Tomorrow: APW + P&G’s Ask A Stylist

You know, sometimes I forget that this community is an anomaly on the internet (What? The web isn’t filled with thoughtful, intelligent commenters that respect everyone’s differences? Could have fooled me!) So the other week when we posted an announcement that we were going to be working with Procter & Gamble’s Beauty and Grooming team to bring you affordable wedding day beauty tutorials, and you responded with 200-and-counting thoughtful comments suggesting your ideas for what we should cover, we thought it was just a usual day.

But then we got an e-mail from the P&G Beauty team. You see, we sent them the post to show them what you guys were up to and they were blown away. They had never seen such awesome discussion on a post like that before.

In fact, they thought the conversation we were having over here was so awesome that they asked if we wanted to do it again, but this time in real-time on Twitter, with real time APW stylists and their experts answering your very specific questions about your very specific selves, with them sponsoring the whole thing. What is that, you guys? That’s like someone throwing you an ice cream party with all the free ice cream you can eat in exactly your favorite flavors, just because they think you are so nice and smart. (You are that nice and smart, and you totally deserve this. And ice cream.)

So that’s what we’re doing tomorrow. Between 1-2PM EST/10-11AM PST, after the first makeup tutorial goes up, APW and P&G will be hosting a live Twitter chat with makeup artist Shana of Fox & Doll (who has now done my makeup twice and I can assure you, is exactly who you want answering your questions) and the P&G Beauty Team. Best yet? You can upload a photo of yourself and get advice from Shana tailored exactly to your facial features and skin tone. Free expert advice at your fingertips, tips to help you out with your wedding makeup if you’re freaking out, or just a free (super, super awesome, seriously, I totally love this woman) stylist giving you specific tips. What more could you want?

Here’s how it works: Sign on to Twitter anytime during the hour (though early is undoubtedly better for getting your questions answered), and send your questions to @ShanaAstrachan and @PGBeauty with the hashtag #APWPGBeauty. You can upload your photo for more tailored advice from Shana, or use the P&G team for product recommendations. Don’t really have any specific questions, but want tips anyway? Follow @ShanaAstrachan and @PGBeauty on Twitter and search for #APWPGBeauty and you can take full advantage of all the free advice you can get.

Trust me, we’ll remind you exactly when it’s happening, here, on Twitter, and on Facebook. But still. Free stylist advice? Maybe set a little alarm. And buy yourself an ice cream.

Photo by: Hart & Sol West

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