The Sisterhood Needs You!

We interrupt this APW lovefest to bring you some news for you to assist in or pass on.

We’ve heard from reader Theodora and several other readers that a bridal shop burned down in a Chicago suburb on Wednesday.  Not only is that devastating to the owners, it’s bad for all those wonderful brides who thought, in the midst of their wedding planning anxiety, “Well, at least I have my dress.”

A local radio station, WGN Radio, is putting out a call to women who are willing to donate or loan their dresses out to these brides in need.

Please check out the story here and then go to WGN’s Facebook page to post about your dress.

We don’t have any more info than what we’ve listed here, so please check out the links and follow the instructions or contact the appropriate people if you have any questions.  If you are willing and able to donate or loan your dress, please do!  Consider it The Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress: Community Edition.

And feel free to pass on APW’s info.  Those poor girls might need a little sanity right now.

We return to our regularly scheduled hugs, kisses and sunshine.

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  • I’m forwarding this to my already-married sister!

  • Jen

    I do have a puurty dress looking for a home! :)

  • I heard about this and feel so terrible for these women. If I had a dress I would donate it in a heartbeat. Thank goodness there is Team Practical to come to the rescue.

  • Lindsey

    Just wrote on the facebook page – thanks! I was thinking about donating it via APW so if no one needs it in Chicago maybe I will get my act together and attempt a graduate post…

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  • ks

    They already have over 100 replies – huzzah! I posted mine. I had been mulling over a Sisterhood donation anyway, so this seems like a great time to help out a local bride in need. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Carrie M

      I’ve been mulling, too. Just posted my dress!

  • I read about this yesterday on Small Strokes. Ashley is a reader of APW and it is the store that had her best friend’s wedding dress and all of their bridesmaid dresses for a wedding in 3 weeks!

    I’m so glad to hear the community is coming together for this. I really hope local bridal stores have the same generosity.

  • Genevieve

    There was a CNN iReport on it yesterday. Someone from the store organized a public google spreadsheet for people to list their dress details on.

  • So sad…I will tweet this and pass on the link…my prayers are for the bridal store and the brides….so sad…makes me want to cry…I still have my wedding dress from 32 years ago, so I know how attached you can be to the special dress on your special day…

  • Jen

    I’m impressed. There are already over 300 dresses on that spreadsheet that they set up.

  • JEM

    looks like they will probably be in need of bridesmaid dresses too, just something to consider!

  • AmandaT

    Done! I’m in Madison WI so not terribly far away!

  • Adam Adolfo


  • If I was in the USA, I would totally, in a heartbeat.
    But I dont trust international couriers, and the tax on a wedding dress could be massive, and the extra stress of waiting for something that important to be sent interntationally? I wouldnt wish that on any bride to be… It was bad enough waiting for it to be delivered from four hours up the road!