Wedding Cement

We bought a hundred pounds of wedding cement this weekend (building a huppah isn’t hard, but it’s fairly technical).

As David hoisted the bags of cement, I swung happily on the bars of the shopping cart, “Is this what you always dreamed of when you thought of planning a wedding?”

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  • Too funny!

  • I think that it all sounds terribly romantic. :)

  • lol! We just bought and poured our “wedding cement” two weeks ago : p

    Building a huppah is pretty technical. At least 2 other couples are lined up to borrow our “huppah pole holders” after our wedding. ^_^

  • I love the idea of “wedding cement.”

  • That sounds like exactly the sort of wedding planning I would enjoy.

  • That is by far my favorite thing you’ve written here. It’s the silly glee of preparing to spend the rest of your life with your best friend – the person you can still act like a 5 year old around. I love that you got excited about cement! (I am in that stage too – jumping around the house is my thing – T minus 39 days!)

  • abby

    huh? why the cement? you could just get people to hold the poles up, or stick them into buckets of sand, or use those patio umbrella stands.

  • Meg

    Ah, Abby, you can tell you haven’t done this before. Nope you can’t, it’s all way too heavy, with the physics of it.

    You can have people hold it, but only if your ceremony is very short… many people have passed out holding huppahs.

  • I got married on the beach, so my huppah was buried in the sand (kind of…it was so heavy that it just hunkered down on its own). But yeah, they are HEAVY. Don’t try holding it unless it’s a leetle tiny one that doesn’t have heavy posts, or if your wedding is incredibly short.

  • Anonymous


    After reading about your parents wedding I have a question and am hoping you will consider writing (if you haven’t already) about incorporating traditions from different religions (for all of us couples who are having “mixed” religious weddings). I had thought that your family was Jewish because of the emphasis on thoughtfully considered Jewish traditions, but now I see it is your fiance. Are you incorporating any traditions from your Christian background? It would be great to start a discussion about this topic :)

  • Oh no… I had my heart set on four people to carry the huppah. It is traditionally a profound honor, but this explains why I haven’t actually seen it done at any Jewish weddings I can remember…

    Any tips on how to make the huppah lighter?

  • Meg

    If you make it light and keep the wedding short you’re good. We are having huppah holders as the main honor at our wedding, this way they just won’t pass out.

    No, we’re having a Jewish wedding. I think interfaith weddings are probably a bit too loaded to discuss in a public forum like this, or at least that’s my thought. It wasn’t something that we could do – it would not have worked for my fiance on a number of levels, and it probably wouldn’t have worked for me. We’re incorporating lots of who I am and who my family is, but it’s a 100% Jewish wedding from a religious perspective. I’m sure there are good places to discuss interfaith weddings online (I’d look at but I just don’t feel qualified to take it on, I’m afraid. Hope you understand!


  • Rachel

    Just found this post! I’m getting married in October – I have chuppah poles and a chuppah…but nothing to put the chuppah poles in. I’ve had thoughts of a cement filled pie-pan, perhaps with a piece of PVC pipe in the middle. Or some concoction of a pretty flower pot, sand, and ??? Any chance I can get you to share your design?

    • meg

      You need a pot, so it’s deep enough (we used metal buckets from home depot). And yes, you use PVC pipe in the center, with a quick dry cement. We covered the top with moss so it looked pretty. It looked lovely, and now we cart it with us from house to house. Sigh.