Roundup: Hot Wedding Cover-Ups For Fall

That you'll never want to take off

It’s Fall! I think. My New England-self is still trying to figure out what to do with this year-round yellow foliage in California, but my Spidey sense is telling me that those of you in other parts of the country are beginning to pull on your boots and sweaters and bust out your slankets for the best season of them all. Having grown up with four seasons (well three and a half really. In Maine it goes wiiiinnnnter, spring-ish, summer, fall), there was no other time I could imagine getting married than fall. The weather is amazing, the leaves are set ablaze, and the seasonal food is to die for. It’s also the one time of year where it makes perfect sense to wear flip flops and a leather jacket at the same time (as I did at my own wedding.) For those of you who want the white dress experience, but still want a wedding outfit with a little bite to it, fall is also the perfect extra excuse to wear a killer cover-up at your wedding. So today we’ve rounded up some of our favorite images featuring wedding cover-ups and then shopped the heck out of the internet so that you can make them your own.

Photo by APW Sponsor Hart & Sol West

Sequin Blazer: 1. Calvin Klein Plus Sequin Jacket (Okay, technically this one is no longer in production, but it was too hot to pass up. And since it’s Calvin Klein, you can find it pretty regularly on eBay for less than 0.) 2. Blush Sequin Shrug by Mural available at Nordstrom ($43.98) 3. Sequin Crop Jacket by Mango ($99)

Photo by Jordan Brittley, originally featured on Wedding Chicks

Patterned Cardigan: 1. Ann Taylor Leopard Print Ann Cardigan ($79.50) 2. Essential Watercolor Cardigan available at Forever 21 ($19.80) 3. Crewneck Cardigan Sweater in Pink by Merona available at Target ($22.99)

Photo by Helen Abraham, originally featured on Love My Dress

Leather Jacket: 1. Blue Jay Soft Crinkle Leather Jacket by Michael Kors available at Bloomingdale’s (Available in plus and standard sizes. Also available in black.) ($505) 2. BB Dakota Ivana Vegan Leather Jacket ($105) 3. Day Lynne Leather Biker Jacket available at Net-A-Porter ($550)

Editor’s Note: This roundup contains affiliate links that help with APW’s bills, but all the items in this roundup are items that we genuinely like and would purchase ourselves.

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  • Ella


    Ahem. This post is adorable! I wasn’t even thinking about a cover-up type thing, but I’m always cold and we’ll likely be taking pictures outside at our end-of-October-in-NJ wedding so this is a very welcome suggestion.

    Thanks! And love that widget!

  • Kater

    as usual, you guys are IN MY HEAD! Coming down to the wire & time to find a cardigan for our Oct 12th Vermont wedding (temps could be COLD! or warm. Such is the crapshoot of New England weather!)

    • Allie

      Definitely going to be chilly! Weekend last weekend was high of 55!!! Pack warm!! Where is the wedding??

      • Kater

        in Starksboro, at the Common Ground Center! Yup it’s 46 out right now, can’t imagine it’ll be any warmer! Ah well…

  • alyssa

    That #2 sequin jacket is on sale for $43! I’m not getting married this winter – but you better believe I snapped it up right quick. :) It’s the exact color of the sequin party dress I wore at our reception so I plan to wear it for our anniversary. Score!

    • yeh, I didn’t waste anytime buying it either. In fact, I just came back to finish scrolling through the remainder of the post.

  • TeaforTwo

    You guys, that blush shrug from the first set is HALF PRICE on the Nordstrom website right now. It’s $47 Canadian dollars.

    I can’t order it because I just bought my wedding stole this morning, but someone else go buy it right now please.

    • M.

      Just came on here to say the same thing! Holy cats! $43.98 American!

    • Maddie

      What the what?! Just updated the post for you guys, thanks for the catch! That blush sequin shrug was the highlight find of this post, let’s be honest. And now it’s on sale? Happy Tuesday to us all.

