What Happens When Your Bridesmaid Shoots Your $7k, 120 Guest Church Wedding?

Photos that feel like a hug, that's what


 Jennifer, Construction Project Engineer & Brandon, Electrical Designer

SUM-UP OF THE WEDDING VIBE:  Just like our relationship, our engagement, our story, it was quirky and full of love.



We were able to get our wedding photos taken on top of the building where we had out first date and got engaged. We had our dream wedding with the dream price. We even got to take more photos post-wedding out at the Gorge. Everything was perfect!


We had originally set a budget of $5,000, but it ended up being about $7,000 for our 120 guests. We allocated the majority of the funds toward our photography, as well as our food and drink for the reception. Our venue was incredibly reasonably priced, especially if rented on a Sunday, which we did. On the financial side, in our budget-wedding, friends and family were key. Family discounts on our wedding cake, wedding coordinator, and flowers all helped keep our costs very low. We also spent little on our decorations around the church. We spent enough on what we thought mattered to make our wedding suit us, and we didn’t go into debt doing it.

Lessons learned:
1. The best things don’t always have to be the most expensive. In fact, it becomes a lot more “you” when you don’t go with the most expensive option and individualize everything instead.
2. Etsy literally has everything, for less than you would think.
3. Ask your vendors about payment plans. Most of them will have them available, you just have to ask.

How it all started: “You HAVE to meet him, Jenny.” My best friend, Jessica, urged me. “Meant to be,” and “I can’t believe I never saw this before” had become our normal conversation. I remember, so perfectly, the first night I decided to follow her advice and finally meet him. At that was it. He had my heart from that moment forward.

Of course, no love story is every easy, right? We dated long-distance for a year until he graduated and moved in with me here in Portland. However, even with the difficulties of long-distance dating, every moment was still so perfect, and it became apparent that we really were meant to be. We got engaged on October 3rd, at the same place he took me on our first date. Delicious sushi, fun libations, and vintage arcade games at the local video game bar. It was absolutely perfect.

And finally… not only did Katy Weaver play the role of our photographer, she was also one of my bridesmaids. She deserves the biggest of shout-outs for keeping me sane throughout the planning process, and for keeping our wedding planning and wedding day on track to be exactly what we wanted. I cannot sing her praises enough for being so wonderful.


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