Mary & Jo

Family-Only London Town Hall Wedding

* Mary & Jo *  Photographer: Lillian & Leonard * Soundtrack for Reading: “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” by the Beach Boys or “I’m Aware of Love” by Jerry Butler or “The Way Young Lovers Do” by Van Morrison or “There She Goes” by The La’s *

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: Quick pit-stop at the Town Hall followed by a fantastic lunch.
A Practical Wedding | Lillian & Leonard London Wedding Photography (26)

The Info—Photographer: Lillian & Leonard / Location: London, England / Ceremony Venue: Wandsworth Town Hall / Lunch Venue: Corelli’s, Battersea / Photo Venue: Battersea Park / Mary’s Dress: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania / Mary’s Jacket: Zara / Mary’s Sandals: Alexandre Birman / Mary’s Wedding Band: Made to order by Buja / Jo’s Suit: Nick Tentis / Jo’s Shirt: PinkJo’s Shoes: Church’s Burgundy cap-toe Oxfords

Other cool stuff we should know about: We only told our families in advance and organised the wedding in about six weeks. We even changed the date to accommodate a job interview. We have the extreme good fortune to have in the family a pair of fantastic wedding photographers, Lillian & Leonard, who also do the most amazing photos of children and families as Bird & Bear, so we knew we’d have the perfect photos of our family-only wedding.

Corelli’s—very relaxed, very Italian—in Battersea is one of our favourite places in London. We went there for ice-cream on our very first date in 2001. It was the place for our wedding lunch but we thought it might not be possible as weddings aren’t exactly their every-day business. After the teeniest of glitches in the morning when it transpired they were expecting us the following week and not in three hours time (!) they did us proud. The incredible food, wine, and dedicated service (drafted in at the last minute) made it even better than we could possibly have hoped.

Favorite thing about the wedding: For some Corelli’s tiramisu, for others the red wine. For the groom, his shoes.

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