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NSFW! Show Yourself Some Love this Valentine’s Day

Are we talking about vibrators for women? Yes, yes we are


This post features vibrators for women and some other sex toys, please be aware it IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK

Look, it’s not going out on a limb to say that Valentine’s Day is supposed to be sexy and romantic. And even though we don’t talk about it much, it’s also not going out too much on a limb to say that masturbating is a normal, healthy part of many people’s sex lives. In fact, recent studies have suggested it might make us healthier and happier, and make partnered sex better. And vibrators—for many women—are a big part of that. So you know where this is going: This Valentine’s Day, maybe it’s time to think about getting yourself a vibrator.

We’re 100% totally serious right now.

There’s been a shift in the vibrator and sex toy market in the last few years. While some small, local shops have long provided a comfortable space to shop for vibrators for women, they’ve remained hard to find outside of major metro areas until recently. Online shopping for sex toys has long been, uh, risky, as anyone who has ever Googled “vibrator” or “dildo” will tell you. But recently, a new generation of womxn entrepreneurs have launched companies that are rebranding sex toys as “sexual wellness” companies that take pleasure a bit more seriously. They’re not only focused on the pleasure of womxn and people with vaginas, but also offer shopping experiences that feel accessible, comfortable, and welcoming—not weirdly juvenile and overly graphic, which is great for someone like me who is looking for vibrators for women, by women.

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There’s a lot to say about pleasure, how we think about it, and what this shift means for the way we view it, but that’s for another post. Today is Valentine’s Day, and it seems to me it’s a perfect day to show yourself a little love and try out a new toy or vibrator for women. These would all be fun with a partner, but they’re also all perfect for loving yourself, too.  For some tips on picking out a good toy for your needs, this is a handy guide.

Photo of the Lelo Sona Cerise Sonic Stimulator for Women

Lelo Sona Cerise Sonic Stimulator

Sonic stimulators aren’t technically vibrators; rather, they use pulsation and suction to stimulate the clitoris (or any other spot). This one is waterproof, rechargeable, and pretty cute too.

Photo of the Palma Waterproof Ring Vibrator for Women

Palma Waterproof Ring

Unbound is one of the new wave of sexual wellness shops on the internet, replete with great branding, informative descriptions, and actually really attractive vibrators for women. Case in point: this vibrating ring that’s super subtle and pretty enough to wear as jewelry. Oh, and it’s available in either gold or silver.

Photo of the Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Vibrator for Women

Lovehoney Happy Rabbit

Remember when Charlotte on Sex and the City refused to leave her apartment because she was shacked up with her rabbit? Well, it’s a classic for a reason. Have fun—but remember to leave the house sometimes too!

Photo of the Lelo Soraya 2 Rabbit Vibrator for Women

Lelo Soraya 2 Rabbit

Another rabbit-style vibe, but with some fun metallic accents and a less, um, bunny-evocative shape.


Photo of the Svakom Amy Five Speed Vibrator

Svakom Amy Five Speed

Super quiet motor, five speeds, a lovely plum color AND it comes with a velvet bag for discreet storage. Perfect.

Photo of the G Vibe Mini Six Speed Vibrator

G Vibe Mini Six Speed

This pretty royal blue mini vibe has lots of different surfaces and shapes to play with, making it great for solo play, or with a partner.

Photo of the Unbound Shimmy Vibrating Plug

Unbound Shimmy Vibrating Plug

Another option from Unbound, this butt plug is small and approachable, and I particularly like the shape—it’s subtle, and reminds me of both ancient goddess symbols and Prince.

Photo of the Lioness Smart Bluetooth Rabbit Vibrator for Women

Lioness Smart Bluetooth Rabbit Vibrator

Lioness is one of the leaders in “sex tech” right now, and with good reason. It’s pricey, but this vibe allows users to track the structural, physical effects of orgasm. What does that mean? That you can actually research your own pleasure, and figure out how to have more of it—information is empowerment, right? You can also opt in (or out, don’t worry) of Lioness’s own research into vibrators for women and how they affect orgasm, which is not particularly well understood or researched currently.

Photo of the Jive by We Vibe Egg Contour Vibrator

Jive by We Vibe Egg Contour

This unique egg shape is waterproof and rechargeable—and has the optional feature of connecting to Bluetooth if you want to play around with that.

Photo of the Shibari Mini Halo "The Original" Vibrator for Women

Shibari Mini Halo “The Original”

Wand vibrators are also total classics, after womxn in the 1970s starting using so-called “sports massagers” to bring themselves to orgasm. The style remains a favorite to this day, though you don’t have to pretend this one is for your sore muscles.

Photo of the Mini Wireless Bullet Vibrator

Mini Wireless Bullet

Mini bullet vibrators are super versatile. They can be used on their own, and lots of people love them for their small-but-powerful motors and simple shape. But there are also tons of products that are designed to be used with the mini bullet, so the options really are endless.

Photo of the Unbound Stellar Borosilicate Glass Dildo

Unbound Stellar Borosilicate Glass Dildo

I have long thought dildos weren’t for me, mostly because all the ones I’ve seen in stores are highly representational (i.e., veiny and realistic in a way that I do not find sexy), and hilariously… bouncy? But this actually rather beautiful one from Unbound might just change my mind. The glass material allows you to heat or cool it to play with temperature sensation, as well.

Photo of the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe Next Generation Air-Pulse Stimulator for Women

Satisfyer Pro Deluxe Next Generation Air-Pulse Stimulator

Another air-pulse stimulator, this one is rechargeable and comes in a very pretty, very discreet rose gold.

Photo of the Dame Pom Flexible Vibrator for Women

Dame Pom Flexible Vibrator

The Pom from Dame is flexible, with a wide, flat surface that comes to a point at one end, perfect for all different placements.

Photo of the Jimmy Jane Halo Love Pod Vibrator

Jimmy Jane Halo Love Pod

The Halo pod is designed with three independent motors that provide rotating vibration. It’s small, and nestles into a charging station when not in use.

Photo of the Maude Vibe Vibrator

Maude Vibe

Maude is a sexual wellness company founded and run by womxn that offers subscriptions for condoms and lube in the kind of tasteful packaging you wouldn’t mind keeping on your nightstand. In addition, they recently launched their vibrator for women, which ships out this spring and offers a versatile shape, matte white finish, and comes with a natural canvas bag for easy transport and storage.

Photo of the Jimmy Jane Form 2 Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator

Jimmy Jane Form 2 Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator

Another option from Jimmy Jane that includes their nifty charging dock, this one has two pressure points as well as a broad, round base for all sorts of options. Dare we say, it almost looks downright glamorous, with its matte black style and gold accents.

Anon or not. Do you use a vibrator? Do you have a favorite? Can you think of a better way to celebrate V-day?

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