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As longtime readers of the site will know, I have been sharing about my journey as an entrepreneur for about as long as APW has existed, since before I attended the second ever Alt Summit nine years ago.

Over the years attending conferences, finding mentors, hiring coaches and consultants, has been an important part of growing as a small business owner, and quite frankly, surviving as a business for twelve years. It’s also been expensive. Over the years, I’ve paid it forward with doing informal one on one business consulting with everyone from friends over drinks, to fellow attendees in conference hallways, to my Uber drivers, and writing and publishing about entrepreneurship and careers on APW. (I am particularly proud of a recent post where we made a website for the entrepreneurial force-to-be-reckoned-with that is The Black Doula as it is chock full of common stumbling blocks to making yourself a website and me yelling at you with how to overcome them.)

But lately the universe has been asking me to step up my game in the form of helping others step up theirs.

Announcing Our Five Month Business Consulting Mastermind (For All Businesses)

So if you’ve been one of those people over the years gently asking and nudging in the comments for us to pass on what we’ve learned over the last decade as a womxn-owned and run small business to other business owners, now is your (possibly one-and-only) chance. And I mean: now. We put this program together fast, we’re never going to be able to offer it again with this kind of personalized attention and this amazing of a team, at this price. The cost is $1,100 for a five month course, or $250/month for five months, and applications close at midnight on Sunday night. That’s this Sunday.

And if you’re a small business owner who’s in the place of just wanting someone, ahem, like me, to boss you around a bit—and tell you exactly what you ought to be doing, then this is definitely for you.

And it’s not just me that will be in your corner (and possibly on your one-on-one coaching call), it’s also our Director of Partnerships and small biz management specialist, Keriann Kohler—plus we’re bringing in our favorite experts as mentors and guest speakers (more to be announced).

The five month program includes:

  • Five live, interactive, small-group 90-minute masterclasses with industry experts on common struggles like:
    • Creating a vision for your business, with Rachel Dorsey (Who runs a production company so successful it’s hard to comprehend.)
    • Defining your brand, with Najva Sol (Former APW staffer, everyone’s fav.)
    • Strategic social media, Hannah Chester (A social media consultant with a mind like a machine… of growth.)
    • Creating systems and automation
    • Marketing to your ideal clients
    • And more speakers to be announced
  • Plus a 1:1 coaching call with one of our biz mentors.

In The L.O.V.E. Club, you’ll get personalized, hands-on, highly actionable help—for quite frankly the going rate for a suite of video lessons and a Facebook group—from this amazing group of womxn for the next five months. (We’re not quite sure how we got them all to say YES, and it’ll probably never happen again. 🤯)

How Did This Come Together? (And So Damn Fast?)

Tl;dr: In 2019, we launched a small group mentorship program, The L.O.V.E. CLUB, (think of it like an incubator for entrepreneurs that you don’t have to quit your job to participate in) for wedding vendors.

📣 Now in 2020 we realize that the information we are teaching is too valuable to limit to just one industry. So we’re opening it up to all small business owners.

What’s Getting Coaching From Me Like?

As longtime APW readers, you know my M.O. has always been about cutting through the bullshit and focusing on what really matters to make something a success, whether that’s not getting bogged down in the wedding industry telling you to care about napkin colors or the small business industry telling you to care about the flawlessly color-coordinating your IG grid.

According to some recent testimonials from people I’ve worked with, you’ll get kind of help that will save you years of trying to figure it out on your own:

This was the most impactful…hours I’ve ever spent getting into the weeds of my business.

It is hard to quantify just how much value Meg offers when it comes to her business insights and her get shit DONE approach. From structuring service offerings to fine-tuning pricing, she was able to tick boxes that I had spent YEARS feeling overwhelmed by.

There are so many elements of the experience that I had with her that have armed me with so much information and a much better understanding of how I need to serve people and it is something that I haven’t achieved in any other setting. Seriously: if you have a chance to learn from Meg, do it.”
—Hannah, Social Media Consultant


So if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner (yesss, get it!) who is tired of “figuring it out” on your own, and cobbling together your knowledge from random internet courses—and you want actual experts to look at YOUR actual business and straight up tell you what you should be focusing on to level up, you’ll want to check it out and apply.

Full disclosure: This is a very small group so that everyone will receive personalized attention so spots are very limited. BUT, we’ll be giving our longtime APW readers like you first go, so don’t hesitate to send in your application ASAP… I can’t wait to get to know you and your business.

Enrollment closes Sunday, February 3rd. 😘


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