I promised you, awhile back, that I’d share the we’re-getting-married-pictures we took with Emily Takes Photos in San Francisco’s Mission District. Well, the day is here, so welcome to the cacophony of color that is our lives in San Francisco:In this last photo Emily said, “Meg, be sassy.” And then there was a pause and she said, “Oh my God what are you doing?? Whatareyoudoing?” And David sighed, and said, “She can’t help herself. Meg, be LESS sassy.”

See much more over at Emily’s blog…. (oh my god, I just clicked over, us kissing is her HEADER. Go see us kiss…)

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  • Adorable!!!

  • Oh wow, you two are cute! <3

  • Great pictures, love those amazing murals! Have a wonderful wedding Meg!

  • Sassy Meggy

  • sam

    I love!

    Now I'm so excited for your wedding photos :)

  • Emily S

    Meg! You are darling! The photos are candy and I'm so very happy for you. Long time reader who often sits in a cube saying, "yes, Yes, YES!" to your posts.

    Have fun this weekend.

  • It's so fun to see you looking so incredibly happy and relaxed. And I LOVE the locations you chose. I want to move to SF someday and this just gave me more inspiration!

  • Best wishes, Meg. I'll be thinking of you on Sunday. Remember, be calm, be happy, be in the moment, and you'll treasure it forever (especially the cake).

    Seven months after the fact, I think back on that day and I smile thinking about my poor, sick husband, just about to take his vows, crinkling an object in his jacket pocket and whispering to me, "I've got the Ricola," which made me giggle. Then only moments later, with watery eyes saying, "Hold it together, for me. Please. If you lose it, I'll lose it."

    I responded the only way I knew how by whispering, "Riiiicolaaa."

    It's now our secret code for, "I love you," and also a reminder of how incredibly in this we are. Together.

    Meg, I love being a wife. So far in life, it's been my most satisfying and challenging role. So here's to the rest of yours and David's life. Cheers.

  • Nice to meet you guys! Lovely!

  • Well yeah, your photo's the header, it's sooo cute! Yea awesome photos for yall!

  • LPC

    Lovely. Adorable. Cute. Sweet. Fetching. Artistic. San Franciscan. Oooh. Thanks.

  • soo beautiful! love the color

  • Beautiful!

  • Haha, when I scrolled to the last picture I instantly thought "Wow. Meg's sassy in this one!"

  • OMG. Look how completely cute you two are! And those walls. Those walls.

  • So cute! Good luck with everything.

  • OMG! You guys are too cute! You both look just so happy and adorable and excited! *heart*

  • wow wow wow :)

  • April

    Look at you two adorably cute people!!!

    And can I say how much I love that you wore "normal" clothes for your engagement pix? I just said. I love it.

    Can't tell you how many people are asking me and my boy, "So, what are you wearing for engagement pix?!?! And the excitement they have over our wardrobe literally boggles our minds.

    "We'll wear clothes, of course." is my slightly confused somewhat "Well, DUH!" response.

    And the sassy photo? LOVE. More sass please. :)

  • Anonymous

    Hey you either live on my block in SF or you just love the Women's Building! Either way, I love your pics. That mural's the view from my living room. :)

  • Ohhhh, great colors!

  • Amazing pictures! Even better that you are Emily's header ;-)

  • Such cute pictures, Meg. So jealous, I want some! Haha. I'll see you Sunday. Try not to blind everyone with your radiance.

  • cute!!! love them!! xox

  • Those are beautiful images! I love the colors in the background.

  • Mo

    Totally cute Meg. =D

  • there you are! so many congratulations to you and the mister!

  • Lovely pics. Have a happy wedding!

  • Marisa-Andrea

    BeeYOOtiful! :-)

  • How. Darling!