      • Allie

        I love it… but it’s only one size. I can’t believe I’m debating buying this, my wedding dress hasn’t even come in yet… and I’m super petite. But I guess, free returns, right?!

        • Allie

          Actually wish it were more fitted like the inspiration picture!

  • I don’t need a wedding cover up (although I HIGHLY recommend a wedding cardigan because you can wear it out and feel special without feeling crazy pants like you might wearing you wedding dress on a Wedesday.)

    But I need these in my life! The sequins are HOT!

  • Emily H

    Great post! No one ever talks about how to dress appropriately for the weather on your wedding day!

    Though I spent SO much time shopping for the perfect cardigan for my wedding because it’s always chilly in SF and then lo and behold, my wedding day was really, really warm. No need for that cardigan at all.

  • So I wore a camel coat to exit City Hall and I felt like a 1940s movie star…

    • meg

      You looked like one too.

  • TeaforTwo

    Still on the topic of #2, the blush sequin blazer which I am trying not to buy because I don’t even have $47 to spare right now…

    …you guys, nude coloured sequins are basically a neutral. So even if you are already married, you should buy it.

    • CII

      In a moment of weakness and impulse, and after several weeks of being terrified of having all my wedding photos feature my arms front and enter, I just bought #2 for my fall wedding. I’m pretty delighted.

      Accordingly, any suggestions for the fashionaly-challenged on how to translate this fantastic mantra – “nude coloured sequins are basically a neutral” – into practical non-wedding day applications would be much appreciated.

      Second, does anyone who wore sequined things for their wedding (or otherwise) have any tips or tricks of making sure they photograph okay?

      • alyssa

        I wore a sequin dress for my reception – and the photos are totally gorgeous! It may have something to do with the fact that it was evening and all the lighting was mini lights and candles.
        IMHO, sequins photograph beautifully because they add a bit of sparkle and shimmer – don’t worry about looking like a bright flash. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


        Well, after saying I wouldn’t buy it, I totally did. I repeated “basically a neutral” to myself twice after typing that, and then I was convinced. I think I’ll wear it to my rehearsal dinner, where I want to be a bit bridal-special without wearing white.

        As to non-bridal applications: I think that any time that jeans with heels would be appropriate, so too would this be.

    • meg

      Now I’m kinda thinking *I* should buy it. You’re convincing me….

  • Kat

    Our wedding is on October 5th and I’m so glad I have my Grandma’s mink stole to wear (yeah for vintage fur!), and an amazing knitter friend who has been busily working up a lilac lace shawl for me as a gift. PLUS we’re having a late night bonfire…definitely bringing my winter coat, and long johns, yoga pants and winter boots to wear under the dress.

    • Del678

      I also am getting married Oct 5th (yay!) and my grandma left a fur jacket … but my sister (MOH) is uber clutz and I’m not letting her anywhere near it with a glass of wine. Thinking of wearing some sort of giant dress-protection apron instead…

      • mimi

        My sister is known to be a messy eater at times, so my mom got her a special bride apron to wear during dinner at her wedding. I think it was just a regular apron that she had embroidered. She also made sure to only have clear drinks all night, so maybe you could ask your sister to do that?

    • Sara

      I’m getting married on October 12 and just this week realized that I have my grandmother’s fur capelet that will be perfect with my rather traditional (but still totally awesome) strapless A-line dress. Something about fur with a wedding dress is so perfectly a cross between Margot Tenenbaum and Ava Gardner!

  • YOU GUYS! I wore a rose-gold sequined bolero to my wedding and I loved it more than words can say. Joey at Elle & Jae was beyond amazing and helpful. She custom made my bolero for me in less that 2 weeks so I could wear to the wedding–at no extra charge.

    All of these are gorgeous: Support independent business & look amazing while doing it!

    • Allie

      How much are they? It doesn’t seem like they sell online and sadly there’s no store near me!

      • If you call they store, they can quote you a price! There aren’t any stores near me either; I just placed the order over the phone and she sent it off to me! My glittery bolero was in the $250 range; not sure what the cost of the others are.

