Our Favorite Wedding Ideas For 2019

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After ten years in this gig, I know what the people want: cool, delightful, I-never-would-have-thought of that wedding ideas.

It’s not always the information I want to impart. I want to help you keep your wedding planning organized, to make sure that you have a wedding day timeline and a wedding stage manager to implement it. I want to make sure you don’t cry when you build a realistic wedding budget. But I get it. All of those things are like eating your vegetables. They’re important (so you don’t end up a crying mess of disorganization on your wedding day). But they’re not the delightful things that you can build a Pinterest board around. You’re not likely to wake up in the middle of the night feeling excited about your wedding pack list. But wedding ideas? Those are what makes this whole thing worth doing.

Plus, I’m on the record as being SUPER, SUPER pro making your wedding fun, not just pretty. And the best wedding ideas are things you haven’t thought of yet that are going to make your wedding a little more fun. So today, after a deep dive of the internet and our own archives, we present you with forty-six of our favorite wedding ideas to make your own. (And if you have a wedding bounce house, invite us please.)

The text "Our Favorite Wedding Ideas for 2019" overlays a photo of a seating board reading "Follow the call of the disco ball" on iridescent paper with a shiny pink balloon dog style piñata in front

46 Unique Wedding Ideas We Love

  1. DIY Burger Station
  2. Bouncy Castle
  3. Cozy Blankets
  4. Beer Canoe
  5. Beach Ball Toss
  6. Abstract Centerpieces
  7. Advice Coasters
  8. Wooden Coasters
  9. Bridal Jumpsuit
  10. Video Booth
  11. Unity Painting
  12. To-Go Boxes
  13. Soundtrack
  14. DIY Confetti
  15. Shot Seating Chart
  16. Shoe Valet
  17. Shell Crown
  18. Potted Plants
  19. Industrial Candles
  20. Family Picture Table Numbers
  21. Photo Strip
  22. Painted Cake
  23. Mason Jar
  24. Midnight Snack
  25. Memorial Candles
  26. Memorial Pins
  27. Mail Box
  28. Legos
  29. Hangover Kit
  30. Hair Jewelry
  31. Better Together
  32. Fuzzy Cake
  33. Pressed Flower Table Numbers
  34. Bouquet Press
  35. Flower Grannies
  36. Emoji Cake
  37. Drink Saving Coaster
  38. DIY Tattoo Parlor
  39. DIY Flower Comb
  40. DIY Clouds
  41. Crystal Crown
  42. Cookie Cake
  43. Confetti Bar
  44. Charging Station
  45. Live Artist
  46. Caricature Artist

wedding ideas for a do it yourself burger bar with chalkboard menu

Photo by Amilia Photography via Bridal Guide

DIY burger Station: Give your guests the gift of choice with a build your own burger bar! This budget-friendly menu option is also perfect for guest with dietary restrictions.

wedding ideas for a bride and bridal party jumping in a light blue and white bouncy castle

Photo by Asassynation via Brides Up North

Bouncy castle: You’ll be able to unleash your inner child with a bounce house at your reception. Plus it’ll keep any kids at your wedding busy while the adults get down on the dance floor.

wedding ideas for a blanket basket at wedding reception with a chalkboard sign that reads "To have and to hold in case you get cold"

Photo by Uttke Photography & Design via Style Me Pretty

Cozy Blankets: Keep your guests warm and snuggly at your outdoor winter wedding with a ceremony blanket basket!

wedding ideas for beer in a canoe with a yard sign that reads "Beer Canoe"

Photo by Ashley Davenport (associate of Miki Photography) via Boho Weddings

Beer Canoe: This beer canoe is a laid-back couple’s dream—plus who doesn’t love fun(ctional) decor!

wedding ideas for a couple walking through beach balls guests are throwing at them as the walk back up the aisle at their white-sand beach wedding ceremony

Photo by Rae Leytham Photography via Every Last Detail

Beach Ball Toss: Turn your beach wedding into a party with a mini beach ball toss.

wedding ideas for abstract centerpieces with flowers—a bronze metal orb with coordinating flowers

Photo by Karra Leigh Photography via Junebug Weddings

Abstract Centerpieces: Incorporate your wedding ideas artsy side with one-of-a-kind centerpieces.

