A Wedding Dress and Wedding Pants

Ok, I’m pretty sure that one of you is super excited about this wedding dress for $330! Ok, Ok, it’s not a “wedding dress,” which is why it’s more affordable, but it would clearly be brilliant at a courthouse wedding or even a simple but formal evening dinner wedding.
But this, ladies. This. Is. Magic. We almost never talk about brides wearing pants (and I don’t know why) but clearly we need to start. So, someone please, please, please wear this 1930’s style pants suit, and send me pictures. I’m begging you. And yes, it’s about $700*, but the jacket is silk! The pants are wool! They are separates! You can wear them again. And your wedding outfit will become legendary among your grandchildren, who will talk about their chic, liberated, ahead-of-her-time grandmother who wore PANTS to her wedding.

*Or use this as your inspiration, and make your own.

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  • My Mom actually wore pants when she married my step-dad back in the 80s. Silk cream-colored pants with a silk floral pattern shirt. I’ll have to see if I can dig up photos somewhere. She also made her wedding dress when she married my Dad. She still has the dress and it’s a lovely soft gold silk dress – no white!

  • I was just talking to my coworker about wedding pants! Seriously, I would *love* to do this, but my fiance wants the big white wedding with me in a dress (this man has watched too many movies) but OMG I would totally wear this.

    I *love* the 30s– I would wear this normally anyway! (well, maybe in a different color.)

  • Wow, I love the idea of a pant suit. It’s so Katharine Hepburn.

  • Oh, I love both pictures, but I especially love the portrait collar in the dress. I love that look!

  • OMG those trousers are HOT! That would make an amazing wedding outfit.

    Ach, this post just got me all excited about spring coming and my favourite white jeans… only they won’t fit me any more, will they?!


    (Still smiling though)

  • Love. It.

  • Definitely Katherine Hepburn! Greta Garbo too…

  • Ana

    I have recently made the decision to wear pants for my wedding, and have been feeling so relieved about it. While I like wearing dresses occasionally, pants are definitely more my thing. Yay for pants brides!

  • Anonymous

    There’s a reason brides don’t wear pants. No one looks good in white pants.


  • Love the dress, love the pants…
    My aunt got married in pants for the civilian ceremony (and wore a dress at the church) in the mid 80’s.

  • Meg

    First: Not true. If you don’t look good in them don’t wear them.
    Second: Hurtful to brides who are wearing pants.
    Second: They don’t have to be white.

    Keep it nice. Period.


  • I love it and would love to see pics of any Bride rocking these pants! I could so see it happening at an afternoon courthouse wedding followed by champagne and apps at a hip happening bar. Loving it

  • Anonymous

    Or you could wear them at the reception. It's a bit trendy to change into another dress for the reception. One could change into pants & jacket instead.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Anonymous:
    I look FANTASTIC in white pants! It’s nasty comments like yours that knock women’s confidence and make them think they *shouldn’t* wear certain things. Honey, it’s all about having the sass to pull it off.

  • Anonymous

    First: Thank you for posting about pants!

    I wore white pants. I was thinking about a colourful skirt, and wouldn’t have even considered white OR pants if they hadn’t been suggested to me by a very helpful, very astute store employee. As soon as I tried them on all I could think was DAVID BOWIE. Excellent! They are incredible and yes, they are still incredible, out of wedding context.

    I’d say, try it out at least! It is surprising how delicious and relaxing and sharp it can be, all at once!

  • Anonymous

    this is prefect!!! I had always wonder why cant brides wear pants.. it looks gorgeous! Maybe the top should be sometime for sexy, else it looks like a formal wear to the office..

  • Anonymous

    Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for this wonderful post. I love both looks and have just ordered them both to try on while searching for something to wear to my courthouse wedding. If I end up wearing the jacket in any form (I might wear it with a skirt), I will try to remember to send pics your way.

  • Sangelia

    I too am looking at wearing pants to my wedding. part of it.
    1. I do not like the feel of a dress on me.
    2. I am disabled. and the weight of the a wedding dress would be too much on my back. and a sheath dress would be not my style.
    also. has anyone had their bridesmaid(s) in pants as well? I’m thinking of having that done too for the wedding.

  • t muhlanga

    ;love the idea but would love to post picture if anyone is interested in my designs

  • Sarahkay

    I love them!!!!! Especially the dress. But if I wore pants, I’d totally rock that suit. That’s so hot.

  • Deb

    I’ve been seeing this pant suit all over the web. I’m trying to find a site that actually sells it… any clue where to look?

    • barbara cooney

      I too have been looking all over for wide leg pants suit for my wedding and cannot find one any where. Or even separates.

  • Tam

    As much as I like the idea of wedding pants, I have to say that I really don’t like the look of this outfit. White loose pants are hard to rock. Maybe black ones.

  • i am getting married and i nead pance suit

  • Linda

    I am helping a friend with her second wedding and I have looked everywhere on wedding with Jacket & Pants
    I think this idea is WONDERFUL….some ladies are not the dress type. But someone PLEASE tell me where to find Ladies jackets and pants ? Thanks

  • yen

    i luv the wedding pants :)