        • Allie

          Thanks! Sadly, more than I want to spend, but they are beautiful! Sort of went overbudget with the dress and probably a headpiece already haha

  • Yay for amazing knitter friends! Thought I’d link to the pattern for the cardigan a friend knit for me. She finished it the night before the wedding and good thing because it was fifty and raining.

    I’m sure you could make a whole post of coverup patterns.

  • Jeanine


    Thanks so much for this, ladies!! Getting married 10/12 but haven’t quite found the perfect cover!

  • Laura

    This post reminded me why I’m so excited to wear my great grandmother’s mink stole which was created by my great grandfather. Getting married on November 9th and hoping for a 60 degree day-that would be perfect!

  • April

    Here’s one you missed: I have a polaroid of me wearing my (6 ft 10 in) husband’s suit jacket over my wedding dress during our afterparty. It’s one of my favorite photos from the wedding!

  • Megan

    I love that this post happened to be today, the first day post-wedding that I’m re-wearing my wedding cardigan! Makes a normal Tuesday feel kind of special!

  • hampton


    I’m not sure I knew that blush colored sequins were a thing before today, but this sounds perfect. Has anyone seen it in person? It sounds like a rose gold color, but the pics make it look more gold gold. Not that I’m opposed to that either…

    • Allie

      Two words: FREE SHIPPING. Two more words. FREE RETURNS. I’m risking it!

  • KM

    THIS IS AMAZING, with the very huge exception that it is a year too late for MY wedding, when I was looking for that exact sequin shrug!!!!

    APW, I love you.

  • Nice! I’m getting married in early May, but this past May we had about 5″ of snow so anything could happen weather-wise. I love the patterned cardigan idea otherwise this may be my excuse to finally make myself a caplet.

  • Casey

    Do not underestimate the power of a long coat, either! I wore a floor-length white shantung silk opera coat that was handmade by my grandma for my aunt’s 1970 senior prom (my aunt and I are both tall). Our wedding was in June, but we got married outdoors in Montana, so a jacket was necessary by the end of the night.

    I know a floor-length coat will cover up your dress – but sometimes you want that thing to be protected! And I LOVED the drama of a long coat.

    Or, you know, SPARKLY SHRUG!

    • That sounds awesome. Here’s hoping when the “winter cover-up” post comes around, Meg and Maddie find a cape. With a hood. Whether you use the hood on your wedding day or not, for the rest of your life you could pretend you were Belle, throwing snowballs at the Beast and teaching him how to feed the birds !!!

  • For my winter wedding, I borrowed a vintage stole from my sister-in-law. If I’d had the option of the sequin blazer, it might have been a different story :-)

  • Emily

    I wore a turquoise bolero cardigan with a ruffle for my wedding in June (Sydney winter). Photos here (scroll down for the cardigan)

    Purchased from this Etsy vendor

    Was very happy with the purchase!

    • Sarah McD

      I love love LOVE all the turquoise in your pictures! It’s my favorite color and your bolero was awesome!

  • Allie
  • Allie

    Another beautiful sequin option under $100– and handmade!

  • CBM

    I wore a blue vegan leather jacket by free people and it was MUCH cheaper than real leather!

  • Hannah

    Loving these great ideas! Have been thinking and thinking about what to wear for a cover-up option for my Colorado wedding this coming February. :) Loving the cardigan options!

  • sparklyprincess

    I had to snatch up that sparkly shrug too! I predict there will be a lot of fall/winter brides like me wearing it! I may decide to go with my vintage lacy cardigan I already bought, but the shrug may be used for the rehearsal or New Year’s when I always wish I had something like that in my closet. Thanks for posting it!

    Quick question: anyone had any luck with altering a vintage sweater to make it more fitted? I’m thinking this is probably a job for a pro since there’s a liner involved and I have poor sewing skills. It’s just hand of boxy and frumpy looking and I want it to fit more snug since my dress is so fitted.