Wendy & Thomas’ West African Wedding

* Wendy, Nurse & Thomas, Anglican Reverend * Photographers: Wendy’s sisters * Soundtrack for listening: “Forever” by Becca

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: A joyful celebration of heritage and hope.

The Info—Photographers: Wendy’s sisters / Location: Accra, Ghana / Venue: St. Michael and All Angels Church / Wendy’s Gown: MyaKi / Engagement Ceremony Attire and Women’s Attire for Sunday’s Reception: Sewn by a cousin

Other cool stuff we should know about: The wedding was the first time in seventeen years that the entire family was in the same place. Our uncle opened his home for the engagement. A cousin decorated the church and did Wendy’s makeup for the Sunday reception. Dear family friends drove the wedding party to various family events. A generous friend and radio host agreed on the spot to DJ the reception.

Favorite thing about the wedding: My favorite thing about the wedding was the opportunity of all of us coming together. My father and I had been praying for such a day for many years and that faithful day, it came to be; trusting God in the face of nothing to provide during the preparations; the delays in the decoration of the cars, and while on our way to Auntie Maureen’s in the morning and the church in the afternoon. Above all, we give glory to God for a glorious day because till now people still make reference to our wedding and we bless the Lord for that.

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