These Are The Things Getting Us Through #PandemicSummer

APW Staff Picks

Hi, y’all! We’re back this month with our staff quarantine buys. While there isn’t typically a theme to our staff round ups it definitely feels like we’re all on the same page. Even though our staff is working remotely and not able to chat about some of our favorite finds IRL, our picks seem to all fit together. We’re mostly spending our money on comfortable (and dare I say sexy?) undergarments and home decor/improvement items and I’m here for it.

Our original plans for summer may have been put on hold this year we’re not letting that get in the way us of living our best lives. If we’re going to be mostly at home we might as well make the best of it, right? So this month we’re stocking up on comfy undies, all the linen items and new plush beds for our furry friends. I will say though, I had a “treat myself” moment and bought shoes I’ve been daydreaming about for so long. More on that below!

Meg’s Picks

If my picks give you the idea that we’re all hanging around in our (cute) underwear and sleep clothes in our new super comfy backyard with freshly washed hair, you wouldn’t be that far off. And I mean, for 2020 that’s about as close as we come to living the dream, right? This round of my picks is DEEPLY researched, and besides the outdoor couch, all from women owned businesses, so you can feel extra good about those long summer days.

Leopard High Rise Undies from ARQ

High Rise Undies: Two weeks ago I hit to the point of quarantine that I’m gonna call “If this underwear isn’t comfy I’m going to murder someone.” So I started researching all the best underwear, ordering one pair at a time till I found something worth investing in. ARQ (a small woman owned brand) is exactly that. This is the underwear you can hang around the house in, and that you didn’t know you were missing.

All-Day Gown in Marshmallow Floral by La Paloma

All-Day Gown: My friend Jen launched La Paloma this spring, probably the worst time in the world to launch a company. But I’m so proud of her for doing it, and her kids nightgowns are worth every penny (and every hour she spent developing them). My daughter lives in hers, night and day.

Leave-In Conditioner by Pattern via ULTA

Leave-In Conditioner: I mentioned this Pattern conditioner in a previous roundup, but it’s so good I might mention it in every roundup. This leave in conditioner is designed for curls, and it has changed the game with my hair. I just ordered this new MASSIVE size, and I can’t wait till it gets here.

Calloway 4 Piece Set by Foundstone via Wayfair

4 Piece Set: If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we’ve been busy doing a few backyard makeovers. (I mean, where else is there to be these days?) I did a huge research project to find this couch. I was looking for modern, affordable, and super super well reviewed. This one checked every box. (I’ll have a full roundup of products we used for the yard one of these days, but till now, I bring you this couch…. and the table is included.)

Fits Everybody Boy Short by Skims

Skims Boy Shorts: Remember that underwear research project? Well, it had two clear winners. And while Arq is the hang around the house winner, Skims Everybody line is the “so comfy you can hardly feel it” winner. I ordered and embarrassing amount of both kinds of underwear, because you never know what kind of day you’re going to have.

Chelsea’s Picks

This summer hasn’t been like other summers but you don’t need me to tell you that. In “normal” times I’d be on the road and camping every weekend. But now that that’s not really feasible, I’ve switched my focus to making my house and everything in it really cozy. In reality that actually meant buying storage containers, donating things we don’t need anymore and making space for the things that we truly enjoy. And I may be late to the party, but linen has won me over. After buying the linen wrap in our last staff round up I purchased a second one because it’s seriously that good.


Don’t Sit On My Bed Print by Brownie Points Company via Etsy

Don’t Sit On My Bed Print: When this print from Brownie Points Company came across my radar I knew I had to get it for my partner. “Chill” could be my partner’s middle name so I always giggle when he is so serious about no outside clothes on the bed.

Gloria Sandals by Charlotte Stone

Gloria Sandals: I’ve had this pair of Charlotte Stone sandals sitting in my bookmark tab for like the last year hoping they would come back in stock. So the second the waitlist opened I finally did it and splurged on these sandals for myself. No regrets here. They are stylish AF and go with everything but if neutrals aren’t your thing they have the same pair in rainbow too.

Donut Cuddler Cat Bed via Amazon

Donut Cat Bed: The love my cat has for her donut bed is second to none (that’s her peacefully sleeping above). After months of trying to get her to stop burrowing in my own sheets during the day, this was finally the thing that got her to stop. Anywhere we put this bed the cat will follow. And it keeps all her hair in her own spot and not in my sheets so it’s a win for everyone. (Pro tip: if you need a pick-me-up go check out all the review photos for this product. You won’t be disappointed.)

The Plunge Bra in Leopard by Cuup

The Plunge Bra: I didn’t believe in wearing bralettes before trying out the Plunge Bra from Cuup. After months of seeing their ads all over IG, I finally just went for it and I’m so glad I did. There’s a wire in the bra (which for me, is great) but the mesh material of the cups make it feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. It’s so breathable yet supportive at the same time.

