Things To Wear On Your Head When You Wed: The Simple Edition

So. Recently, I’ve been getting a little anxious about my OUTFIT, and my ACCESSORIES, which is a whole other post. But, some of my anxiety has revolved around wanting a fabulous hair piece (other than my homemade veil, which I’m starting to love). Anyway, I was reading back over Things To Wear On Your Head When You Wed, and looking at amazing handmade hairpieces and getting stressed. And then I remembered that ages ago, I’d decided to wear a real flower in my hair. Ahhhhh, yes. Real flowers. It seems so obvious when you think about it. And the cost? Free.

The one time I was a flower girl (something I had aspired to be since I realized you could get such a job) I was a little disappointed that A) My dress was not spin-ny B) They gave me flowers in a stupid basket and not a gorgeous big-girl bouquet and C) That I didn’t get to wear flowers in my hair. So the next day, when I got dressed for church, I *insisted* that my mom French braid in all of my flower girl blooms into my hair.

But this time, I’m in charge*. So blush Dahlias it will be. It may not be fabulous and feathery, but I suspect no one will be *too* focused on my hair. (And actually, it will be fabulous).

*And you better believe that my dress will be spin-ny and my flowers will not be in a stupid basket.

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  • Ah, my dahlia!!! I love that we will be hair twins. Sing it, sister.

  • Spinny dresses are Very Important.

    (I was a flower girl something like eight times, only one of which yeilded a spinny dress. A SPINNY DRESS WITH A HOOP SKIRT. I nearly perished from delight.)

  • Awesome!

    My flowergirls (we have two. No ring bearer) have insisted that "my dress is not allowed to itch. and it must spin." And, so, that is being arranged.

    My older flower girl is holding a bouquet, with the rings tied to it. The younger one has been a flower girl about 7 times, and she's only five. So, she's all about the basket. As long as the dress doesn't itch.

  • Who doesn't love spinny dresses? Dahlias sound gorgeous, I'm sure it will look wonderful!

  • p.s. I just put on my spinniest dress and twirled twice.

  • Meg, how are you in my head all the time? At almost a month out, I am totally freaking out about finding a headpiece because I'm not wearing a veil. But originally I wanted two gardenias in my hair. So why do I now think I need feathers and tulle?

    Thanks for the reminder (and how great will we smell day of?!)

  • OMG this post made me laugh so hard. I was a flower girl way too many times as a kid but I remember I at least had ONE spinny dress. I love it!! I don't have a flower girl yet. :(

  • You make me smile, and I really needed that today.

    The bridal shops all laughed at me when I started spinning in dresses. The one I picked spun the best. (It was the only one where I really felt like I HAD to spin, and that was an important sign.)

  • i love dahlias. what a great idea!

  • So cute – spinny dresses are key.

    I'm going to be wearing a dahlia in my hair too, and I'm just wondering whether there isn't anything special we need to do to make sure the flowers stay happy and alive in our hair without any water all day??

    I'm not inclined to worry about it too much.. I mean, it's a flower – it should be allowed to do its natural flower thing. Still, anyone have any words of wisdom for hair flower longevity?

  • You're so smart, Meg! I spent $50 on feather fascinator (via Etsy), that I just adored. But low and behold, somehow forgot to pack it for the wedding. I was strangely upset about and when a girlfriend suggested I wear a real flower instead (since we had a lot), my first thought was 'WHAAAAAAT?!?!?!? A REAL flower? NO WAY!'

    Then I realized I'm an idiot and that's what I should have planned on doing in the first place.

    It was so simple that it never even occurred to me.

  • I'm definitely getting a spinny dress for my flower girl.
    And fairy wings.
    And a wand.
    And glitter.
    And flowers she can hold AND ones she can throw..

    I was never a flower girl so I'm sorta living vicariously through her.
    (and yes, I know it's a little silly since I'm the damn BRIDE)

  • I like the real flower in your hair. I actually just ordered my veil and fascinator from etsy. I'm really excited for them to come in.

    I thought about doing real flowers, but we're not using live flowers, and I didn't want to mess with figuring out how to keep it in my hair. So, kudos to you. :)

    As for the "spinny" dress — when I was younger, my family made me dresses, as I was really the only girl. And for every dress, it had to have a "twirl factor". I still do that to this day; we just had an engagement party, and I was twirling around the house just to watch my dress. There's nothing as freeing as that.

