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Wedding Flowers: Everything You Need To Know

Plus what's in season when

Wedding flowers have been with us since the beginning of time. While wedding trends come and go, flowers are always in style. But which wedding flowers to pick has gotten more complicated because we’ve stopped picking our flowers from our local backyard/village/forest (though we fully support this method), and instead we’ve started choosing flowers based on what we see on the “Infinite Pinterest Garden.” And if you’re picking your flowers on the internet (verses in your local field), that almost always means research.

Colorful wedding flowers held by bride with text overlayed that reads, "Everything you need to know about Wedding Flowers"

If you’ve ever searched “wedding flowers” in Pinterest, you know all about that Infinite Pinterest Garden. Once you get lost in it, it’s all too easy to see all the beautiful bouquets and go, “OH, I WANT THAT.” And while that bouquet stuffed with peonies and calla lilies looks amazing, there is no way to figure out how much something like that would actually cost, or when those flowers are even in season.

If you’re hiring a florist, you can of course stop all research let them just tell you what’s going to work for your budget and wedding season. But let’s be honest. You’re here, researching your wedding on the internet, so chances are good you’re not going to do that as a first step. And if you’re going to walk into a florist with a Pinterest board full of ideas, it’s a good idea to figure out what’s in season and what you can afford before you get your heart set on something you just can’t have. Beyond that, if you’re planning on DIYing your wedding flowers, it’s even more important to know which flowers are which, and what you can afford (or even buy) for your wedding. So to help you out, I’ve pulled some of our best research from our bestselling #APWPlanner. And, we love y’all so much that we’ve included price estimates from online wholesalers, plus research on seasonality and heartiness from Meg’s book. With this helpful guide, if you’re getting married in practically any season, all you have to do is figure out which flowers you like the most (and how much $$$ you want to spend).

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White Narcissus Flower

Narcissus (paper white)

Narcissus paper white flowers consist of small white blooms atop a green stem. These flowers can be great to use for pops of white or to achieve an all over neutral effect in a larger bouquet.

Cost: $80 for 25 stems | Colors: White

Pink Tulip Flower


Tulips have truly stood the test of time in romantic and lush bouquets. They can be seen in Dutch Masters’ paintings and have long been a symbol of beauty. Keep in mind, these flowers can be rather unpredictable when you cut them. They will look one way when you first arrange them and totally different the next day!

Cost: $60 for 20 stems | Colors: Pink, Orange, Purple, White, Red

Yellow Daffodil


Also a favorite in Dutch Masters’ paintings, daffodils add just a touch of spring to arrangements in the cool winter months. They are available December through March and are sure to give your arrangements a classic garden feel.

Cost: $70 for 50 stems | Colors: Yellow, White, Orange

Maroon Scabiosa Flower


These beautiful pincushion-like flowers come in a variety of colors and sizes. These go well in traditional garden-style bouquets, and their rich colors and texture will be sure to catch attention.

Cost: $100 for 50 stems | Colors: Maroon, Burgundy, Lavender, White, Pink

Lily of the Valley Flower

Lily of the Valley

Sweet and delicate, these flowers add soft touches to any bouquet. They’re not all sweet though. Keep these flowers away from pets and children, as they can be extremely poisonous!

Cost: $90 for 10 stems | Colors: White


Apricot Blend Ranunculus flowers


Do you like the look of small roses but don’t want to pay the price? The ranunculus is like the rose’s cooler sibling, packing a punch with the many layers of petals it has to show off.

Cost: $130 for 50 stems | Colors: All colors except for blue

Purple Sweet Pea flower

Sweet Pea

These delicate flowers will wow you with their playful butterfly-like petals and various hues. If you’re looking to add a fragrant scent to your bouquet, this is a great pick.

Cost: $120 for 4 bunches | Colors: Purple, Pink, White, Red, Yellow

Coral Peony flower


Peonies are a wedding favorite for their lush and aromatic beauty. Buy these flowers during spring when they are at their biggest and brightest, and you’ll be sure to have a romantic bouquet! (But, word to the wise: they’re expensive.)

Cost: $150 for 20 stems | Colors: Pink, White, Maroon, Burgundy, Yellow

Lavender Freesia flower


Freesia is a versatile flower that you can use as a filler or to define the focal point of any design. The bell-shaped petals add a subtle texture to bouquets.

Cost: $100 for 5 bunches | Colors: All colors except for blue

Chocolate Cosmos Flower


Add a whimsical touch to any style with a bunch of cosmos. If you want to create a moodier feel with your flowers, find some chocolate cosmos to add to the mix (and yes, they actually do smell like chocolate!).

