Ever Wonder What Happens When the Florist’s Daughter Gets Married?

This wedding is lush af

Megan and Andy's Tierra Retreat Center wedding in Leavenworth, Washington. Photos by Atlas & Elia Photography

Megan, communications/marketing & Andy, ski design engineer

Sum-up of the wedding vibe: A weekend-long outdoor celebration in the Cascades.

Planned budget: $20,000

Actual budget: $24,000

Number of guests: 130


Where we allocated the most funds:

The biggest expense was the venue, which housed all of the wedding events and most of our guests all weekend long. It was a tough check to write, but totally worth it to have the venue all to ourselves for the full weekend and having all of our friends and family nearby.

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Where we allocated the least funds:

Believe it or not, the flowers! My mom and aunt are both incredibly talented florists. As our wedding present, my mom paid for the flowers, and she, my aunt, and an army of family and friends totally transformed the venue—and me—with these beautiful creations. It was truly so much more beautiful than I ever could have imagined.

megan&andy.campbohowedding.36Megan and Andy's Tierra Retreat Center wedding in Leavenworth, Washington. Photos by Atlas & Elia PhotographyMegan and Andy's Tierra Retreat Center wedding in Leavenworth, Washington. Photos by Atlas & Elia Photographymegan&andy.campbohowedding.44

A few things that helped us along the way:

Not having a wedding party cut down on a lot of logistics, and not getting too fancy when it came to food and beverages. We were originally planning on a PNW-themed salmon dinner, but ended up serving delicious/casual tacos instead. It was half the cost, everyone loved it, and it filled our guests’ bellies before the party began. For booze, we bought three kegs from the local brewery, served nicer wine at dinner and for the toast, and then switched to cheaper wine as the dancing got started. We realized that most people won’t remember what you serve them—they will only remember if you run out.


My best practical advice for my planning self:

Prioritize a few things you really want during your day and then let the other pieces fall into place. If you’re flexible on how the little details will look, tap your friends and family—sure, there is a chance it could turn out different than you originally pictured, but in my case, our day was a million times more gorgeous and special than I ever would have thought possible.


Favorite thing about the wedding:

That so many friends and family helped create different aspects of the wedding: my mom and aunt did the flowers, Andy’s dad married us, my dear friend made the graphics of the invitation and glasses based off my favorite artist, and my best friend created my necklaces.


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  • Her Lindsayship

    AMAZING VENUE!! Wow, seriously wow. Love the shot over the ceremony with a wide view of the trees all around and the people and the altar. Gorgeous!! Congratulations and well done!

  • StevenPortland

    Always great to see a wedding from the Pacific Northwest here! Wow, those flowers!!! Amazing. Looks like a really beautiful wedding. Congrats!

  • Emily

    “people won’t remember what you serve them, as long as you don’t run out”—the best practical advice I’ve heard this week!
    Beautiful wedding

  • clarkesara

    That flower crown, tho!

  • Rachelle

    The first few pictures had me seriously wondering if APW was featuring styled wedding inspiration shoots now! Such a beautiful wedding and couple and I adore your dog :)

  • What a beautiful wedding photography done by Atlas Photo Co. Such a nice poses plus candid photographs you have captured. Truly inspiring photo-shoot you have done. Thank you for sharing with us and inspiring us.

    filmwalawedding-dot-com -> Team

  • Unhip in Brooklyn

    This wedding really is beyond gorgeous!

  • Katie Murphy

    Such a great article! It’s always surprising how much a natural setting could be touching for a wedding.
    My attention is captured by the band photo. I’m curios to know what was the method behind your choice.
    My sister is getting married next year in Ireland and I am really excited for her, but we are stuck on the problem of music. The were looking at various options booking a band and the hardest part is going to listening to all of them until have found the right one. They really want to have a sax and they’ve found this Cork wedding band with a good sax player.
    What do you guys think looking through that?
    Thanks for your opinions