Lisa & Nick

Relaxed English wedding at the Victoria Baths

* Lisa, Artist/Maker & Nick, Cameraman * Photographer: Gwen Jones (and a couple from Matt Dines and I also passed my camera around) * Soundtrack for reading: “Time of the Season” by The Zombies

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: Relaxed and full of love and giggles.

The Info—Photographer: Gwen Jones / Location: Manchester, England / Venue: Victoria Baths & City Centre Cruises Canal Boat / Lisa’s Dress: From UK High Street (Dorothy Perkins) / Lisa’s Belt: Homemade from Aberkhan haberdashery / Lisa’s Shoes: Anthropologie / Lisa’s Yes Bracelet: CREATIVEdesignbyTHAO via Etsy / Nick’s Suit: Already owned from UK High Street shop / Nick’s Shirt: With a handsewn patch by Lisa / Nick’s Shoes: Clarks

Other cool stuff we should know about: Nick’s mum did the flowers and had his dad out foraging in darkness the night before for the cow parsley!

We had a lovely breakfast and then got ready together in the hotel, whilst having a dance. I was so excited when I was ready I had a little jump on the bed.

The baths are Edwardian baths and owned by a trust who are fundraising to get them restored so the money we paid for venue hire will go towards that. Just this week they filled in the pool and had a synchronised swimming event! We can’t wait to swim there, hopefully it will be in our lifetime.

We greeted our guests before the ceremony and all had a cup of tea together. My chamomile and spearmint tea really calmed my nerves!

Nick loves anything analogue and is a record collector. He also loves tapes and he made three tapes to play on my Fisher-Price tape player during the ceremony. One for before, one for register signing, and one for walking out. He changed the tapes himself! We left the ceremony room with tape player in hand and went for a little dance on our own for five minutes to let it sink in!

We also wrote our own vows but I got cold feet at the last minute, so instead of reading them out, we exchanged them and read each others silently to ourselves. Nick also did a reading and read a poem that reminded him of us: “Hearts Together” by John Betjeman. (We like to swim outdoors together.)

After the ceremony we took a coach to the canal basin in Manchester. Then we got on a barge called the Emmeline Pankhurst (a strong Manchester woman!) and sailed the canals of Manchester and Salford for three hours. A nice surprise when we got off the barge was that Nick had brought some sparklers we had leftover from last bonfire night and we all had a sparkler! Then we went to our favourite pub and had an ale. :-)

Favorite thing about the wedding: All of our favourite people being there, and getting to marry Nick! Oh and going on the boat!

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  • Cleo

    This wedding was so adorably and perfectly British. I love all of it.

  • blizalef

    This wedding looks as though it was fun and full of love! I especially appreciate that the bride & groom got ready together, which is a nice change of flavor. (I’ve been trying to convince my fiance that it is entirely acceptable for him to see me before the ceremony, and he simply will not hear of it!) Lastly, I’m not going to lie – I am experiencing some serious shoe-envy right now. Love it.

  • Wow. Those are just amazing photos.

  • So much joy & love in those smiles! Congratulations, Lisa & Nick~

  • Bri

    What an adorable, perfect bouquet! Do you mind me asking what all is in it? (My flower knowledge = zero.)

  • Emily H

    I love her shoes, and the fact that she is jumping on the bed :)

  • Lucy

    Long long time lurker and first ever comment but as a fellow Mancunian who loves the Victoria baths, just wanted to say what a wonderful unique wedding and such a great use of a lovely building – Congragulations! (and well done on being perfectly practical!)

  • Katie

    Wait, is “Cow’s Parsley” the British name for Baby’s Breath?! Because That. Is. Awesome. I’m totally referring to it as cow’s parsley from now on.