A Monday Elopement Under a Waterfall in Bare Feet and a Turquoise Dress

Let's just break all the rules


Liz, Right-Hand Man at Braid Creative & Micah, Marketing at Fullsteam Brewery

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: A Blue Ridge Mountains elopement with bare feet, moonshine, and breastfeeding.

Soundtrack for reading: “Joy” by Iron & Wine

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Other Cool Stuff We Should Know About

Upon arriving in Asheville, we hiked a few of our favorite spots along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and decided on the spot for the ceremony less than forty-eight hours before it happened. Since it’s a pretty popular spot for tourists, we got married on a Monday morning to cut down on the chances of anyone else being there (and to keep the rest of our week open for celebrating).

We asked my best friend and boss, Kathleen, to officiate the wedding, her husband Jeremy was the Best Man, and their three-month-old son Fox was my Man of Honor. I kept crying so much during my vows (you can read them here) that Fox started crying too–so we took a fifteen-minute break from the ceremony so Kathleen could feed him (and I could calm down). We actually ended up taking a lot of our portraits during that time, and I love knowing that they were taken during this impromptu, totally unconventional downtime.

We bought a big box of French Broad chocolates in lieu of a wedding/birthday cake (because it also happened to be Kathleen’s birthday!). We rented out this amazing mid-century modern house in West Asheville and spent the rest of the week eating and drinking our way around town. We bought an instant camera, and took photos of ourselves throughout the day to include in our announcements. We mailed them out the day after the ceremony, so throughout the week all of our (shocked but totally supportive, I don’t think anyone was super-surprised) friends and family started calling us from all over the country with congratulations and well-wishes.

The whole day was chill and magical and completely perfect for us. I wouldn’t have changed a single thing.

Favorite Thing About The Wedding

Liz: I’m the more levelheaded half, so I was surprised how emotional I got during our readings. But since it was so intimate, I was able to let myself feel all of it and really lean into my ugly-cry without feeling too embarrassed or exposed (seriously you guys, I’m usually a total robot).

Micah: And I’m the hopeless romantic, so I loved reading from the Princess Bride, and bringing a little bit of fairytale into our ceremony. Then, of course, the fact that we worked in pouring each other shots of moonshine into our vows—then taking them after our first kiss. We met in a dive bar on a weekday, so it was only fitting. And eloping really allowed us to add in unconventional (but totally us) elements like that without a second thought.

The Info:

Photographer: Brett & Jessica Donar | Location: Just outside Brevard, NC | Venue: Looking Glass Falls | Lodging: AirBNB Rental | Liz’s Dress: ModCloth | Liz’s Nail Polish: Essie | Liz’s Lipstick: Loreal | Micah’s Bow Tie: The Tie Bar | Instant Camera: Amazon

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  • up_at_Dawn

    This is completely gorgeous. The setting. The intimacy…You two make eloping look good!

  • Sara

    I just love everything about this. So gorgeous. Your dress! Ahh. I also love your rings.

    • scw

      and that manicure!

    • Vanessa

      Yes! So beautiful. Liz, what are your rings made of? They’re so cool!

      • Liz Johnson

        Thanks, Vanessa! They’re tungsten carbide. If I remember correctly, mine is a 2mm wide band, and Micah’s is 8mm. (Relatively) inexpensive, hardwearing, and I’m SO glad they’re coming across as equal parts edgy and classic, because that’s exactly what we were going for. We call them our “rock ‘n roll rings.”

    • Maggie

      Yes! The black rings are (impressively enough) both so edgy and classic!

  • emmers

    I went and read your vows– love them!

  • Sarah E

    Liz and Kathleen are two of my favorite people from the internet! Both have slowed their blogging pace these days, but if you haven’t delved through their respective online spaces, you certainly should. Both have smart, real, raw, insightful things to say about living life the best way they know how.

    So excited to see Liz and Micah featured here!!

  • KitBee

    I can’t decide whether I’m more in love with the bride’s dress or the groom’s glasses!

  • researchwarrior

    Working shots into the vows – genius!

  • kate

    that flower crown, swoon!
    also read your ceremony/vows – love, love love. so sweet and beautiful. and love the whiskey shot!

  • Appalachian

    At first, I thought this was Dry Falls in Highlands, NC, then I recognized Looking Glass Falls. Ah western NC; so many waterfalls and so little time. Gorgeous.

  • Kelly

    Gah! This is all so awesome. Style. For. Miles.

  • KW

    I thought I recognized that waterfall! I was there in April 2013. I love love love your wedding and photos. We got married next to a waterfall in Ohio back in 2012 ourselves (and I wore a blue patterned maxi dress), so perhaps I’m biased, but I think this is one of the loveliest weddings I’ve seen profiled here yet.

  • Bsquillo

    I’m pretty sure I own that exact Modcloth dress- wore it for my master’s recital! The bride looks slammin in it!

  • macrain

    I know Brevard very well. After I finished up my master’s degree I did a brief stint at a music camp there. It’s so beautiful. Congrats!

  • Claire

    Oh wow! What a gorgeous, amazing wedding. This is officially my favorite wedding ever featured. Congrats on such a beautiful, lovely wedding.

  • JM

    I love all the weddings on APW but this one in particular…the magic in those photos. You guys seem so happy and this felt like exactly the kind of genuine emotion and experience I think many weddings are trying to capture. Congratulations!

  • MC

    Ah! I also was married in a turquoise dress from ModCloth so this makes me especially happy to see. AND we have a friend that works at French Broad and sent us some truffles as a wedding present and they. were. DELICIOUS. Beautiful and congrats!

  • Aubry

    I can’t get over the colours of this wedding. The dress, you hair with the flowers in it. The amazing natural background. And of course amazing photographs. gah! you guys are awesome (and ridiculously good looking…)

  • EF

    This is awesome! The location! The people! The booze! Are they looking at these comments? If so, MICAH! I’ve been trying forever to get my hair to do what yours does — what product[s] do you use? Thanks!

    • Micah Johnson

      Thanks for the kind words! I use Hanz de Fuko Quicksand. It is part styling wax, part dry shampoo, and totally worth it.

      • EF

        thanks so much! I’m psyched to try it out.

  • Anna

    such beautiful, beautiful photographs! it sounds like you both had a wonderful, personal day. congratulations!
    (also I might have to work in some moonshine to my own ceremony! great idea!)

  • Mandi P

    Okay… so now I want to elope. Beautiful, intimate, meaningful, loving. I read the vows – fantastic! Thank you for sharing!

  • BR

    Everything about this is amazing and beautiful – the location, the pictures, the emotion, the DRESS. I don’t think the bride could have chosen a better color for her. Lovely!

  • Espy

    Your vows and story behind your elopement had me crying like a baby. I’m getting married on Friday in a similar, intimate setting. Thank you for sharing!

  • Kara Davies

    Awww, I love the including photos to send out with your announcements! Very classy!

  • Alice

    Congratulations! We got married in the Blue Ridge mountains as well, it’s a perfect place. And I miss the French Broad Chocolate Lounge every day now that I’m away from Asheville.

  • Just beautiful – possibly feeling a bit teary myself after reading your vows!

  • LilyB

    This looks incredible. Thank you for sharing your story!

  • kissyface454

    this is stupid! I started crying the second the music started playing and I saw the baby. It was intimate and beautiful.

  • SaryaUnique

    Made me tear up just looking at these pictures. Pure love.