Wedding Hair, Or What Weddings Do To Your Brain

It’s Oscar Weekend, All! As past theatre people and natives of Southern California, David and I are serious about the Oscars. We try very hard to watch all of the movies, and then engage in complex and carefully thought through betting on the outcomes. Then to top it off, we read The Fug Girls live blogging of the red carpet fashion, while we work to craft the most witty and cutting snark to yell at the TV. Because of that, we decided to watch them alone this year, with a (few) trusty bottle of champagne, because San Francisco does not seem to watch them with the same focus/insanity that we do.

Anyway, none of this is the point! The point is that I’ve noticed that wedding planning seems to slowly liquefy your brain. I’m sitting there, watching my beloved awards shows, and I keep thinking, “Oh, huh, look at her hair! That would be nice for wedding hair! Or what about her hair? It’s ok too.” And then whenever Kate Winslet walks by the camera, I chuck all my other hair ideas, because *clearly* I want to do my hair just like Kate no matter what it looks like. I mean, obviously.
So enjoy. And if you find yourself noting the hairstyles, or the jewelry, or the make-up for possible wedding inspiration, and then wondering if you’ve suddenly become a dull person, fear not. Next year, by this time, with some luck, you’ll be married and will be better able to focus on your high stakes Oscar gambling pool. And really, that’s what married life is all about. Right??

Pictures: Michelle Williams rocking some awesome pretty wedding hair, Kate being my perpetual sassy favorite via NYmag

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  • Me too!!! My wedding was nearly four months ago, but I STILL do this! With hair, accessories, everything. It’s all in wedding terms now.

    I’m also a huge Oscar fan. I’ve been watching movies all week! And Kate is just so gosh darn lovely…sigh.

  • Michelle Williams always has perfect hair. Even when it’s short. How does she do that?

  • Oh lovely. I’ve already got Michelle’s hair for the Oscars picked out for my wedding day style.

    Every time I see photos of her from that night — I swoon. It really is pure perfection.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much! I needed this post! It’s two more weeks until my wedding and it’s all I do anymore. I only get to see my fiancĂŠ on the weekends and all we do is sew and glue and shop and test recipes. I’m looking forward to a time when we can finally sit down and Netflix a movie.

  • Oh I love the fug girls! Whenever I have a bad day at the office I can always rely on them to crack me up at my cube farm of an office!

  • :) H and I met at an Oscar Party about 2 years ago. I joked that this year I would wear my wedding dress. Dunno if that is to AWish though or not.

  • MWK

    Just like Jennifer (and Brooklyn Bride, if I can tell who I am really copying) I am growing my bangs out right now so I can have Michelle William’s hair in that photo for the ol’ wedding day. Sigh…

  • you haven’t mentioned the oscar *dresses*


  • I always love Nicole Kidman’s hair. My wedding hair was so contrived that we spent a good chunk of our wedding night pulling out pins and untangling braids. Romantic, no?

  • Biz

    i feel like this too…i mean, i’ll spend half of a 40 minute convo with my best bud talking about WEDDING related junk. seriously? like nothing else important is going on in my life… and we’re not talking MARRIAGE details here, but WEDDING stuff. ugh. i’m disgusted with myself. thanks for making me feel like I’m not the only one!

  • Wow. I would agree with everything that Meg said here, but in post-Oscar review, I do believe the following joke came out of my mouth more than once last night:

    “Hmm, I guess the economy is so bad that either the actresses are all planning on reusing their dresses for their weddings, or at least dying them to wear them a second time”.

    That was a lot of white!

  • Just wanted to let u know that I’ve added your blog to my favorite wed-blogs :0)