Free Unplugged Wedding Sign From Everly Calligraphy

by Maddie Eisenhart

Earlier today Meg wrote a great post on privacy at weddings. It’s a topic close to my heart, as I photograph dozens of weddings each year and am constantly surprised at the ubiquity of cameras and phones present during precious moments like processionals and vows. (This photographer leaves her camera at home during weddings.  Except maybe instant. Because that thing is fun at parties.) And while a lot of what Meg had to say involves working with the people making your wedding happen and managing everyone’s expectations (including your own), sometimes it’s just easier in the wedding planning process to let your stuff do the talking for you instead.

So with that in mind, we asked Charmaine of Everly Calligraphy to help us come up with a pretty but to-the-point sign asking guests to respect your unplugged wedding. The resulting creation is a beautiful 8.5 x 11″ hand-written document that you can download, print and frame somewhere at your wedding, cluing folks into the game plan. And while you can’t change the text of these signs, since Charmaine is extra kind, we’ve got a bunch of different color variations for you to choose from (click after the jump to see more) and Charmaine even included the raw Photoshop files for the sign in case you want to get crazy and change the text or background color. I tried my hand at it and came up with this version, which I’m secretly kind of in love with:

To download your set of printable signs (which includes both the PDFs and the PSD files bundled together in a .zip file), just click here. My hope for this year is that I’ll start seeing a lot more of these, and a lot less of this:

And now, if you’d like to take a peek before you download, check out some of the color combinations Charmaine created for us after the jump:

Photo by APW Sponsor Hart & Sol West 

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