A Texas Church Wedding with a Nigerian Blessing Ceremony

With a killer dance party, obviously

Alex, medical student & Rotimi, pediatrician

SUM-UP OF THE WEDDING VIBE: A small-town, large family gathering full of love, laughter, and dancing!

SOUNDTRACK FOR READING: “Best of My Love” by The Emotions

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Our first selfie after the ceremony, greeting every guest with hugs, and epic dancing!


From the beginning, our wedding was an affair that brought together family, old friends, and new friends in a unique, small-town kinda way. Our officiant, wedding coordinator, florist, and caterer are old family friends and Ro’s godmother made our cake. Each was just as excited as we were about our special day, and everything they did had an extra dose of love! We were fortunate to be surrounded by loved ones for our Nigerian Blessing Ceremony, which was in lieu of a rehearsal dinner and our chance to wear traditional Nigerian attire. Our parents as well as friends who’d been married for over fifty years gave us marital advice and showered us with love and well wishes. The love and emotion that evening was truly palpable. Our wedding day delivered even more togetherness. Some of our best memories were greeting each of our guests in a receiving line during the reception before dancing the night away!

And if all that love and connectedness wasn’t enough to satisfy all of our wedding dreams, we had a dual-culture buffet: Nigerian nosh and southern comfort BBQ (delish!). All topped off with some seasonal apple cider margaritas!


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