The Wedding Graduates

I’ve mentioned before, when we first started planning our wedding, I had a hard time finding wedding planning resources that were a great fit for our needs. So, I was over the moon when I started blogging and started meeting smart, savvy, thrifty women who were planning weddings who had amazing style and a sense of humor. Some of these ladies were bloggers and some of them were readers that I got to know through long late night emails.

So, it was with some anxiety that at the end of July I realized that 90% of my new-found internet wedding support group was getting married. In August. Of this year. And here I was, not getting married until next August. What was I going to do? Suddenly I was going to be all alone in wedding land again. I’d noticed that in the indie Wedding world, people often find the wedding planning process so draining, that once their wedding is done, they never talk about it again. I was convinced I was going to be savvy-wedding-posse-less.

Then, the weddings of internet friends started happening, and I started hearing quick stories, tips, and yes, seeing pictures. I realized that far from being all alone in the wedding world, I now had friends and allies with real life indie wedding experience. They knew something magical that I didn’t know yet. They had gone through the transformative process and come out the other side.

I wanted to hear more from these newly married women, and I thought you might to. So, a new Practical Wedding series was born: The Wedding Graduates. Over the next two weeks some fabulous woman (and one man, hooray!) are going to guest blog about what they learned from their wedding. I can’t wait to hear what they have to say.

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  • emily

    Oh no fear- you’ve got a whole new crop of wedding planning freshman. I’m two months in and planning for another 12. I check your blog everyday.

  • What a great idea! I love seeing real-life weddings. And I’m 7 months into a 13-month engagement.

  • I look forward to hearing how to stay sane while planning a wedding! We got engaged December 2007, and are getting married in June 2009, so we’re about half-way through our engagement. Lots of time left! :)

  • what a great idea meg! can’t wait to read what others have to say and see how it compares/differs to my own experiences.

  • Cyd

    I’m looking forward to this new series! Sometimes it seems so hard to keep tabs on everyone after the big day and heck, the part I love most is seeing the happy smiles on a wedding day. That is what we’re all working toward after all, is it not? :-)

    Our date is in July 2009 so I imagine my blog stalking shall continue throughout the remainder of your engagement and well beyond. I always get all excited when I see a new post pop up on my Google Reader!

  • Oh, that’s great! I love hearing from new graduates… especially when they say things like “I forgot my vows and we all laughed and it didn’t matter” :D

  • Sara

    Love this idea! :)

  • how awesome! i never thought of myself as a wedding graduate before, but i guess i am! if you need any additional posts for your series let me know.

  • i have a feeling i’m going to be loving this series!

  • This is such a great idea!

  • Stephanie

    love this. My wedding is this weekend and I was just thinking how now I feel like I could actually impart advice – at least what not po do. Can’t wait to here them!

  • I’m so happy you have this. I find the information new grads have to impart a lot more useful for planning my wedding than looking at just wedding porn.

  • Just stumbled onto this series and love it! It’s good to read brides telling it like it is. :)

  • I just came across your blog and this series is great! I wish i would have found it when i was planning my May 08 wedding!

  • This is exactly what I need – like Emily, I just started planning and I am getting married in October, whereas all of the blogs I’ve been reading are for this summer…it is really fun seeing everyone’s ideas though. Love your blog!

  • This is such a great series! Thank you :-)I'm 3 months into my wedding planning with 9 months to go!