wedding ideas for wedding advice coasters—letter press coaster that reads "My Advice for the bride & groom" with three lines underneath. Personalized to read "Say 'I love you' every day! From: Lindsay + Brian"

Photo by Two Cents Coasters (Currently Sold Out) via BHLDN

Advice Coasters: Get the advice of all your wise friends and family members with these adorable coasters. Post-wedding you can keep all your favorites and read them with your boo!

wedding ideas for custom wood coasters—reads "Dylan & Carlyn *1/13/2018*"

Photo by EarthMark Photography via Junebug Weddings

Wooden Coasters: Add a rustic touch with these monogrammed wooden coasters. You can DIY them with a nifty wedding stamp, or you can buy them premade here!

wedding ideas for a bride in a lace jumpsuit, mid twirl, laughing

Photo by Tara Beth Photography

Bridal Jumpsuit: The time for a wedding jumpsuit is now. Don’t let a bulky gown get in your way on the dance floor!

wedding ideas for a video booth chalk board sign, which reads "Video Booth *make us laugh!! *share a story *G.i.v.e A.d.v.i.c.e. * Sing off-key"

Photo via Pinterest

Video Booth: You might get a drunken ramble, an impromptu karaoke session, or a sweet message from your grandma. Regardless it’ll be a message you’ll remember forever.

wedding ideas for a couple making a painting during their wedding ceremony by pouring two colors of paint down the top of a canvas

Photo by Gracenote Photography

Unity Painting: Put a twist on your vows, and paint a unity picture. When you’re done, you’ll have a unique painting made by the two of you to display in your home and remind you of your wedding day, every day.

wedding ideas for dessert to go: cake to go box with a customized napkin with the names and date of the wedding, tied with butcher's twine with a wooden fork attached

Photo by Bliss Weddings & Events via Mon Cheri Bridals

To-go boxes: Don’t worry about cutting your dance time short to grab a slice of cake before it’s all gone. To-go boxes will ensure that you and your guests will have your cake and eat it too.

Wedding ideas for a wedding soundtrack—chalkboard sign that reads "Our Wedding has a soundtrack—grab one!" above rows of cds packaged in kraft

Photo by Catherine Rhodes Photography via Wedding Chicks

Soundtrack: Load CDs with all your love story anthems and favorite sentimental songs so your guests will think of you every time they’re rockin’ out in the car.

wedding ideas for confetti—individual filled tubes that read "Toss Me"

Photo by Jen Carreiro via Something Turquoise

Diy confetti: Take this opportunity to shred all your old mail (or colorful flyers and coupons) to create your own confetti. More on how to make these wedding ideas and others here!

Wedding ideas for a seating chart—shots seating charts with a sign that reads "Take a shot and take a seat because no great story started by eating a salad" with rows of shot glasses with flags with names and table numbers

Photo by AndStory via I Do 4 U

Shot Seating Chart: Get your guests in a festive mood early with a shot seating chart. Of course, everyone doesn’t have to take one (i.e., your grandma or your sober friend), but theirs can easily be switched out with another tasty beverage. Just mark their escort card so they know it’s safe to imbibe.

wedding ideas for a shoe valet on the beach—a sign reads "shoe valet" underneath a tropical tree on a sandy beach beside a three tiered shoe rack and small tower of rolled white hand towels

Photo by Comfort Studio via Weddings Costa Rica

Shoe Valet: We all know that heels and soft surfaces don’t mix, so save everyone the struggle at your beach wedding with a shoe valet. Bonus points for small hand towels to wipe down feet after the wedding.

wedding ideas for headpiece—woman wearing a shell crown in a wedding dress with waves crashing behind her as the sun sets

Photo by Tahnee Jade Photography via Junebug Weddings

Shell Crown: Embrace your inner sea goddess with your very own shell crown. Find a handmade one on Etsy, or DIY it with your bridesmaids as a fun bachelorette activity. You can go as simple or complex as you’d like.

wedding ideas for aisle decor—potted plants adorn an aisle

Photo by Jonathan Canales via Brides

Potted Plants: Line your aisle with potted plants to create a laid-back natural vibe for your ceremony.

wedding ideas for centerpieces—dark teal colored candles stick in a black industrial pipe candelabra

