Will Our Guests Hate Sitting At Picnic Tables?

I'm worried about their comfort

Q: My partner and I will be having an outdoor tent wedding for two hundred guests. The venue has wooden picnic tables (the kind with the benches attached) that we’d be able to use at no charge for our reception. I love the look of the bare wood for our table settings; the homey, family-style feel that picnic tables would offer; and obviously the cost savings of skipping table and linen rental.

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On the flip side, I’m worried about the comfort of some of our guests. People who wear skirts might not enjoy getting in and out, and I would hate to cause discomfort for guests who have back or joint issues. I’ve never been to a wedding with this type of seating, so this is all just speculation. Should I play it safe for my guests’ sake and just rent tables and chairs? Or am I overthinking the potential for discomfort?


What are you planning to do for seating for your outdoor wedding? Have you ever attended a wedding with picnic-style seating? What did you think? Do style, convenience, and affordability override the potential of Guest discomfort? 

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