  • lovely lovely lovely

  • Cate Subrosa

    Spinny dress! Yes!

  • Meg

    I think the flower will be fine? In my experance Dahlia's are sort of tough. But A) When I start dancing it might fall out anyway, and at that point who cares, right? B) There will be backup flowers all over to stick in my hair if mine is not looking to fresh and I actually notice. C) It's not really all day, right? I mean, like half a day. It can make it half a day. For us, by 3pm we're SO GONE, so who cares!


  • Of course it will be fabulous!

  • Ha. I hated being a flower girl. So not a spinny dress person. When I came down the aisle in my WEDDING DRESS, one of my little cousins whispered to her mom, "When is she gonna put her dress on?"

    But yesyesyes to the flower!

  • Amy

    Ahh the power of real flowers to make you feel so alive.

    Good choice!

  • I'm 18 days out from my event. Last week I was going round and round about hair. I'm not going for a veil so I'm in limbo about what to wear. I ordered a simplish headband from Etsy with crystal and pearls. But I did think I wanted flowers in my hair at one point. How is everyone planning on wearing their hair to include flowers? Pictures?

  • dahlia: nice idea! i'm planning to make my own birdcage veil and put fresh flower on.

    i tried my dress on again today to check if it's spinny… yeah, a bit ;)

  • My favorite flowers will be in bloom a good 4-5 months after our wedding. Otherwise I would be wearing a white snowball in my hair, just like I used to when I was little and my dad would cut them from our garden to put in my hair for church.

  • simplicity is lovely.

  • Oh man, soooo nice to know I'm not the only one to spin in all the dresses I tried on to test them out. Also, deciding factor for bridesmaid dresses was spinnyness. They asked me to pick so they didn't have to, since I didn't really care, but since they asked I thought it would be great to get photos of us all twirling in our skirts together. So looking forward to it!

  • Meg

    I'm tucking my flower back in a bun. If I take my hair down later then I'll probably just pin it in behind my ear till it falls out. I think it's the kind of thing you can't be too fussy about. You won't have the energy, you'll be too busy partying!

    Dahlia's. Not my favorite flower, just in season. After August though, they'll always remind us of our wedding…

  • sam

    A spin-ny dress was my one requirement for my attire for our October wedding. Otherwise, why wear a dress?

  • I just got married two weekends ago, and I decided to put a flower in my hair — it's definitely the way to go. And then my sister decided I needed 15 flowers in my hair. It kind of came out looking like a bouquet on my head. They lasted all day (10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., that is.)

    Good luck!

  • Everyday I love you more and more. I just bought a lovely butterfly hair comb, but damn if that real dahlia really isn't just the perfect thing. you make me breathe a sigh of relief.

  • Love the idea. My cousin had a huge gardenia. Get your hairstylist to put it in for you & it should stay put. Have a backup flower too so that if it wilts post ceremony, etc. you can swap it out. Cuz's flower lasted all night long into the wee hrs.

  • OMG thank so much for saying this! I was planning on spinny dresses for my flower girls and was getting totally lukewarm reactions from everyone. I was starting to doubt my plan! I shall not let them deter me from getting the girls spinny dresses any longer.

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  • Treasure Stirling

    Another one going Veil-less;
    I knew I never wanted a blusher – I don’t do well things in my face – and even when the shop lady asked me about it – I told her that it reminded me of the wedding in 16 Candles – Molly Ringwald’s sister (the bride) gets her period the morning of – so is given a painkiller for the cramps, and ends up “pfft-ing” at her veil and pulling at it to get it off…. that is EXACTLY how I feel about veils….. and so when my sisters put one on me at my dress appt – I ended up doing almost the same thing “get it off my face”
    I originally thought I wanted a simple floral crown with tulle and ribbons hanging off the back (but that was an idea from when i was like 16 and Legends of the Fall was still out/popular)… My mom and I ended up making a headpiece – it circles my head, and has things that hang on my forehead and in front of my ears, and then has pearls that drape and cross around the back… its rather simple, its elegant, and it fits the Renaissance theme of my wedding.