Photo by Jessica Heron via Junebug Weddings

Industrial Candles: Colored candlesticks and dark metal pipes are an absolute dream combination to execute your romantic industrial wedding ideas.

wedding ideas for table numbers—"when we were 13" with a picture of each of the members of the couple getting married in an illusion glass frame

Photo by Jen Carreiro via Something Turquoise

Family Picture Table Numbers: Break out your most adorable (and most embarrassing) baby pictures for these photo table numbers. You can space them throughout the tables, or you can correspond your age in the picture to the table number.

wedding ideas for programs—photo strips attached to chipboard ceremony programs with mini clothes pins

Photo by Becca Howell Photography via Rustic Wedding Chic

Photo Strip: Add a personal touch to your ceremony with a simple a photo strip (or a copy of one) of the two of you.

wedding ideas for cakes—a hand-painted cake with blue and silver streaks on three tier cake with gold leaf "feet" and pink, yellow, and orange edible rosettes

Photo via Deer Pearl Flowers

Painted Cake: For a gorgeous mix of polished meets handcrafted, consider a brush-stroked painted cake.

wedding ideas for cups—customizable mason jars. A sign reads "Your Glass for the night for whatever tastes right! Yours to keep, let it help you find your seat" above rows of mason jars with handles with names written on the side

Photo by Andrea Paradowski Photography via Style Me Pretty

Mason Jar: This is one of those wedding ideas your guests will be grateful for: a favor they can use before the wedding’s even over. These labeled mugs will get your guests seated, drinking, and thankful that their cups won’t get swiped or cleared away before they’re done.

cool wedding ideas - coke and french fries for a midnight snack in a four pack bottle box that reads "midnight snack" on the side

Photo by  Elyse Hall via A Dash of Details

Midnight Snack: Dancing takes a lot out of you, and fun midnight snacks are the perfect way to make sure you and your guests can keep going all night long. We’ve seen everything from In-N-Out, to pizza, to popsicles, to milk and cookies, and beyond!

wedding ideas to celebrate those who have passed—a memorial sign that reads "this candle burns in loving memory of those who are forever present in our hearts" and a lit pilar candle in a glass holder

Photo by Heidi Geldhauser of Our Labor of Love via Amanda Macy Hall

Memorial Candle: Pay tribute to your lost loved one with a memorial candle at your reception.

wedding ideas to celebrate those who have passed—picture memorial pins on the inside of a suit jacket

Photo by Shea Christine Photography via Easy Weddings

Memorial Pins: Or if you’d like to add a more personal touch to your memorial, you can customize lockets with pictures of loved ones and pin them somewhere close to your heart. Pinning to the ribbon of a bouquet can also be beautiful.

wedding ideas for a card box—a hand-painted golden mail box that reads "P.S. I love you" on the side in script handwriting

Photo by Let’s Frolic Together via Junebug Weddings

Mail Box: DIY your card box with a hand-painted or vintage mailbox. Guests can slip their cards inside and the mailbox doubles as decor on your gift table.

wedding ideas for activities—legos in a glass bowl on a table with a sign that reads "Building our love brick by brick"

Photo by Gemma Clarke Photography via Woman Getting Married

Legos: A fun addition to the kid’s table, Legos are sure to keep the kids busy long enough for their parents to get a few dances in (your adult guests might get a kick out of them too).

wedding ideas for a hangover kit—advil and water bottles with a sign that reads "in sickness + in health. Advil for after you drink"

Photo by Jen Carreiro via Something Turqouise

Hangover Kit: If you know that your friends and family might go a little hard at your reception, consider putting together Hangover Kits for the bridal party or out of town guests, or as a wedding favor for everyone. Tutorial for this and other wedding ideas here.

wedding ideas for hair accessories—lighting bolt and star hair jewelry adorning long blond waves

Photo by Tilly Thomas Lux via Vogue Paris

Hair Jewelry: Wedding day bling isn’t just for your hands. Add a little sparkle to your hair with hair jewelry.

wedding ideas - african-american couple laughing and getting ready together

Photo by Renée Hollingshead via Style Me Pretty

Better Together: One of the less typical wedding ideas is instead of getting ready for your wedding with your bridal party or alone (if you don’t have a bridal party), get ready with your soon-to-be spouse. It can help ease your nerves and give the two of you some much-needed alone time before the festivities begin.

