Things To Wear On Your Head When You Wed: The Simple Edition

So. Recently, I’ve been getting a little anxious about my OUTFIT, and my ACCESSORIES, which is a whole other post. But, some of my anxiety has revolved around wanting a fabulous hair piece (other than my homemade veil, which I’m starting to love). Anyway, I was reading back over Things To Wear On Your Head When You Wed, and looking at amazing handmade hairpieces and getting stressed. And then I remembered that ages ago, I’d decided to wear a real flower in my hair. Ahhhhh, yes. Real flowers. It seems so obvious when you think about it. And the cost? Free.

The one time I was a flower girl (something I had aspired to be since I realized you could get such a job) I was a little disappointed that A) My dress was not spin-ny B) They gave me flowers in a stupid basket and not a gorgeous big-girl bouquet and C) That I didn’t get to wear flowers in my hair. So the next day, when I got dressed for church, I *insisted* that my mom French braid in all of my flower girl blooms into my hair.

But this time, I’m in charge*. So blush Dahlias it will be. It may not be fabulous and feathery, but I suspect no one will be *too* focused on my hair. (And actually, it will be fabulous).

*And you better believe that my dress will be spin-ny and my flowers will not be in a stupid basket.

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