I was feeling, and managed to always put things in perspective. I had a relatively short engagement, but frankly, I think APW and the community it has built means more to me know than it did while I was planning, like the community grows with you. I’m as excited for this book as I would be for a good friend’s dream, and seriously, this is my current Facebook status:

    Buy this book tomorrow, because seriously, married, engaged, relationshipped, single lady, whatever, we are all learning what it means to be a women. And for real, this woman gets it!

    So thank you, for being an inspiration, for sharing your journey, and for letting us tag along and share our stories as well.

  • T minus a few hours now. So excited for you, my dear. Ready to buy you a glass of celebratory champers in January.

  • I am buying three copies tomorrow! I am so stoked for you. Sleep tight in your hammock tonight. There is a lot of love that can come from APW. I had a freaking love intervention last week! We will buy tomorrow to foster the community you helped create. Thank you for helping us see clearly. And for yelling at us while giving big hugs. xoxo

  • Meg:

    I am two months into my engagement, over one year into my regular reading of APW and counting the minutes until I can buy your book. Your timing, for me, is perfect (sorry Alyssa! hee). In my first two months of being engaged I went from elated, to mental, to crying to fighting to finally finding a venue and feeling as though we could actually do this damn thing the way that we want to. But the path is dimly lit and your book coming out tomorrow is like a beacon of hope for me (us).

    I am beyond thrilled for your success. You’re an excellent writer and you girls here are doing something that very much matters. You should remember that excitement and fear feel almost exactly the same. You don’t need to be scared about a thing, this book and this blog and this thing you’ve created are already helping people and making them feel good Congratulations! I wish I could have gotten my act together in time to apply for the new internship so I could join the good fight! Until then, daily reading and buying that dang book TOMORROW!

  • But the thing is, when Kermit and Fozzie laid down in their hammocks, they had a real nice view of the sky through a hole in the ceiling. So enjoy your view of the stars while we all make this dream happen for you.

    • meg


  • kasaro

    meg. i’m one of the lurkers, a RARE commenter, a twitter follower, a RSS loyalist. i’ve been around for almost 2 years now. quiet and committed. i have to tell you how much you and the community created here have touched my life. i’m not engaged. i wouldn’t even say i’m PREengaged. hell, i might never get married. but that’s totally okay. i know this because of APW. the strong, feminist ladies of Team Practical provide me with a quick shame-blaster zap whenever my inner monologue gets too harsh about how “i’m getting so old, and we’ve been together this long, and i need to have babies, and mom’s jones-ing for a wedding and grandkids…blahblahblallthethingssss”

    so yes everyone out there…my name’s k. i’m in a longterm relationship. i don’t know if i want kids. i read a wedding blog multiple times a day. i consider these people friends even though i’ve never met them. i am ordering a wedding book for myself even though marriage is not on my radar. i plan on recommending this book to LOTS of people regardless of their relationship status. and i’m thrilled beyond words to support meg in this endeavor. because she has supported me during some rough patches in my own journey. i think helping her get a NYT Best Seller is just the tip of the ‘thank you’ iceberg.

    • meg


  • It’s almost here! We’ve got you Meg. Not to worry. And those of us on the east coast will be on it first thing. I am so proud of you, of everything here, and to be a part of it all. You wrote a book. We will help you bring it to the masses. This.Feels.Awesome.

  • Beth

    I am about halfway through my engagement (whoa!) – this website has been amazing, from pre-engaged state through now. I’m sure I will still be reading it all the time after I become a Wife. I’m so happy for you, Meg! I accidentally pre-ordered my copy earlier, but am going to buy another copy tomorrow for my engaged friend. I can’t wait to curl up and read it!

  • Hoppy Bunny

    Girl, you did it. You did it all. Did I ever tell you… you’re my hero?

  • It’s 9:44 pm, and I’m kinda wondering if I can buy the book now seeing as it’s technically December 7th on the East Coast (don’t worry I’ll wait until tomorrow proper.)

    But that’s the kind of community you have built Meg. Never have I thought that I would ever be so excited to buy some internet stranger’s book — and a wedding book and I’m already married.

    You hauled that star up good.

  • Oh Meg, you go girl. Job well done. xox

  • Anon

    I just got engaged a few weeks ago, and we’re planning our wedding for next year, so all I can say is: I’m so glad the book is going out now, and not a year later! I can’t wait to read it.

  • I feel really bad that I wont be in the Big APW Book Buy – But I will ensure that tomorrow I go on there and reserve my kindle copy (so I get it while on Christmas holidays!!!!!!!)

    Yay Meg, hope this goes really well!

  • RJ

    I’ts almost finished being the 7th here… and I’ve been ready to buy on kindle all day!!!!

    It’s still showing pre-orders only though… and sometimes Amazon won’t let us buy Kindle editions in NZ until the hardcopy is out – aargh!

    BTW I’m not getting married, I’m buying to support Meg and the space where women get to be feminine, feminist and feisty all at once.

  • Puffin

    Just bought my 3 copies – 1 for a friend, 1 for me (married nearly two years but how could I NOT support Meg who has given me so much more than she could even imagine, plus, I know I’m going to love it) and one for the present drawer. So excited now that I can press the book into people’s hands as well as heartfeltly recommending APW as the only way to maintain wedding sanity and as an excellent guide to life, the universe and everything. Yay Meg for achieving your dream and spurring (yelling…) us all on to achieve ours.

  • Sara B.

    ONLY 30 MINUTES UNTIL IT STARTS!!! good luck meg!!

  • Julia

    I’ve been lurking for-ev-er.
    And I’m pretty sure I’m way ahead of you (in my time Zone, at least, it’s lunch time of the 7th)

    I’m engaged…And I love telling people that there was no ‘asking’ involved, we just decided it was time, together, without the ‘romantic’ stuff that makes me squirm – because I would feel like they had bartered over me like some livestock had my partner asked my dad, and because sometimes, in a weird way, for some probably Disney-induced reason, I somehow wish he had asked my dad, or me.

    So I’ve ordered you book from (and I hope that .at still counts for your statistics!) and am sooo looking forward to the sanity!

    Thanks already!


  • Joanna

    Forever lurker! Have been happily reading A Practical Wedding daily, and it’s so good for my brain. Just bought two copies of the book; one for me, one for my sister. I’m so excited to read it! I can imagine just how much careful labour and thought went into it, and I can’t wait till I get to dive in to the wiseness. Congratulations, published author!

  • Jen

    Hi Meg

    I almost never comment although I read daily. I just wanted to say how absolutely gorgeous you are in photo above – it captures a lovely moment and I’m so glad you shared it with us.

    Congratulations girl – kia kaha

  • Laura

    So, fun fact: Amazon’s automatic pricing system is set up to lower the price of an item the more it sells. Actually, you may have already noticed the price has dropped by around a dollar since Monday. And this particular price-lowering strategy is a hit Amazon takes, not the publisher (well, at least for DVDs). So because APW rounded everyone up to buy today, she’s saving you more money. Which.Is.Awesome. (And also means you should really buy it today if you’re looking for a deal. Because the price will go up after this love fest takes a break.)


      I was wondering why the price was dropping – yay! Was thinking about ordering another couple of spares for the next engaged peeps!

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