Don’t Forget To Vote Tomorrow!

Like your liberty depends on it

As if you need reminding, tomorrow is midterms election day. And it’s a biggie. We have a solid chance of flipping the House of Representatives, which would restore, like, a shred of checks and balances to our government. But recent polls show that any kind of democratic lead we have is super, super narrow. So it’s epically important that we all vote tomorrow. And text our recently turned legal cousins to vote. And remind our not-so-political brother-in-law to vote. Balancing the government is not going to fix everything. But I’m hoping that it will keep us from sliding further into chaos.

But speaking as someone whose mail-in ballot is still sitting on her coffee table (I’ll be hand delivering it to my polling place tomorrow), I know it can be really intimidating to actually put pen to paper and make sure your vote gets counted. Especially when there are a ton of propositions and smaller office candidates on the ballot. So in the event that you haven’t had the time to research your local candidates, props, or measures, we’ve got you covered. We’ve pulled together a handful of resources to make sure that none of us have any excuse not to vote tomorrow. Let’s do this motherfucking thing.

A woman in a wide-brim hat looks at you while sitting at the base of a column, breastfeeding her baby. A sign leans against her that reads, "Vaginas brought you into this world and vaginas will vote you out."

Voter Information Guides

Are you confused by the wording on the ballot? You’re not the only one. The ballot is hefty, and we know that means a lot of reading and research. If you’ve just been too darn busy to review the candidates or that prop or measure you’ve been meaning to get to, or if you just straight up need unbiased information, head over to Vote 411.

Vote 411 allows you to download and print a custom voter guide based on your address. Simply enter your address and under “On your ballot” click “Get personalized information on candidates and issues,” and it will pull up the races for your area, as well as detailed information for each of those races.

Other Voting resources 

U.S. Election Assistance Commission

Get to the Polls Midterm Congressional, State, and Local Elections

Vote Save America


Carpool Vote

Come back here Tomorrow and show off those stickers in the comments.

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