Wendy & Thomas’ West African Wedding

* Wendy, Nurse & Thomas, Anglican Reverend * Photographers: Wendy’s sisters * Soundtrack for listening: “Forever” by Becca

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: A joyful celebration of heritage and hope.

The Info—Photographers: Wendy’s sisters / Location: Accra, Ghana / Venue: St. Michael and All Angels Church / Wendy’s Gown: MyaKi / Engagement Ceremony Attire and Women’s Attire for Sunday’s Reception: Sewn by a cousin

Other cool stuff we should know about: The wedding was the first time in seventeen years that the entire family was in the same place. Our uncle opened his home for the engagement. A cousin decorated the church and did Wendy’s makeup for the Sunday reception. Dear family friends drove the wedding party to various family events. A generous friend and radio host agreed on the spot to DJ the reception.

Favorite thing about the wedding: My favorite thing about the wedding was the opportunity of all of us coming together. My father and I had been praying for such a day for many years and that faithful day, it came to be; trusting God in the face of nothing to provide during the preparations; the delays in the decoration of the cars, and while on our way to Auntie Maureen’s in the morning and the church in the afternoon. Above all, we give glory to God for a glorious day because till now people still make reference to our wedding and we bless the Lord for that.

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  • canan

    Those dresses and headdresses are SO BEAUTIFUL! What a gorgeous, vibrant wedding!

  • catherine

    Wow I was so excited to see this! One of my best friend’s mother is from Ghana :)

  • Catherine McK

    This made me teary after reading this morning’s post, lovely to see how it all came together!

  • Karen

    Thank you so much for sharing your wedding with us. It is beautiful!

  • Emilie

    That last photo is so great!

  • Carbon Girl

    The engagement day dresses are gorgeous!

  • TNM

    Spectacular wedding – everyone looks giddy with happiness. And on a shallow note, I want all the different purple dresses! Wow.

  • Astro A

    Can I just say how lovely those matching dresses for your sisters are? I admired them from the earlier post, and then did more admiring through this post…and then I saw that they were HANDMADE? Very impressive. I love how full of color and intricate all of the outfits are, really.

  • YES YES YES ALL OF THE THINGS. Wendy you are a dreamy lady, thank you for sharing your story!

  • Courtney

    Can the incredible balloons arches and stars and such become a trend? A how-to? A new fad? They are SO GORGEOUS! Happy people + awesome balloons = pictures that look like quite the fun wedding! Congrats!

  • Jen

    Stunning! Every single face is smiling and joyful. What a lovely celebration :)

  • JB

    Everyone looks so happy and the colors are so beautiful! Congratulations :)

  • LOVE!!! So beautiful and full of life!!!

  • MWK

    SHUT UP I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Having been to a few West African weddings (in Senegal so some differences, but lots of similarities) this makes me very happy, and very nostalgic. Thank you so much for posting this (and to Wendy, thank you for sharing your day with us).

  • Love.

  • Kelsey

    Wonderful, beautiful, joy-full wedding!! Thank you for sharing!

  • Oh! How stunning. Congratulations!!

  • Beautiful wedding! Congratulations!

  • Wendy

    Thank you all for the lovely comments. Many thanks to Anna for the idea and effort. Everything looks so beautiful.

  • Alexa

    This is beautiful. I loved seeing it and reading the companion essay. My husband is Nigerian (Yoruba), so we had a Nigerian engagement ceremony and I have been to a couple of Nigerian weddings. It is really interesting to see the similarities and difference in your ceremonies. I especially love the short sleeve overlays that you and the bridesmaids had at the engagement and your hat at the wedding. And it was wonderful to read about a chance for family to come together. Congratulations and best wishes for you.

  • Andree K.

    Fantastic purple gown for the bride. So many great smiles and fun moments in this wedding!

  • Oh my god! I never attend any African Wedding during my life time,but know after seeing these pics i feel really great.