Married in a Wedding Jumpsuit at San Francisco City Hall

David Bowie brought us together


Allison, Development Officer Saint Francis Foundation & Marshall, Publicist 

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: A San Francisco celebration of the people and the music that brought us together.


Planned Budget: $10,000

Actual Budget: $11,200

Number of Guests: 68

Where we allocated the most funds:

Booze and food.

Where we allocated the least funds:

Ceremony venue.


What was totally worth it

We planned the wedding in less than two months, and it was perfect from the morning until the end of the reception. Our dearest friends and family were there and with the nametags at the reception, everyone got to meet and talk with everyone else. It was a great idea to have nametags!


A few things that helped us along the way

The bride’s friends Cydney Payton and Christi Shawn Wong helped out immensely in the days leading up to the wedding.

My best practical advice for my planning self

Go simple and small. We have gone to so many weddings with WAY too many people and keeping ours small and simple was the way to go. We were able to talk with everyone, and the setting was so much more intimate with the small number of guests.


Other Notes

The ceremony included thirty family and closest friends, followed by lunch at Boxing Room. The reception at Foreign Cinema’s Modernism West Gallery was for sixty-eight people. The wedding was meant to celebrate the people and the music that brought us together. The J.Crew lace wedding jumpsuit was a huge hit with the wedding party and the public at City Hall.

At the reception and in the photograph, the Jean Genie’s lead singer made a SURPRISE appearance dressed as Bowie from the “Let’s Dance” video, to do a jazz version of “Let’s Dance.” He serenaded Allison!

The Terrence Brewer Trio accompanied Geoff after the trio performed a tribute to Django Reinhart to honor our favorite city, Paris, where we traveled last year. Allison’s friend Aspen Jordan sang “Come Rain or Come Shine,” accompanied by the trio.

Favorite thing about the wedding

The officiant at City Hall, Tom, was fabulous, and if you get married at City Hall, we totally suggest you request him. The day, the flowers, the I Do’s, and of course David Bowie!



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