Update From Project Wedding Dress

Update from the wedding dress front: I just finished standing for an hour while my sister wielded sharp pins in front of my face and threatened that So Help Her God, if I didn’t stop wiggling, she’d pin the muslin TO me. Good thing I can make crazy faces and hum silly songs without wiggling. Well, good thing for me.

Of course making a wedding dress is nothing like the making a wedding dress fantasy, where we all hold hands and hum, and create something so magical that the birds burst into song. It’s a lot more about making something and then realizing you did it wrong and need to fix it, worrying that you are really making the worlds most boring dress and what were you even thinking, and trying to not be too cross with each other. But on we go. And on Christmas Eve no less. When I get back to San Francisco I’ll have more photos and stories, but until then, I was hoping everyone could think really happy thoughts in our direction at once. It’s quite nerve wracking, making a wedding dress from scratch, and we can use all the help we can get.


(Thank you.)

Now, go fix yourself some eggnog (if you celebrate Christmas) or a big glass of scotch (if you don’t), get yourself a cookie, and go back to relaxing. From Chez Practical to you, wishes for the very merriest of holidays!

Picture: This Oscar De La Renta dress is one of my perennial short wedding dress favorites

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