Alyssa’s Picks

It seems we’re all in the same boat here… just trying to make home feel cozy, welcoming, clean, and organized… and addicted to linen. That’s been my 2020 in a nutshell. I don’t know if it’s just being in my thirties, or stress, or all of it, but sleep hasn’t been so easy these days, and my body was hurting so I’ve been leveling up my bed accessories. Oh, and I wanted it to look beautiful, too.


The Original by Coop Home Goods

The Coop Original Pillow: The Coop Original Pillow is what pillows are meant to be. I have had a memory foam pillow from Costco for a while now, and I dig it… but I kept waking up with aches and pains. Coop lured me in with their promise of a customizable pillow experience. I think I’m naturally a back sleeper, but apparently I snore (Trisha is nodding aggressively)… so I grabbed one of these, pulled a little stuffing out to make it better for side sleeping… so far so good. I’m about to order a second one for Trisha.

Knee Pillow by Coop Home Goods

Knee Pillow: Now, this is surely an in-my-thirties issue… but knee pillows are where it’s at for side sleeping. This one from Coop Home Goods is customizable (you can take out an insert to make it more narrow), and the cover comes off for easy cleaning.

Tie-Dye Face Masks by Love Linax via Etsy

Tie-Dye Face Masks: We all need to be rocking face masks day in and day out. I care about other people, but also about comfort and looking cute… so I snagged myself (and the kiddo) some of these from Love Linax and they arrived so quick, they are so soft, and the colors are totally fun. Love them.

Bark Box Dog Bed via Amazon

Bark Box Dog Bed: The humans aren’t the only ones who deserve comfort. We realized last week that the dog bed we had for our little old lady pup was looking pretty sad after a few camping trips, and a run through the wash didn’t revive it. So, I started searching for one where the cover could come completely off of for deep cleaning. This one from Bark Box is nice looking, easy to clean, and she loves it—even if she’s on the couch right now, instead.

Farmhouse Linen Pillow Covers by Lenok Linen via Etsy

Farmhouse Linen Pillow Covers: In early quarantine, Trisha and I finally snagged ourselves a new set of bedsheets (similar) and a light summer comforter, but we wanted to add some pops of color, so I ordered a decorative pillow cover, and two pillow shams from Lenok Linen on Etsy. They took a while to get here, but they arrived and are such nice quality and beautiful colors. I can’t wait to make the bed when they get out of the wash later today.

TUSHY Spa Premium Warm Water Bidet Attachment by TUSHY

Tushy Spa Bidet: I’m blushing putting this one up, but ya’ll… I can’t not tell you about it. We panicked a bit in March when toilet paper was nowhere to be found, and placed an order for one of these bad boys. It took a while to get here (we weren’t the only ones with that idea), but it is so worth it. It took us like 20 minutes to install and let’s just say… we absolutely love it. Did ya’ll know that the US is the leader in the use of toilet paper? Not exactly something to be proud of. I’m team bidet… join the club.

Keriann’s Picks

I haven’t used my backyard in years because the Long Island mosquitos eat me alive, and I’m usually busy doing… anything but hanging out at home in the summer. But since that won’t be the case this year, I decided to load up on bug spray and finally get myself a cute hammock set-up.



Sunnydaze Hammock via Amazon

SUNNYDAZE HAMMOCK: When I started my hammock search in mid-May a lot of options were sold out already, and since I was looking for something neutral but not boring, that narrowed down the list further.  But when I finally found this one it was in stock and was exactly what I was looking for. Bonus points for it being so big I can lay sideways on it. (Pro tip: You’ll need a 15′ hammock stand.)

Uteki Ceramic Stool via Anthropologie

UTEKI CERAMIC STOOL: I spent a lot of time scrolling Wayfair for a cute side table that didn’t look like ones I’ve seen a million times—and then I ended up on Anthro and found a whole slew of them. It’s just as gorgeous in person and seems to be holding up to the outdoors nicely, but I love mine so much, I will probably sneak it into my bedroom for the winter.

 António Power Loom Geometric Black/Beige Rug via Wayfair

GEOMETRIC BLACK/BEIGE RUG: This may make me a weirdo, but I hate walking on grass barefoot, and we don’t have any kind of deck or patio for my hammock. So I decided to do the quick-and-dirtiest thing possible by buying an outdoor rug and putting it down in a fairly clear level spot in my yard. I know that’s a lot to ask of an outdoor rug, so we’ll see how it goes! But for now it makes the hammock situation look resort-level fancy, and gives me a place to take my shoes off and put down my tote bag of books and mosquito spray and sunscreen.

What items are making your life a little more enjoyable these days? We’re always looking for recommendations, let us know what you’re loving in the comments!

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