Wedding Inspiration: Blackberrys and Jasmine

The most fun part about wedding planning for me is the excuse to be super creative. This is one of the reasons we are resisting the urge for the pre-packaged wedding. Why have seven groomsmen in tuxes with matching vests, a three tiered white cake, and a reading from Corinthians (not a option for us anyway), when you can take this day as your chance to produce a tiny piece of theatre about who you are? Combine that with my love of collages, and you are going to get a bunch of style boards. Here is my very first one.

This first crack at a style board came out of me wanting to use the ever present Northern California summer brambles of blackberry and pink Jasmine as part of the flowers, and that made us start playing around with dark blue and light pink as colors.

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  • Anonymous

    i LOVE the dress. do you know what it’s called or where it’s from?

  • Meg

    I love this dress too. I’m probably getting my dress made based on this picture. I know it’s from Martha Stewart Weddings, but that is all I know. It was on a early Style Me Pretty board, but it wasn’t sourced. I’m sorry (for both of us) I don’t know more. That said, it’s probably more affordable to get one made that is very similar. Then you can pick the lace by hand.

  • Anonymous

    i personaly love the blackberry board the best, i think you do a wonderful job!
    could you maybe make a green&white; very "natural" feeling board for me?
    we are having an outdoor wedding in the summer, very relaxed, close family only, with just white, and a light summer-y green.
    i can "see" it in my mind, but im having a hard time showing it to anyone else!

  • Meg

    Dash to Snippet and Ink. That’s her bag – I don’t do boards. But she does them super well.

  • After a suggestion to go back through your archives, I’m really glad I am.

    This is lovely – reminds me that I can be a smart, modern, intellectual, non-accepting-of-WIC-crapola woman and bride-to-be, and still get excited about the details of prettiness of planning our wedding.

    Thanks Meg for leaving these archives up for us newbies to trawl through :)