Cost: $180 for 10 bunches | Colors: Pink, Purple, White

White Anemone Flower


Anemones reveal their bright petals during mid-spring, so keep your eye out for them at your local farmers’ market. These flowers make any bouquet or arrangement you put them in a little hipper.

Cost: $130 for 50 stems | Colors: Many




Big and bright just like its namesake, sunflowers add a seasonal touch a summer or even a fall arrangement. Sunflowers act as an eye-catching focal point in many bouquets.

Cost: $70 for 25 stems | Colors: Yellow, Orange, Red, Brown

Orange Dahlia flower


There are over three hundred types of dahlias that come in all shapes and sizes that are available from summer to fall. With dinner plate dahlias (which are as big as they sound), cactus dahlias, and ball dahlias, there is something for everyone.

Cost: $200 for 40 stems | Colors: Many

Blue cornflower


This purple-blue flower brings brightness to all arrangements including edible ones! Yep, you can even use cornflower as a popular addition to your salads.

Cost: $90 for 5 bunches | Colors: Blue, Purple

Shades of Berry Zinnia flower


If you’re going for a garden-style wedding, zinnias easily add a classic touch for wedding flowers. They come in many colors, and their globe shape looks great amongst greenery and filler flowers.

Cost: $80 for 30 stems | Colors: Many

Orange Sorbet Snapdragon flower


If you love the pink ombre trend, look no further. These long fragrant stems come in many colors, but our personal favorites are the ones that fade from orange to pink!

Cost: $140 for 100 stems | Colors: Lavender, White, Pink, Yellow, Orange


Thistle flower magic purple


This spiky cone-shaped flower may look intimidating, but you’d be surprised at how the unique texture of these flowers really complements a fall arrangement.

Cost: $80 for 50 stems | Colors: Blue, Green, Grey

Crystal White Calla Lily flower

Calla Lily

Most people have seen the standard size white calla lily, but have you seen all of the other colors before? From pink to orange to purple, there is so much variety. And not only in color, but in size too—there are also mini calla lilies!

Cost: $110 for 25 stems | Colors: All

Agonis branches


For those of you looking to vamp it up, agonis can add a moody touch to your fall wedding flowers. It comes in bunches of maroon and green and makes for a great filler in bouquets.

Cost: $100 for 5 bunches | Colors: Maroon, Green

Raspberry Celosia flower


Celosia is a your furry flower friend! This unique flower is sure to liven up any design with its bright colors and velvety texture. It’s also super dense, making it a good filler.

Cost: $95 for 5 bunches | Colors: Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Red

Jester Leucadendron flower


These long and sturdy stems are a fun way to add a dash of color to your greenery. There are varieties that fade from green to deep red or green to bright red and some that are furry and silver.

Cost: $90 for 5 bunches | Colors: Maroon, Burgundy, Green


Roses in six different colors


The great thing about roses is that they’re available all year long, and there are so many to choose from. In every size and color, these flowers are timeless for a reason: their simple beauty!

Cost: $210 for 200 stems | Colors: All

Assorted succulents


If you want a bit of that desert style, try adding succulents to the mix. You can take them out of your arrangement after the wedding and plant them when you get home, or even give them as favors to guests!

Cost: $150 for 20 succulents | Colors: Blue, Green, Purple, Pink

Purple Veronica flower


Sweet and whimsical, these flowers effortlessly add height and volume to a design. Veronicas are a carefree flower perfect for achieving a bohemian-style bouquet.

Cost: $170 for 5 bunches | Colors: Purple, Pink, Blue, White

Light blue delphinium flower


Delphinium flowers are large purple-blue stalks filled with dainty blooms. The stem may be long and hardy, but this flower adds height and color without overpowering.

Cost: $90 for 5 bunches | Colors: Blue, Purple, White

Light blue hydrangea flower


Hydrangeas are large, round garden blooms that come in a wide range of colors. This dense flower makes a great filler flower, but it can also make a statement on its own. Be sure to take special care of this flower: it needs it!

Cost: $80 for 10 stems | Colors: Lavender, White, Pink, Blue, Green

Red Craspedia flowers


Up the fun factor in your wedding flowers by adding craspedia to your arrangement. Like little balls of sunshine, craspedia add a bright touch to centerpieces and bouquets.

Cost: $50 for 25 stems | Colors: Yellow, Green, Orange, Red

What wedding flowers did you use (or are you planning to use) in your bouquet? Would you use the same flowers if you had to do it again?

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