wedding ideas for cakes—colorful textured cake with red, pink, and yellow flowers on a dark blue background

Photo by Alana Jones-Mann via Instagram

Fuzzy Cake: The frosting effects on a fuzzy cake makes it just look so touchable! This colorful confection will add texture to your cake table.

wedding ideas for table numbers—pressed flowers in a glass frame with a wood pedestal stand with the table number on the front

Photo by Apryl Ann Photography via Brides

Pressed Flower Table Number: An alternative to flower centerpieces, try pressing flowers in your table numbers.

wedding ideas for bouquet preservation—pressed flowers in a frame with a wedding picture

Photo via Pinterest

Bouquet Press: Press your bouquet into a frame with your wedding pictures to create a lifelong keepsake.

wedding ideas for ceremony attendants—flower grandmas walking down the aisle in matching grey dresses sprinkling white petals as they walk

Photo by Ashley Elizabeth Photography via PureWow

Flower Grannies: Honor the wisest ladies in your life with a floral processional entrance.

wedding ideas for cakes—two-tiered white cake with small emoji "stickers" adorning on a black pedestal stand

Photo by Tortik Annushka via Instagram

Emoji Cake: Give your cake some personality with fun edible emojis.

wedding ideas for coasters—Drink Saving Coaster that reads "please don't take my drink, I'm dancing" with the couple's names and wedding date. It sits on a green and clear glass goblet

Photo via Pinterest

Drink Saving Coaster: Make sure your drinks are safe while you’re dancing the night away with these handy coasters. Find something similar here!

wedding ideas for a wedding activity and favor— DIY tattoo parlor. Three images show a basket of temporary tattoos with a sign that reads "DIY Tattoo Parlor," a close up of the tattoo basket, and then arms with the temporary tattoos toasting

Photo by Moment Studio via Junebug Weddings

DIY Tattoo Parlor:  Create your own DIY tattoo parlor with customized temporary tattoos for a fun and easy reception activity.

wedding ideas for hair accessories—a hair comb with pink flowers

Photo via Style Inspired Weddings

DIY Flower Comb: Create your own headpiece with fresh or silk flowers to add a floral detail to your wedding hair.

Wedding ideas for a DIY backdrop—two women in front of clouds suspended with invisible wire

Photo by Allison Andres via A Practical Wedding

DIY Clouds: Make your ceremony or reception space extra dreamy with a DIY cloud backdrop. (Confession: We created this wedding idea ourselves, and it’s amazing IRL.)

Wedding ideas—woman wearing crystal crown

Photo by Kati Rosado Photography via Style Me Pretty

Crystal Crown: Invite in the good vibes with your own crystal crown. Quartz, amethyst, rainbow, and beyond—your options are nearly unlimited.

chocolate cookie cake

Photo by Great Dane Bakery via Instagram

Cookie Cake: Cookie lovers rejoice, finally a wedding cake to satisfy your wildest wedding cake dreams.

wedding ideas—a table with jars of confetti and paper cones to fill. A glittery sign above the table reads "Confetti Bar"

Photo by Rachel Emma via Rachel Emma Studio

Confetti Bar: Is this our very favorite of all the wedding ideas? Possibly. Let your guests mix their own confetti concoction for your exit toss!

Wedding ideas for guest convenience—a charging station with a power strip and multiple adapters for phones next to a sign written on a slice of wood that reads, "The power of love... re-charge your phone here"

Photo by Capture Photography via Bridal Guide

Charging Station: Keep your guests charged and ready to go for your selfie-filled night.

wedding ideas for ceremony art—a professional artist painting a picture during the ceremony

Photo by Emily Delamater Photography via Junebug Weddings

Live Artist: For this wedding idea, hire a live artist for a twist on the traditional ceremony picture. While you exchange your vows, have a pro create a timeless piece for your mantle.

Wedding ideas for activities—a man drawing a caricature beneath a sign that reads "Caricatures drawn til 9pm"

Photo via Wedding Mix

Caricatures: Skip the photo booth and incorporate a little bit of carnival into your wedding with a caricature artist.

Did you have any fun/weird/creative wedding ideas at your party? Planning any surprises? Want to know if that thing you saw on Pinterest is really realistic? Let’s meet up in the comments!

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