45 Unique Wedding Bands that Can Stand on Their Own

Engagement ring? What engagement ring?

Statement Rings Graphic

Since the wedding industry basically spends six months of the year trying to sell us on the most expensive engagement rings possible, it doesn’t surprise me that we don’t often talk about the fact that plenty of women don’t end up wearing them every day after the wedding. (Don’t get me started on the societal crap that leads to couples feeling like they need to have a ring for the engagement to be legitimate.) And even for women who do wear their engagement rings, it’s not uncommon for there to be real emotional attachment to that ring you put on your finger the moment you actually got married. So while the industry may treat wedding bands as supporting characters, in reality, they’re often the stars of the show.

The good news is the options for wedding bands are pretty much limitless and exist at every single price point, from about a dollar on up. (You can find thirty of our favorites under $500 right here.) But today, we’re all about the wedding bands that say, “Engagement ring? What engagement ring?” Here are forty-five statement wedding bands that can totally stand their ground in a sea of multi-carat bling.

P.S. For the already-married crowd, I see at least four anniversary bands in there myself (cough ombre eternity band cough). Just sayin’.

baguette eternity

Claire Kinder Studio River of Light Band from Catbird ($1,840)

black infinity rough

Black Diamond Eternity Band by Satomi Kawakita ($1,485)


Suzanne Kalan Baguette Diamond Fireworks Band from Twist ($1,000)

05780Scattered Stack Diamond Ring by Armenta ($1,390)

black eternity band 2

The Black Eternity Band by Crown Nine ($2,500)

open triangle

14K Open Pavé Two Triangle Ring by Zoe Chico ($475)


Champagne Diamond Stack Ring by Armenta ($1,845)

triangle pave

Mini Peak Band with Micro Pavé Diamonds by Mociun ($2,100)

diamonds and circles

Cathy Waterman Geometric Band from Twist ($3,200)

fleur de lis

Sculpted Scroll Diamond Stack Ring by Armenta ($1,690)

hex nesting

Eva Fehren Hexagon Misfit Ring with Diamonds from Twist ($2,425)

gold tiara

Mizuki Diamond Cut-Out Crown Ring from Twist ($1,090)


Harlequin Rapunzel Ring by Polly Wales (£2,090)


Blanca Monros Gomez Thin Wavy Band with Diamonds from Steven Alan ($845)

hex pave

Suel Diamond Octagon Band from Twist ($1,330)


Melanie Ring from One Jewelry Los Angeles ($1,395)


Yossi Harari Jane Ruby Ring from Twist ($1,610)

black diamond bateau

Claire Kinder Black Diamond Bateau from Fiat Lux ($790)

platinum baguette

Ila & I Petite Baguette Band from Catbird ($3,000)

three stone

Blance Monros Gomez Thick Wavy Band with Three Diamonds from Steven Alan ($805)

diamond back

Daisy San Luis Diamond Back from Fiat Lux ($1650)

rose nested

Anna Sheffield Grand Tiara Diamond Ring from Twist ($1,575)curved

Bario-Neal Milla Curved Band ($1,073)

rough infinity

Carved Skinny Stack Ring with Diamonds by Armenta ($1,290)
silver crown

White Gold and Diamond Crown Ring by Sylva & Cie ($3,375)

hex pave top

Selin Kent Hex Band from Steven Alan ($735)

square pave

Ila & I Ravel Band from Twist ($1,925)

Wwake Arc Ring from Catbird ($890)


Todd Pownell Inverted Brown Diamond Eternity Band from Twist ($1,628)

nested triangles

Diamond Trace Ring by Tilda Biehn ($1,725)


Ila & I Turquoise Diamond Eternity Ring from Catbird ($1,610)


Notched Wedding Band by Mociun ($1,392)

black eternity band 3

Narrow Black Eternity Band by Bario Neal ($955)

triangle waves pave

Wavelength Ring with Diamonds by Digby & Iona ($2640)

bario neal baguette

Baguette Diamond Band by Bario Neal ($2,475)


Micropavé Arc and Triangle Pairing by Wwake ($1613)


Pavé Arrows Band by Digby & Iona ($860)

open pave

Wwake Micropavé Open Slice Ring from Catbird ($832)


Women’s Etched Pattern Band by Mociun ($850)

triangle single stone

Triangle Band with Three White Diamonds by Mociun ($655)


Markl Band by Digby & Iona ($1220)

black triant

Double Black Onyx Triangle Ring by Mociun ($722)

wave sides

Eternity Wave Band with Diamonds by Digby & Iona ($2175)

Littlest Evil by Fiat Lux ($170)

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