Is It Ever Okay to Propose at Someone Else’s Wedding?

Can it be done right?

In APW’s comments over the years (not to mention our inboxes) we’ve seen questions about engagements come up a lot. (I mean, we’re a wedding website, we’ve talked about it a lot over here too.) Here are questions we see over and over: Is it okay to get engaged the same year as another couple’s wedding? (Um, YES). What about the same month? (Yes.) Same week? (Probably?) But, you know where this is going: Is it ever okay to get engaged at someone else’s wedding? The internet says no, pretty resoundingly. But what if it’s planned and approved with the couple? What if it’s private? And if it does happen, what should the couple hosting the wedding do about it? Is it worth uninviting a family member, or preventing on the actual dance floor? And then, of course, there’s the matter of the person being proposed to—a wedding might seem like a romantic setting, but it’s also a huge public event full of family and friends, and totally focused on another couple.

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So the question is, is it ever okay to propose at someone else’s wedding? What are the time constraints, anyway? Just the wedding day, or more like the wedding weekend?

Have you ever seen an engagement at a wedding? What would you do if someone proposed at yours? Or came to you and asked if it was okay? Would you ever consider it? 

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